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VANAGON archives – September 2000, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Westy Bucking Problem

  2. 1.9L engine wire harness fs

  3. 12 V. Position Fridge problem

  4. 12 V. Position Fridge problem (120 V. solved)

  5. 2.1L engine tools

  6. 2.1l Engine with new heads FS

  7. 80 axle & CV ?s

  8. 80 frnt trany mnt, bad?

  9. 80 vanagon westy $300!

  10. 82 diesel partsmobile for sale.

  11. 83 Vanagon Westy For Sale

  12. 85 vanagon: front brakes rubbing

  13. 86 Vanagon Headlight

  14. 87 GL in Seattle - Parts for sale..

  15. 87 Synchro, Gas Filling Shuts off too early

  16. 87 Syncro FS $5500 - Western NY

  17. 90 Vanagon fuel/mix smell

  18. <No subject>

  19. A file from Scott

  20. A new thing to worry about

  21. A/C Tunnel Fix

  22. AC Tunnel - VW Dealer Fix

  23. Anyone parting out a Wolfy or Carat? need a few things..

  24. Audi seats in Vanagon?

  25. BBTT?

  26. Bully-Team Hamburg Newsletter 26.09.2000

  27. Bus Depot Spring Report

  28. CV joints rattling

  29. Cape Cod (Limited Vanagon content...)

  30. Circle yer wagons in Tennesee

  31. CoCC & STEBRO

  32. Converting to Round Headlights?

  33. Cooking on the Road

  34. Coolant System Change/Flush

  35. Coolant System Change/Flush (Archived Posts, Part 1)

  36. Coolant System Change/Flush (Archived Posts, Part 5)

  37. Coolant System, etc. Missing Postings

  38. Coolant hose alternative: 1.9 engine

  39. Cruise control in manual '84 Vanagon

  40. DIY vanagon trailer idea

  41. Decided to Rebuild my 2.1-Bottom split

  42. Decided to Rebuild my 2.1-Machining, grinding, welding

  43. Detroit area Vanagon repair garage wanted

  44. EKTA cd can be obtained here.

  45. EV Camper

  46. Ebrakes & Fans

  47. Empty Cat. Converter

  48. Englishtown NJ Show N Go Sun. Oct. 1 anyone going?

  49. Epic Journeys (Long... Frustrating)

  50. Euro-Drive: FIX 87 Volkswagen Vanagon, No-start

  51. Euro-Engine: 85 Volkswagen VANAGON, Cooling, engine temp

  52. Euro-Engine: 86 Volkswagen Vanagon, Cooling, collection bottle

  53. FLAPS for 50 amp fan fuse?

  54. FS 2.1 core

  55. FS 2.1L engine

  56. FS 2.1L engine core

  57. FS Vanagon used parts Ottawa Can

  58. FS Vanagons/westy/pick up Ottawa Can

  59. FS on eBay 1993 Eurovan Westfalia with Audi 5

  60. FS: '81Westfalia $1990 OBO

  61. FS: 1984 Vanagon Westfalia $2300

  62. FS: 2 84 Vanagons

  63. FS: 4 speed transmissions

  64. FS: 81 ASI

  65. FS: New calipers, HD airfilters

  66. FS: Westy interior-Utah $250

  67. FS: new front calipers, air filters and air flow meter for '86 to '91 Vanagon

  68. FW: Great VW/Audi Repair shop in Loveland CO.

  69. For x-patriates and CDN Wanna-bees: The CDN Tire Flyer!

  70. Free to good homes, VW license plates and frames

  71. Fridge Combustion Chamber Gasket

  72. Fw: Coolant System Change/Flush (Archived Posts, Part 5)

  73. Fwd: Mystery oil&gas leak

  74. Fwd: Re: Welcome to!

  75. Gerry is reachable again

  76. Gift of 1969 230 Sedan (No VW)

  77. Great VW/Audi Repair shop in Loveland CO.

  78. Hella H4/why such different prices - where to buy

  79. Hella H4/why such different prices?

  80. Help finding a 91 vanagon gl rebuilt eng.

  81. High RPMS again

  82. How do I can the Spam from

  83. How long to do a valve job and replace the seats?

  84. How much did you pay for a rebuilt engine, installed?

  85. How to buy a new Eurovan

  86. How to disconnect idle stablizer??

  87. I am looking for a rebuilt eng for a Vanagon 91GL

  88. I smell a rat...

  89. Idle Control Valve

  90. Idle Stabilizer Control Unit Specs

  91. If it aint broke, should I try to fix it?

  92. In search of door handle, found 75 Westy...

  93. It is possible to make a 2WD into a Syncro?

  94. It's Friday!!!?

  95. It's Friday???

  96. Less than a penny a minute, talk to anyone, anywhere in the U.S.

  97. List Sticker Update

  98. Looking for Multivan weekender near Phila.

  99. Looking for a Tulsa, OK area list member

  100. MXT Tires

  101. MYSTERY wires

  102. Maintenance Service manual on-line

  103. Many Syncros for Sale in .DE

  104. Mark Your Calendars!

  105. Mein Gott! Re: Information Request

  106. Missouri fall bus campout, Cuivre River SP, Nov 4-6

  107. More STEBRO/Vanagon News

  108. Mystery Lights

  109. Mystery oil&gas leak

  110. Need advice: Dad must part w/ his '86 Westy

  111. Need info to import vehicle into US from Can.>NO VANAGON content

  112. Oil & Antifreeze

  113. Original bus paint questions

  114. Original logo keys for Vanagon

  115. P/S Switch

  116. POp top for sale

  117. Part number needed and question

  118. Parts for 89 Vanagon Camper Needed

  119. Personal attacks

  120. Please advise on 85 Wolfie F.S.

  121. Power doorlock availability

  122. Power steering boost valve?

  123. Power steering pump

  124. Projekt Zwo foglite setup, and South African quad driving light grille

  125. Projektzwo foglights help

  126. READ! jokesters at VW... :<) bet NONE of you ever saw this!!!!!....

  127. READ! jokesters at VW... :<) bet NONE of you ever sawthis!!!!!....

  128. RENT a true masterpiece

  129. RENT or buy a true masterpiece

  130. Re; Who Cares

  131. Rear speaker mounting bracket

  132. Regarding my Seattle 87 GL Parts for sale message...

  133. Replacing thermostat on 1.9L

  134. STEBRO/Vanagon News

  135. Shipping > how to ship an engine

  136. Small Screws for curtain rods

  137. South African quad driving light grille (I'VE GOT 'EM)

  138. Speedometer Clicking!

  139. Spring Install

  140. Spring compressors

  141. Stebro stainless muffler

  142. Stove knobs and dashboard utility trays

  143. Supercharger

  144. Supercharger (was: 5 cyl. Audi in Vanagon - was EngineConversions)

  145. Syncro Spam

  146. Tent repairs?

  147. Thanks For Advice

  148. Thermostat for 1.9L same as 2.0L? 87degrees celsius?

  149. Thoughts on Saturns??? No Vanagon content

  150. Three questions on ignition timing.

  151. Tightening E-Brake

  152. Tires, The Never Ending Story: Hankook 819

  153. Top end problems, 2liter motor

  154. Tristar Syncro Auction at ebay

  155. Two early Bentley manuals for sale(attn. aircooled and diesel owners!)

  156. Unusual Westy for sale in Wiinipeg

  157. VW Canada Rip Off


  159. Vanagon 1.9l heads on ebay

  160. Vanagon 2.1 Engine > how much does it weigh?

  161. Vanagon Mouse "Outed"

  162. Vanagon Sightings in CA

  163. Vent screen

  164. WANTED!! 2.1 REBUILDABLE - gotta rod hanging out!

  165. WTB Power doorlock

  166. WTB: '85 Speedo/Tach cluster

  167. WTB: 2 headlight lenses for 87'.....

  168. WTB: grey snap on curtain set from wolfy or carat

  169. WebSpace Offered

  170. Welcome to!

  171. What company sells the best NEW heads?

  172. What does x mean on fuse/relay panel wiring diagrams?

  173. What is the best VW for $4000 CAD? 1988 Cabriolet? No Vanagon Content

  174. What year starter, and Bentley on Ebay

  175. Where does front license plate hang?

  176. Where's the list-recommended repair shops?

  177. Who is radio code contact?

  178. Winter Prep help needed

  179. Wiring Diagram - Dashboard

  180. Youngest Vanagons are now 10 years old

  181. [Syncro] Many Syncros for Sale in .DE

  182. [Syncro] Syncro Registry

  183. [T2] Top end problems, 2liter motor

  184. [VB] Mystery oil&gas leak

  185. [VB] Original bus paint questions

  186. [limbolist] Part number needed and question

  187. [vanagon] Re: manual transmission plug

  188. a/c recall question

  189. about to switch to amsoil,

  190. alternator tightening bolt

  191. atf in diesel fuel filters???

  192. bed conversion

  193. bentley cds

  194. best new heads?

  195. carpeting cost?

  196. catching up

  197. child car seat tether

  198. clutch shudder

  199. converting 85 vanagon into westfalia

  200. coolant change

  201. core is sold

  202. cover for winter storage

  203. cruse control

  204. found stash of door handles FS

  205. front door window off the track

  206. front suspension question

  207. fs 1986 mint syncro crewcab

  208. fs 83 Westy

  209. fuel system leak?

  210. gas cap?

  211. gold plated trans mounts ????

  212. good email addresses

  213. gps

  214. how remove stove top?

  215. how to remove alt/gen. pulley bolt. was: Re: how remove stove top?

  216. i smell a rat!! :<) Re: so nobody got it?? subliminal pic

  217. i smell a rat!! :<) Re: so nobody got it?? subliminal pic in ...

  218. i smell a rat!! :<) Re: so nobody got it?? subliminal pic in owners manu...

  219. i smell a rat!! :<) Re: so nobody got it?? subliminal pic in owners manual...

  220. i smell a rat!! :<) Re: so nobody got it?? subliminal pic in...

  221. i smell a rat!! :<) Re: so nobody got it?? subliminal pic inowners manual...

  222. looking for a water cooled eng. for a 1991 vanagon GL.

  223. my vanagon - plans/ideas

  224. Information Request

  225. new vw factory repair manuals on cd

  226. not receiving list, need help

  227. oil light

  228. parts wanted

  229. power door lock problem..cycles on and off from D door?

  230. program for EKTA on small screens?

  231. protraining manual

  232. pts for sale

  233. purchasing EKTA from publisher now that link is gone

  234. question on thermostat housing for 1.9 liter--pricey?

  235. quick cooling system question

  236. re Re: program for EKTA on small screens?

  237. recall / technical bulletins

  238. replacing thermostat on 1.9L

  239. seat belts..take a look at this.. (was: Re: who cares?)

  240. short shift kit/mxt tires

  241. signing off, off to Germany

  242. so nobody got it?? subliminal pic in owners manual...

  243. stove top burner adjustment?

  244. tiico

  245. vanagon slider doors FS, and front doors

  246. sticker in Indy

  247. vw vanagon a/c vent BS

  248. westy insulation

  249. what Transaxle will fit?

  250. who Cares?

  251. who cares...

  252. winter slush catchers
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