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VANAGON archives – October 2001, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. # Freewheelin' power mirrors...

  2. '82 Westy 5 cyl TD conversion project for sale

  3. '82 Westy 5 cyl TD conversion project for sale]

  4. '85 Vanagon - It's Terminal

  5. (NVC - now) Re: EBAY Sales Posts (Are they really necessary) (NVC - now)

  6. (NVC) Re: Who is Mike Miller???.....

  7. (f) Yours for just....9,600,000...

  8. *Clue* Parts Request

  9. 1978, Netscape and the Internet Was: any flux capacitor conversions ava...

  10. 1978, Netscape and the Internet Was: any flux capacitor conversions available?

  11. 1988 Vanagon GL weekender for sale in NJ!

  12. 2.1 lifter replacement

  13. 2.1l main bearing - the whole story


  15. 82 Westy w/Porsche 3.2 Carrera Engine FS

  16. 83.5 no shift?

  17. 84 vanagon

  18. 85 For Sale

  19. 85 westy for sale

  20. 88 Vanagon AFM and rough idle

  21. 93 Eurovan part search!

  22. <F>Re: FS: 87 Westy Poptop Weekender need heads

  23. A Boy and his Van...(A Boston Yankee in the Valley of the Sun) [Episode 1: a X-Country tale]

  24. A Friday Good One---

  25. AFM screws

  26. ANOTHER Porsche Powered Vanagon in this month's Excellence

  27. Any Fiat Spider owners out there?

  28. Any more VW shows on NE coast in October

  29. Anybody parting out a Vanagon?

  30. Anyone have a used timing belt cover for a 1.9l diesel block?

  31. Armrest repair/thanks Joel

  32. Automakers' contributions

  33. Auxillary Solenoid going Bad?

  34. B. Bobs 2.1 main bearings info

  35. B. Bobs 2.1 main bearings, one more question

  36. Ben Tan's Good used parts

  37. Bentley Manual

  38. Best Cleaner for a 1985 Westy Pop Top

  39. Bianchini

  40. Blower Motor

  41. Blower motor

  42. Blue Wrench time

  43. Brake whoas

  44. Break the problem down [was: No Flag on this Van...]

  45. Bubble cars

  46. Buses by the Buoy

  47. Bustdepot, wolf bras and so on

  48. Compu fire Question

  49. Coolant pipes

  50. Correct Tranny?

  51. Curing wind noise

  52. Dan's Diesel Rebuild Part 7

  53. Diesel Alternator Question

  54. Diesel parts questions for I-4 (TiiCo) conversion

  55. Diesel?

  56. Diesel? Good stuff, Maynard!

  57. Double T Trouble

  58. Driving into NYC and using a parking Garage

  59. Duct tape, goose tape, gun tape and mirror fixes.

  60. EBAY Sales Posts (Are they really necessary)

  61. EBAY Sales Posts (Are they really necessary) longish reply

  62. Electrical problem--Parking lights, side markers and rear markers not working on '87 Syncro

  63. Engine Running Rich

  64. Eurovan Hitches

  65. FIAT

  66. FS on eBay: brake mastercylinder/booster/reservoir

  67. FS on eBay: round headlight buckets

  68. FS: 1987 Vanagon Wolfsburg Edition in So Cal.

  69. FS: 1998-2000 Passat 15x7 alloys w/ tires to fit to fit Vanagon/Syncro

  70. FS: 80-84 vanagon speedometer w/ trip meter

  71. FS: 87 Westy Poptop Weekender need heads

  72. FS: vanagon hubcaps, wheelcovers, wheels

  73. Fancy Dash at

  74. Fiat

  75. For Trade 2 hubcaps

  76. Found: Dyno Runs for Stock and Chipped Digifant II 8V 1.8L Engine

  77. Friday Floor Matt

  78. Fryedaye Phollees ... eh?

  79. Fuel pump part no for a DG Engine

  80. Fw: 2 go in, 3 come out

  81. Fw: Buses And Punkin Chunkin in the First State

  82. GL Chrome Bumpers fs

  83. Gearing!?

  84. Germans have Double T piece

  85. Gerry's brain transplant!

  86. HELP!! One stuck stubburn cylinder sleeve.

  87. Hard to shift into first gear after warmed up

  88. Hatch Lock Extensions Now Available for Vanagon

  89. How to compression test/gasket leak test

  90. I need advice..

  91. I-4 conversion Questions

  92. Ignition Switch Help!

  93. Ignition Switch Installed - still no start

  94. Installing Propane Heater / Adding extra propane capacity

  95. Is this a "Mike Miller"?

  96. Is this the dreaded "bucking"???

  97. LEDs for idiot lghts and temp gauge

  98. Leaking Coolant Sensor

  99. Looking for Bracket for Westie Table

  100. Looking for the VW Camper experience in the Washington, DC area (new member)

  101. Main Seal (Clutch Grabbing)

  102. Mike Millered again!

  103. Mike Millered again! (f)

  104. Minicars

  105. Motorcycle mounted on back of Vanagon

  106. My fuel pump is...

  107. NEW Battery for campers

  108. Name that relay!

  109. New Campers

  110. New articles on

  111. New to List, Best Bus?

  112. No Flag on this Van...

  113. No Flag on this Van...(manditory content in title)

  114. OT- Parking Garage tale

  115. Octobugfest

  116. Oil Capacity, 1985 Westy

  117. Oktoberbus

  118. Oktoberbus?

  119. PS Whine is Gone!!!

  120. Pads

  121. Parking Garage tale

  122. Parts Request

  123. Power Steering Question

  124. Pro Bono for Whomever Does Pro Bono

  125. Proud new owner of 85 GL

  126. Question about 2.1l main bearings red or blue?

  127. Question for Vanagain about 2.1l main bearings

  128. Rare find

  129. Remember that strange idle issue?

  130. Restart And Drivability Problems

  131. Rough ride, squeeky front end

  132. Same torque for alloys?

  133. Security for Vanagon

  134. Seeking Rear Side Marker Light

  135. Seen in the B'ham News

  136. Shhhhhh! Squealing Brakes

  137. Source for lug nuts and front stud kits

  138. Squealing Brakes

  139. Stans List...

  140. Starter hesitation

  141. Still Leaking Losta Oil..... HELP!!!!

  142. TIICO Muffler issues

  143. TIICO. Exhaust solved, now timing.

  144. TIICO...Diesel brake booster hose needed


  146. The #@$@ Dometic R182 Fridge

  147. The 82 Westy.

  148. Those 20 Aussie Power Chips out there...How do you like it??

  149. Turbo Audi 3A Project Update: Scavenger Pumps

  150. Unimogs FS $4200US!

  151. Vanagon Bras? was Re: Parking Garage tale

  152. Vanagon Custom Coil Springs: Production Date and last Call

  153. Vanagon bras? Who makes the best quality bra?

  154. Vanagon seat belts wanted

  155. Vent cover passed test!

  156. Wasserboxer engine for sale:

  157. Westfalia turns 50 and pics from Germany

  158. Westy single center seat, AC, other Parts For Sale

  159. Who is Mike Miller???......

  160. Wiring! Will I make it through it??

  161. Yuppie Wheels

  162. [vanagon] LEDs for idiot lghts and temp gauge

  163. [vanagon] Re: electrolysis

  164. [vanagon] TIICO...Diesel brake booster hose needed

  165. air conditioning

  166. antenna boosters

  167. any flux capacitor conversions available?

  168. anyone need a pair of screened side windows?

  169. brake noise, etc.

  170. brake noise, etc.,etc.

  171. brake shims

  172. bubble cars?

  173. calling all N. COLORADO van owners...

  174. can I paint chrome bumpers?

  175. dash lens assembly

  176. englishtown show n go sunday 10/7

  177. eurovan

  178. exhaust removal

  179. fridge light stays on

  180. front heater valve

  181. got my list stickers the other day, yeah

  182. help with mounting driving lights on 84 GL /w metal bumpers

  183. hot start problem

  184. looking for Some used diesel parts.

  185. looking for seals for master cylinder clutch

  186. main seal

  187. need 1 bfg 27 850 14

  188. new to the group

  189. oil leak at oil drain plug

  190. purchase of an 85 GL

  191. rear brake adjusting

  192. repost: anyone taken a power mirror appart and back again?

  193. stiff gas pedal in AT

  194. tachometer woes

  195. unsubscribe vanagon

  196. where do you get wolf bras?

  197. who has South African bras?

  198. yokahama guardex 720?????????
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