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VANAGON archives – June 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '81

  2. '82 Heater Boxes

  3. '85 Scirocco FS

  4. '87 westy oxygen sensor problems

  5. '87 westy oxygen sensor problems.

  6. '91 Westy e-bay

  7. 15" wheels: what tire of choice for 2WD?

  8. 1982 Westy for sale in NC

  9. 2.1L engine FS


  11. 80 Westy engine kaput

  12. 83 Vanagon stopped running

  13. 84 VANAGON PARTS FOR SALE - Buffalo NY

  14. 84 turn light short

  15. 84 turn signal lite short?

  16. 84 turn signal problem

  17. 85 Heidelberg radio harness wanted

  18. 85 westy and 86 Weekender For Sale

  19. 86 syncro questions/ for sale too

  20. 87 Syncro: Clatter of death, or just annoyance?

  21. 90 Carat doorspeakers

  22. <NVC> I'm off to Cape Breton and Nova Scotia for three Weeks

  23. ??FS 1991 van, miami, fl $1997??

  24. AFM installation?

  25. ATTN: to those looking for Tom w/ the decouplers

  26. Air Intake Beyond K&N in WBX

  27. Andrew Grebneff caught on VW&Porsche magazine 1991

  28. Any Recommended A/C specialists in Vancouver BC ??

  29. Any extra automatic transmissions?

  30. Anyone know of New Beetle in junkyard?

  31. Anyone need a '87 vanagon owners manual and packet?

  32. Anyone need a Westy?

  33. Aridzona Fires - Report from Rob Muir

  34. Aux Oil Cooler /VDO accuracy

  35. Aux Oil Cooler /VDO accureacy

  36. Aux Oil Cooler install...Friday !

  37. Aux Oil Cooler install...results Aircooled vanagon

  38. Aux Oil Cooler install..Humidity

  39. Auxilary battery

  40. Axle Nut is nuts

  41. Axle nuts is nuts is stuck

  42. BS Insurance Co sharks!!!! Re: specific features of 86 GL

  43. BS Insurance Co sharks!!!! Re: specific features of 86 GL Wolfsburg

  44. Back again....

  45. Battering Ram vs Ford Escort

  46. Battery Box Vents Update

  47. Battery Removal

  48. Beaucoup VW stuff for sale!

  49. Best grease to use for CVs

  50. Birth Announcement- Ellis Boy Born

  51. Blaupunkt San Jose

  52. Blinking coolant light

  53. Boge Lowering Springs

  54. Bouncy...bouncy...bouncy...tach needle that is, help?

  55. Bra for an 84

  56. Brake Warning Light Stays On

  57. Brake problems

  58. Broken wires

  59. Buses By Ther Falls report

  60. Cape Breton

  61. Car's People Love Most

  62. Commentary on Air Cooled Cylinder Heads

  63. Compensation for faulty diagnosis

  64. Cooling system

  65. Crashed Vanagon Doublecab

  66. D-Westy+broken motor

  67. Dashboard light filter

  68. Dashboard light filters

  69. Dashboard light filters and a relay on the dashboard light circuit

  70. Diesel Power

  71. Diesel Power (in defense of things slow)

  72. Diesel Power (now: long drive security)

  73. Digijet 2.1L wasserboxer high comp. 111 bhp

  74. Do you want a Vanagon with a variable suspension????????????????

  75. ES-12 Refrigerant - Caution

  76. ES-12 Replacement for R-12 Refrigerant

  77. ETKA

  78. FRIGGIN INSANE.!!!.. Re: specific features of 86 GL Wolfsburg

  79. FS: '91 Syncro weekender w/ audi 5cyl engine on ebay

  80. FS: '91 Tri-Star vanagon doublecab syncro on Ebay

  81. FS: 2.1 engine, access. and other

  82. FS: Fiama Bike Rack

  83. FS: Westy tent

  84. FW: URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area with disabled wife -

  85. FW: URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area with disabled wife - please h elp!

  86. FW: URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area with disabled wife -please h elp!

  87. FW: URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area...

  88. FW: where to advertise a used VW van

  89. FWD: Re: 84 VANAGON PARTS FOR SALE - Buffalo NY

  90. Fixed window drop

  91. For those that refuse to buy $800 gas tanks

  92. Fuel Injection Question

  93. Fuel Line Sizes

  94. Fw: QST all Ham Radio VW Owners!!

  95. Fw: Re: Engine Parts

  96. Fw: Re: Westy Roof Racks - carrying kayaks

  97. Fwd: '87 westy oxygen sensor problems.

  98. Fwd: ATTN: to those looking for Tom w/ the decouplers?

  99. GL to Carat Conversion?

  100. Graham Mingst/CHASE is out of the office.

  101. Have all but 3rd stage of fan (A/C)

  102. Head aches

  103. Heads On ,Engine In: '87 Westy RUNS!!

  104. Heads from different Manufacturers

  105. Help! I need an ADDCO front sway bar...

  106. How to remove Vanagon battery?

  107. Humid Air - Some Comments

  108. Humid Air is Less Dense than Dry Air!!

  109. Humid Air is less dense than Dry Air!!!

  110. I am looking for a WORKING use ECU, cheap...

  111. In need of some moral support

  112. In the market

  113. Installing cruise on 81 aircooled Vanagon

  114. Installing cruise on Vanagon

  115. Is it Friday Yet?

  116. Is there a trusted Syncro Mechanic in Denver?

  117. Leaking freeze plugs

  118. Lenti@ Vanangon- old school OG listees still hangin...

  119. Listmembers in Bellingham WA? Or anyone who has spent time there?

  120. Low power limping vanangon

  121. Low-Level Coolant Blinker

  122. Mexico Westy Travel Questions?

  123. Milestone

  124. Most popular camper in Texas - Humor

  125. My blue 91 GL for sale in PA

  126. My latest Buck fixed.

  127. Need power window switch trim.

  128. New A/C Seals, What else?

  129. No Start

  130. No Start after alternator failure and replacement.. Help requested

  131. No Start after alternator failure and replacement..TESTING RELAYS

  132. No Start after alternator failure and replacement..TESTINGRELAYS

  133. No Start/Hall Effect Sensor?

  134. Noisy fuel pump

  135. Noisy fuel pump Now: Fuel Filters

  136. Oil leak after clutch job... status report

  137. On Gauges, oil coolers and Stan's jaundiced view

  138. Overland Express promises......promises

  139. PS pump pressure testing?

  140. Part Request: Heater Cable retaining clip

  141. Parting out 68 Vanagon in Ca.

  142. Phaedra

  143. Phaedra re Phaedra

  144. Plasma Blue Headlights on EBAY for $11.99?

  145. Power steering

  146. Power steering replacement and alignments

  147. PowerWindows - Stuck Full Down

  148. Prefix List

  149. Q: for H&R lowering springs users

  150. Questions about Vanagon springs

  151. Radiator Design

  152. Radiator Fan will not turn off.

  153. Radiator fan -Thanks

  154. Removing the a/c unit from a westy

  155. Return to diesel power

  156. Rostra All-Electronic Cruise Control

  157. Rostra All-Electronic Cruise Control--gROUP pURCHASE

  158. Rust in the seams

  159. Safely Returned from Northern Manitoba

  160. Sans O2 Sensor - Problem??

  161. She's warming up...

  162. Simple way to mount a 15" spare in the stock front carrier...

  163. South African Grill Kits

  164. Speedo Calibration

  165. Spindles

  166. Starting

  167. Starting Problems . . . was Re: URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area. ..

  168. Stranded Near Harrisburg (need mechanic referral)

  169. Subject: Re: coolant? and drinks

  170. Syncro Westy Springs vs. non-Westy

  171. TIICo - temperature issues

  172. Tail Lamps

  173. Tail lamp upgrades

  174. Thanks

  175. Tiico: oil in the water (need advice)

  176. URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area with disabled wife -

  177. URGENT: Stranded in Remote Area...

  178. Upgrading Wheels - Spare Tire Fit?

  179. VDO dual pressure oil sender

  180. VW van book details? (Crowood Press)

  181. VW... the luxury car company..

  182. Van Sighting: North Iowa

  183. Vanagon Screensaver

  184. Vanagon alloy wheels for sale

  185. Vanagon stops and won't start

  186. Vanagon syndrome and speedometer

  187. WANTED: Westy Syncro

  188. WTB 2WD spring shims

  189. Want to buy Auto WBX Westy

  190. Warning on Lchase Vanagon for sale.

  191. Was specific features: Get a SA lower grille

  192. Was: Noisy fuel pump Now: Fuel Filters

  193. Water Wetter

  194. Westy Bike Rack Application

  195. Westy Roof Racks - carrying kayaks

  196. Westy cabinet trim

  197. Westy height fixing

  198. Whacking the solenoid

  199. What's the scoop on early vanagons? (Circa 1981)

  200. Where is my coolant?

  201. Who is Cyclo-X?

  202. Wiring/testing of VDO oil pressure gauge (dual sender)

  203. Yikes, Crosswired Battery!

  204. You can put headrests on ANY vanagon seat...the holes are already there...

  205. You dont want a salvage title.. was:Re: B.S. Insurance Co sharks!!!!

  206. [FS] Instrument Pod with all components

  207. [NVC] Re: New Microbus coming 2005.......I'll still keep my 240 hp SVX Vanagon......but these will be tempting

  208. [Syncro] how can I tell if it's a rebuild?

  209. [Syncro] how can i tell if it's a rebuild?

  210. [VB] Birth Announcement- Ellis Boy Born

  211. [WetWesties] Re: Diesel Power

  212. a/c for sale

  213. blue weekender interior FS, also WTB Carat side moulding pieces

  214. bouncy tach

  215. bumper repair for '90 Carat

  216. conclusion of limping van

  217. conclusion of thrid stage only radiator fan

  218. coolant leaking from exhaust/cylinder head connection

  219. coolant?

  220. diesel Microbus

  221. double-cab without motor for sale

  222. facts on carfax or autocheck

  223. free electricity

  224. geocaching

  225. ignition switch for 87 syncro

  226. jumper cable question

  227. long time no post Joe

  228. looking for us sticker map

  229. middle seats without headrests...

  230. model year 89 carat,wolfsburg

  231. more coolant blinker probs.

  232. need seat belt part...

  233. need source for Westy stove burner caps (flame spreaders)

  234. new zealand waterpump fights deportation

  235. non-vanagon content....looking for turbo diesel instrument cluster 86 or newer

  236. only have 3 rd stage of fan

  237. paint equivalent? for Bordeaux Red Metallic (burgundy) '90 Carat

  238. radiator fan

  239. radiator fan won't turn off

  240. radiator hose

  241. re. Air Intake Beyond K&N in WBX

  242. reducing westy water faucet velocity

  243. replace power window?

  244. repriced A/C

  245. sa import?

  246. sagging rear end

  247. specific features of 86 GL Wolfsburg

  248. starting

  249. stereo amp placement

  250. tail lamp upgrades

  251. test - do not respond

  252. tri-star fender flares------looking for pictures of these on Vana ...

  253. tri-star fender flares------looking for pictures of these on Vana gons.....anybody seen these?

  254. wanted: Vanagon Doublecab with auto trans!!!!

  255. what would cause the low speed fan to not run with a/c on doesnt it overide swit

  256. window dropped

  257. worn cv joint symptom?

  258. is up and running.
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