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VANAGON archives – July 2000, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 120 volts

  2. 84 7 passenger Vanagon GL for sale

  3. 87 Transmission problem

  4. 87 westy vanagon owners manual

  5. 88 Vanagon F/S

  6. <No subject>

  7. A/C Compressor for '84 Wolfsburg Weekender

  8. A/C Hose replacement

  9. A/C leak sealer

  10. Alloy wheels fit in spare tire carrier?

  11. Anyone know of Dean, who is listed on as a maker of Westfalia stickers?

  12. Anyone know of Dean, who is listed on as a maker of Westfalia...

  13. Assorted comments

  14. Aux fan function

  15. Auxiliary batteries revisited (and goodbye)

  16. Auxillary heater guru

  17. Berg Short shift kit install

  18. Clunck when shifting from second to third

  19. Digifant ECU Chip source located...$260 or less...

  20. Dometic Fridge question

  21. Duplicate messages

  22. ETKA VW CD Download

  23. F.S. '84 Westy , $3900, Allentown, Pa

  24. F.S. 87 Westy in UTAH

  25. FW: (f) Deleting 40+ posts about Parts Place

  26. FW: AC Ducts Falling - need advice (Newbie)

  27. FW: Euro-Drive: FIX 80 Volkswagen vanagon, No-start

  28. FW: add A/C

  29. FW: transmission rebuilt: 4 speed or 5 speed?

  30. Fear of Max Cool

  31. Female in a man's world

  32. Freeze 12 update

  33. Fwd from Type2 list - Priming hyd lifters

  34. Fwd: VCs, My Bike Accident, Rad Syncro Stuff, Unfair? Nazi Whispers...

  35. Fwd: where to find a van online ?

  36. Glove compartment

  37. Good mechanic and camping spot in BC and Alberta?

  38. Help finding wheel alignment adjustments

  39. How do you remove the antenna?

  40. How in the h*ll?!?!???!!??!?!

  41. How much Tranny fluid??

  42. I'm so happy for everyone all you need is a sticker

  43. IGNORE: is down (Was:Re: List Help)

  44. It's a Man's world

  45. J&R VW Reno Nevada & BurningMan

  46. J&R/ AC System

  47. K&N Oil Filter?

  48. Leaky A/C in an '89 Westy

  49. Lighter Removal 101

  50. Link to Westy model source

  51. Long live the list!!!

  52. MUFFLER ALTERNATIVES - link to pics

  53. Moon Hubcaps on a Syncro

  54. My 615 mile Trip report

  55. NO 120 volts in van

  56. Need used Vanagon parts sources in NC

  57. Nifty Vanagon Website

  58. No Subject

  59. Oil Filter for '84 Vanagon

  60. Oil sensor still buzz after going to Mahle oil filter, now what?

  61. Original Cup Holders

  62. Parts Place - Dear Vanagon List Subscribers

  63. Parts Place: Take it to the shows

  64. Perils of Pauline

  65. Priming hyd lifters

  66. Rad. fan R & R

  67. Re J&R VW Reno

  68. Re Shadyboy Final Update

  69. Re; AC Leak Detection

  70. Re; Odor removal

  71. Running fridge with an aux battery

  72. SCS Hideaway Radio?


  74. ShadyBoy Final Update

  75. Slick 50

  76. Slick 50 for Manual transmissions

  77. Snake Oils

  78. Stickers

  79. The Goddess & J&R VW Reno NV

  80. Ti Co Engine Conversion

  81. Torque Converter

  82. Trip to America

  83. Trying to make a decision

  84. Turn signals fixed.

  85. Using Vanagon AC

  86. VW SIGN No VC

  87. VW show in NW Indiana

  88. Van-Again will be Closed Monday 7/31/2000

  89. Vanagon AC & Surviving the Desert

  90. Vanagon owner renews my faith

  91. Vanagon stickers

  92. Westfalia stickers

  93. What to do about brakes

  94. When pestered with low end torque problems ...

  95. Who needed an oil fill pipe? I got one for FREE

  96. Window Moulding Cosmetic Fix

  97. adventurewagen manuals??

  98. bowel alert in the Ocean State

  99. crank case breather

  100. crazy engine conversion in Calgary

  101. disconnecting O2 sensor... bad?

  102. distributor rotor extraction

  103. fuel pump buzz

  104. fuel pump's a buzzin'

  105. golf door handles

  106. is Portland OR the promised land

  107. leaking skylight question.

  108. looking for a Bently '81-90

  109. removing curtains

  110. side skirt instalation

  111. sticker

  112. stripped screw holes for the upper bed:

  113. thank you and a question....

  114. tight fit in new shoes

  115. trip report

  116. vanagon Digest - 28 Jul 2000 - Special issue

  117. is down (Was:Re: List Help)

  118. wierd vanagon acessory.....

  119. wiriing help
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