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VANAGON archives – April 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Harold" has died...HELP!!!!

  2. "Maybe" some progress towards remedying my no-start/bucking/stalling condition

  3. '83 Vanagon

  4. '84 TIICO westy for sale on ebay

  5. 'NutherBus UPDATE!!!

  6. *Syncro* leaky gas tank....

  7. 1.9L exhaust system comments

  8. 1.9TDD Conversion

  9. 1984 Westy For Sale, Perfect

  10. 1987 Vanagon GL,Auto -NO RES, $5k+ invested!!

  11. 1989 Spanish Transporter Brochure

  12. 1991 Syncro Tri-Star Crew Cab for sale.

  13. 1999 GUINNESS World records in Quebec, Canada

  14. 2 small camper modification!!!

  15. 2.1 L motor shipping weight

  16. 4-speed Transmission DAS KAPUT!!! high and dry, but not goin' anywhere...

  17. 82 Diesel Vanagon Engine Replacement - I'm looking at the 1.9 NA

  18. 82 Diesel Vanagon Engine Replacement Choices? Costs? Comments?

  19. 85 vanvagon 1.9 electrical prob

  20. 87 Vanagon -w/VW rebuilt engine

  21. 87 Vanagon w/VW rebuilt engine

  22. 87 auto trans search in San Diego

  23. 87 auto weekender and 85 westy for sale

  24. 87 westy manual and resources

  25. 89 Syncro GL For Sale - Santa Cruz, CA

  26. <No subject>

  27. =?UTF-8?Q?Re:=20Another=20post=20on=20the=20closet=20door=20"cut?= =?UTF-8?Q?"=E2=80=A6=20(final=20post!!!!!!!!!!)?=

  28. A hoot for some "old timers"

  29. A new guy

  30. A/C removal......if you decide to remove the compressor...the bes t thing you could do would be to remove the front condensor

  31. AAA What's the best starting battery for my Westie Camper?

  32. AC compressor 2.1L

  33. AC ducting for Westie

  34. AC ducting for Westie.

  35. ASI Pics

  36. ASI Poptop parts

  37. Advancing timing

  38. Adventure Wagon Vs. Westy

  39. Advice on new install of ignition key part?

  40. Aftermarket *snip* .TIICO issues

  41. Aftermarket Non-application specific engines i.e.TIICO issues

  42. Air Cooled or Water Cooled?

  43. Aircooled Vanagon Westfalia AC

  44. Alloy wheels for sale

  45. Alternator repair: replacing voltage regulator and brushes assembly

  46. Another post on the closet door "cut"… (final post!!!!!!!!!!)

  47. Antifreeze leak

  48. Any good wrecking yards in Western NV, Northern CA or southern OR?

  49. Anyone have a CHEAP auto trans f.s?

  50. BayState VW Owner's Club Cruise Tomorrow

  51. Bentley CD-ROM

  52. Boston Bob Visit Report

  53. Busy Boy-----

  54. CHEAP Headlamp upgrade?

  55. CO questions

  56. CT parts

  57. Camshaft wear tolerance for WBX

  58. Car-fax when buying Vanagons

  59. Carfax when buying Vanagons

  60. Carfax when buying Vanagons (little Vanagon content)

  61. Circle yer Wagons parts needed

  62. Closet Door Problems

  63. Coolant Pipes needed!!!!!!

  64. Deep cycle battery - 85 Home Made Westfalia

  65. Diagnostic Question

  66. Diesel Conversion Kit web site

  67. Door Roller

  68. Draining coolant 1987 Vanagon

  69. Dual Exhaust

  70. DuraPower Product 1

  71. EBAY "H" pipe fitting--shameless plug

  72. ECU source?

  73. Electric door locks

  74. Engine install question

  75. Engine rattle from 1.9 litre

  76. Ever seen a Syncro TD tow truck?

  77. Evil Front Bilstien Shock--Lower mounting bolt froze

  78. Exhaust Mounting question PLEASE HELP!

  79. Exhaust Questions

  80. FOG LIGHTS......if I use the brackets from Fast Forward.......

  81. FOG LIGHTS......if I use the brackets from Fast Forward.......whi ch fog lamps are reccommended......porsche 911?

  82. FS 1.9 WBX--Runs strong/No coolant leaks

  83. FS 82 Vanagon + Parts van

  84. FS middle lite brwn/tan carpet mat

  85. FS still,mint tan middle carpet mat&more

  86. FS-'88 operational stock heidleberg stereo

  87. FS: 84 Wolfy New Motor etc $3500

  88. FS: ECU and AFM for 2.1L

  89. FS: Syncro Westy and Adventurewagen 2WD

  90. Floor Seam Repair

  91. Found this site today

  92. Freeze 12 A/C Conversion

  93. Fuel clamps, fuel lines

  94. Fw: 2 small camper modification!!!

  95. Fw: Closet door Was:2 small camper modification!!!

  96. Fw: Deep cycle battery - 85 Home Made Westfalia

  97. Fw: Diagnostic Question

  98. Fw: Headlights Again

  99. Fw: Vanagon Picture

  100. Fwd: <FMBC> Full Moon in Joon 2002

  101. Gas Tank Sealant

  102. Getting higher compression?

  103. Green Skylight

  104. H2O leak

  105. H4 Headlamp conversion

  106. HP WBXers from Colorado...

  107. Headlamp conversion, Take II

  108. Headlight problem?

  109. Headlights Again

  110. Help! Engine rattle from '84 Vanagon 1.9l gas - TERMINAL?

  111. How to remove adjustable armrests?

  112. Hub Caps for 1980 Westfalia

  113. I drove Boston Bob's big valve motor! Report

  114. I want this license plate!

  115. I wish to add my 2-cent on Internet communication. (In reply to the Bus Depot problem post)

  116. I've Had a Change of Heart

  117. Installation of 2-stage regulator

  118. Installing 2nd battery in 1980 Westy

  119. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1824482147: Volkswagen : Vanagon

  120. Is Fast Forward still in business??

  121. Its not a Wety, what is it?

  122. Jump chairs & weekender set up

  123. KYB Shocks That Dont Fit

  124. Lifter tests ....... just a folly?

  125. Looking for sink basket strainer assembly

  126. Low power on my '87 Westy Camper solved!

  127. MMO

  128. MMO & acronyms

  129. MSN problems with list.....ISP advice needed!

  130. Main Engine Bearings

  131. Make of Propane furnace (was Overseas Travel Questions)

  132. Misfire while starting

  133. Mistake

  134. More exhaust help needed...

  135. More idle questions (no pun intended)...

  136. More info on 5-cylinder conversion and TDD conversions from Overland Parts

  137. My Vanagon has a name...

  138. New Engine Needed

  139. New Version of ETKA Out

  140. New bus

  141. No Front AC in Westies??? Price of 87?

  142. No front a/c in Westies

  143. Noisy Fuel Pump?

  144. OK...... so I'm crazy.

  145. OT: Eudora archiving vanagon mail

  146. Oil Leaks

  147. Oil in Valve Covers Air Cooled Type IV

  148. On Closet Doors and Westy Tables

  149. One more thought on accidents

  150. Overseas travel questions, especially for Britain

  151. Photos for New Transporter Book

  152. Plans for building a bed in a 1984 Vanagon??

  153. Plastic Pipes

  154. Power antenna/New paint job

  155. Powering our vans electrically

  156. Puch badges......who has them

  157. Pulsing Brake Pedal

  158. Q: How to Add Cruise Control?

  159. Q: Tall and "Girth Challenged" & a Tip

  160. Quality service

  161. RV: Storing Rear table-Westy Another Idea!

  162. Radio Install-one more cinnection

  163. Ratio Rocker Installation Issues

  164. Re : synthetic motor oil

  165. Re What does PUCH mean? and Wurth?

  166. Re-painting front table mount

  167. Re; Bus Depot Problems

  168. Re; Bus Depot Problems. get over it.

  169. Rear Sway Bar---

  170. Rear Sway bar hardware.........anyone installed a factory rear ba r...I am looking for mounting hardware....links

  171. Removing sliding window screens

  172. Replacing Alt Brushes (old thread)

  173. Replacing alternator brushes and voltage regulator

  174. Replacing the Air Flow Meter

  175. Report on buslab boys, the story continues

  176. Repost for WetWesties

  177. Skylight Lift Mechanism

  178. Skylight Plexiglass

  179. So What Do Ya think?(Vanagon Content)

  180. So What Do Ya think?(Vanagon Content)-OK Im OK

  181. Spark Coil Failure

  182. Storing Rear table - Westy

  183. Storing Rear table-Westy Another Idea!

  184. Strange clacking (valve Lifter?) noise.

  185. Synthetic motor oil, Superstition and Witch Trials

  186. TC's Magnum PI Vanagon(scale model)

  187. THANK YOU! Vanagon engine noise *solved

  188. THANK YOU! Vanagon engine noise *solved*.

  189. TIICO vs. BB vs. Soob

  190. TIICO vs. hot rod WBX

  191. Temp II Readings

  192. Temp gauge pegged to the right

  193. Temperature for closed loop operation

  194. That closet door thing (was: Re: Fw: 2 small camper modification!!!

  195. The Better Waterboxer Motor....the simpler 1.9L or the 2.1L with all ofth...

  196. The Better Waterboxer Motor....the simpler 1.9L or the 2.1L with all ofthose additional hoses....reliability?...power?

  197. The CV-Joint servicing & maintenance is up and running

  198. The Truth About Timing Your Vanagon

  199. Throttle Body Switches

  200. TiiCo Oddity

  201. TiiCo Oddity - I guess that's me!

  202. Tiico...Ba Humbug!

  203. Tiico...Bah Humbug!

  204. Tiico: Alternator Vibes

  205. Tiico: Harmonic Discord

  206. Tiico: Harmonic balancing pulley

  207. Trailer Hitch/Wiring/Towing - Advice

  208. Tranny problem

  209. Travel necessities

  210. Travel necessities-Oil

  211. Travel necessities/changed to "break-in" lubes

  212. Traveling listmember homicide/mystery?

  213. Travelling Victoria, BC - California: Need list of repair shops

  214. Type IV oil dip stick tube fitting? (NVC)

  215. Unusual A/C unit available

  216. Upper Control Arm:

  217. Utility rear bumpers ?

  218. Utility rear bumpers ?.....Have your welder make one

  219. VANAGON DRAG RACES!......which is actually a faster Vanagon.. e 1.9L timed at 5 degrees BTDC or the the re a noticable dif ference?

  220. VANAGON DRAG RACES!......which is actually a faster e 1.9L timed at 5 degrees BTDC or the there a noticable dif ference?

  221. VW Bus Event Ennis Tx

  222. Value of US Vanagon minus engine, trans?

  223. Vanagon Heads

  224. Vanagon Hitch Sale/Rent

  225. Vanagon Siting...and too much e-mail?

  226. Vanagon lifter noise.

  227. Vanagon supplemental security

  228. Vanagon-ites at Creek Week?

  229. Vibration Issues for TIICO and I4 Engine Conversions

  230. Volkscafe

  231. WTB Gray rear carpet for 87 Wolfsburg

  232. WTB: fully collapsing radio antenna

  233. WTB: two rear hubs w/ studs

  234. Wanted

  235. Westfalia romance.....?

  236. Westy Lighting

  237. Westy Skylght Reposting

  238. Westy Skylight

  239. Westy Tent Sale----

  240. Westy Window Tinting

  241. Westy Windsheild Leak--

  242. Westy water tank pump

  243. What does PUCH mean? and Wurth?

  244. What happened?

  245. Where do you mount the seatbelts for the rear facing seats?

  246. Where to buy a Rebuilt 2.0 (is $2,500 too much?)

  247. Window Trim

  248. [Fwd: [Syncro] Re: New Engine Needed]

  249. [Syncro] New Version of ETKA Out

  250. [Syncro] Re: New Engine Needed

  251. [T2] EveryBus 2002 Thanks

  252. ]Vanagon Westfalia w/ 2.0 2000 VW Golf Engine!

  253. a/c now operational

  254. adding cruise control

  255. aftermarket gas tanks

  256. air-cooled air conditioner effectiveness

  257. alternator brushes was: Re: Engine install question

  258. anybody interested in a 1983 diesel camper?

  259. anybody interested in a 2002 eurovan multivan?

  260. avg. 2.1L lifespan?

  261. bus depot probs?

  262. buy it now on 3 bosch air filters

  263. camper shower

  264. coolant pipe repair (long)

  265. cop chase--Very limited relevance.....

  266. cop chase--limited relevance.....

  267. curious sighting in Sidney

  268. dash oil pressure light

  269. diesel conversions?

  270. electric fully retractable antennas

  271. engine misses at low rpm's

  272. fridge fan and smell

  273. fully collapsing radio antenna

  274. gas tank

  275. gas tank for sale on ebay

  276. gotta love those gallery photos from Fast Forward

  277. handheld CB/WX radios (EBAY)

  278. heater flap foam

  279. hiroof syncro for sale

  280. i want this liscense plate!

  281. insuring your Westy in Canada

  282. is it Friday yet?

  283. license plate seal?.....I did not know that!

  284. list member requested carfax

  285. member requested carfax

  286. mystery of the missing coolant

  287. neat idea........anyone done this before?

  288. need fully functional 4 speed tranny!!!

  289. new vanagon ownership question

  290. oil leak

  291. old propane tanks

  292. oxy sensor check

  293. p.s. on that 83 diesel camper

  294. paint codes

  295. plastic coolant pipes,,,ummmm

  296. propane tank dilemma solved

  297. propane tank part

  298. rear hatch vw emblems that light up when the brakes are applied.. ..anyone interested?

  299. rear shoulder belts and booster seat

  300. sentimental proposal

  301. side tents

  302. sink drain

  303. skylight

  304. skylight replacement

  305. sofabed for sale...Re: Plans for building a bed in a 1984 Vanagon??

  306. starter wiring

  307. storing valuables in a Westy

  308. swapping serial numbers

  309. sway bars.......will the front setup fit on the rear

  310. swivel seat

  311. swivel seats

  312. tiny bit late friday off topic nonsense.

  313. trip route, contacts

  314. try the temp 2 sender

  315. turbo diesel vanagon/quantum air intake how to

  316. vanagon Digest - 22 Apr 2002 to 23 Apr 2002 - Special issue(#2002-482)

  317. website update

  318. westy accident waiting to happen

  319. why does diesel residue cover my vanagon tailgate?

  320. window crank

  321. wiper arms with the little wing to keep it down....or something l ike that....where can one buy this thing
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