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VANAGON archives – July 2002, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '80 Westfalia: have to replace master brake cyl and brake shoes in back

  2. '91 Westy-Rubber Hose

  3. (another) Van Dies, Refuses to start in extreme hot weather.. (very long)

  4. (another) Van Dies, Refuses to start in extreme hot weather.. (verylong)

  5. 1.9l coolant hose / NAPA part number question

  6. 1985 Vanagon GL's FOR SALE

  7. 1991 Carat for Sale

  8. 2-inch receiver hitch is the bomb for adding receiver racks, bike carriers etc

  9. 2nd propane tank

  10. 81 Westy Question, Please help

  11. 83.5 Bus running cool- fixed

  12. 85 octane in Colorado

  13. 85 octane in Colorado and 'windage trays'

  14. 85 westy fs $6k

  15. <No subject>

  16. ALSO FS, CPT seat mounting goods...

  17. AW: Cloudy headlight glass?

  18. AW: G60 Corrado engine in a Vanagon? Can it be done?

  19. AW: NVC - does anybody trade DAT tapes?

  20. AW: Wobbly Still Won't Go... Gurus pleassssse heeellllllppppp...

  21. Adding jump seat to Westy

  22. Also Cheap Mud Flaps

  23. Any auto Tiico owners?

  24. Anyone have an exploded view of the rear main seal/flywheel area? 86 manual 4

  25. Audi Steering wheel on a diesel

  26. Bentley manual for sale

  27. Body Shops around DC

  28. Body parts for sale!

  29. Bolt for spare tire holder?

  30. Brakes

  31. Broken gasket on WBX

  32. Bugscreen Website

  33. CO Westy sighting...

  34. Caught offside - - correction

  35. Caught offside!

  36. Caught offside! - no Vanagon content

  37. Check out my newly restored Syncro Doka!!!

  38. Cloudy headlight glass?

  39. Community Shoppe in San Francisco (was Re: Need feedback on making a commercial space to fix *your* vehicle)

  40. Coolant Saga Continues....Need Advice!!!

  41. Cooling Temp

  42. DIY Vanagon Trip Computer Update

  43. Digitool

  44. Do you have an extra Austrian Upgrade chip?

  45. Doing 16" Wheel Conversion This Weekend

  46. Dual Sender for VDO Oil Pressure Gauge...Install Suggestions Needed

  47. ETKA Help

  48. Engine runs no differently with idle stablizer removed...

  49. FS 1980 Camper

  50. FS: 1991 2.1L engine

  51. FS: 2.1 fuel injection parts

  52. FS: Cruise control on ebay

  53. FS: Porsche cookie cutter wheels & adapters for Vanagons

  54. FS: RARE center seat - Have Picture

  55. FS: RARE middle/center (swiveling) seat for '85 Westy

  56. FS: Tool to install the Silver Plastic Trim around the windows

  57. FS: g60 (Supercharged) Syncro in Waterbury, CT

  58. FS: vanagon 17" alloys

  59. FS: vanagon engines and trannies

  60. FS: weekender and westy and carat interiors, and poptop need to sell ASAP

  61. FW: Fridge fan

  62. First oversized wheels/tires report

  63. Flickering Inside Lights in 91 Westy

  64. For sale: REAR westy table arm and tabletop, plus mounting brackets

  65. Free: Used raingutter trim

  66. Fridge fan

  67. Fridge wiring question

  68. Front Cooling Fan Override Sw Instux wanted..

  69. Fuel filter question

  70. Fuel line clamps-how to remove?

  71. Fuel line clamps-how to remove? - We Forgive You

  72. Fuel tank removed now no start

  73. Fw: '80 Westy for sale URGENT SALE

  74. Fw: Need advice about chuck with stripped threads

  75. Fw: Re: Why I hate my Vanagon

  76. Fw: Re: window screens

  77. Fwd: Exausted

  78. Fwd: FW: Zen and The Art of Whatever (Friday NVC)

  79. G60 Corrado engine in a Vanagon? Can it be done?

  80. Gerry available again

  81. Getting a Handle on the Handling of the Vanagon

  82. Getting a Handle on the Handling of the Vanagon >>source

  83. Getting bumped off of list 2x -- was Re: exaust

  84. Have a Seat

  85. Have a seat.

  86. Headlight adj screws - 87 - where to get them?

  87. Headlight relays for brighter lights

  88. Help: why is coolant leaking from my rear heater ?

  89. High Idle when restarted hot

  90. Hose part number question

  91. How do you remove the &*$%# Rear Heater Cover...remove seat???

  92. How much for Westy Interior Parts?

  93. Humor

  94. I think Nichole needs advice on leaving the list

  95. I'm Back...but it becaus I still need you guys...

  96. Idle stabilizer relays for sale (digifant 1986 up)

  97. Its out, and ready for the Tiico!

  98. K&N Air Filters for Tiico

  99. List members are cool!

  100. List-identifier in subject field wanted!

  101. Locking differential

  102. Looking for a good Car Alarm for the Westy

  103. Looking for fuel system parts, 81 Vanagon

  104. Looking for rear seat belt (1990 Multivan)

  105. Lug Nut Tightening Comments (long)

  106. Lug Nut Tightening Comments (long) :-,

  107. MC in Vanagon - Sold Syncro

  108. Michelin Agilis 51 205/65-15 ?

  109. Minneapolis: referral /suggestion on RV service center?

  110. My 85 is Stuttering

  111. My Lug nut Plea

  112. NVC - does anybody trade DAT tapes?

  113. NVC for friday: Guy's rules

  114. NYT

  115. Need Westy water cap

  116. Need crossover pipe for aircooled vanagon exhaust.

  117. Need feedback on making a commercial space to fix *your* vehicle

  118. Need feedback/commercial space

  119. Needed: a GOOD Procedure for Bleeding Air from Coolant

  120. New Cheap South African Grills are Here! (Also Cheap Mud Flaps)

  121. New Doublecab "Baby"

  122. New L/H mirror For Sale. (fwd)

  123. Nice Double Cab on eBay!

  124. No hot start

  125. Overheating '87 GL

  126. PROTECT YOUR ENGINE!!!! Do not use tap water for your engine

  127. Paging Cary Chiang <>

  128. Parting out 84 Vanagon - last call

  129. Pauter Ratio Rockers: Installed and Working?

  130. Picture of AAZ or AHU turbo charger down pipe please?

  131. Pictures - Was: New Cheap South African Grills are Here! (Also Cheap Mud Flaps)

  132. Please help, installed new quad spark plugs now it will not start.

  133. Pressure regulator

  134. Preventing Seam Rust

  135. Propane autostop valve

  136. Propane tanks

  137. Question @ Front Heater/Blower Fan

  138. Quick Westy table question.. lock washer needed?

  139. RE : (another) Van Dies, Refuses to start in extreme hot weather.. (very long)

  140. RE : WANTED Temp gauge

  141. Radiator/Engine running temps

  142. Redline distribution, NYC?

  143. Refrigerator improvements

  144. Removing Chrome Window Trim

  145. Ron out thru Mon- Anyone going to Grassroots Fest in NY?

  146. Rostra All-Electronic Cruise Control

  147. Running on Tap Water

  148. Running on Tap Water (was Re: Attention California Vanagonites)

  149. Running on Tap Water - attempt at de-confuscation

  150. Running on tap water - didn't work!

  151. Second Battery Question

  152. Shameless plug for Transporters By The Tunnel

  153. Sink Pump

  154. Sleeve valve engines - off subject

  155. South African Mud Flaps

  156. South African quad grille STOLEN off van!!!

  157. Spare tire bolt resolved, thanks

  158. Speakers in a Westy Headliner?

  159. Speedo Problem Question

  160. Squeaky breaks?

  161. Sticking Calipers

  162. Stone Guards

  163. Sunday NY Times article about May trip in 85 Westy

  164. Syncro in the well does she do in sand........

  165. Taller tires on '82 diesel westy?

  166. Thanks - Vent Windows

  167. That's what happened

  168. The meaning of Chunda (was: Preventing Seam Rust)

  169. Thrust, HP, Torque, Gearing stuff.

  170. TiiCo A/C Compressor Melting Hole in Coolant Overflow Tank

  171. TiiCo Question

  172. Tiico Party!!!!!!

  173. Tiico Party!!!!!! - Godspeed!

  174. Trade .. Vanagon Front Seats

  175. Trans shutter

  176. Trip Report and Improved Fuel Mileage

  177. Trip report and MPG Record.

  178. Tyres

  179. Update on Power Steering Boot SNAFU

  180. Upper ball joints - replacement

  181. VW-logo to 3rd brake-light

  182. Van sightings California

  183. Van wiring diagrams

  184. Vanagon Conversion

  185. Vanagon personal web page

  186. Vent Window Removal

  187. Vwtrends

  188. WANTED Temp gauge

  189. WANTED: plastic molding for window switch


  191. WTB 1.9L WBX Engine (new to list)

  192. WTB Passenger side door White 83.5 Westy

  193. WTB plastic "spoke" hubcaps for 83

  194. WTB/TF used upper grill

  195. WTB/White 84 Westy Driver's Side Door/Salvage yard locationsard locations

  196. WTB/White 84 Westy Driver's Side Door/Salvage yardlocationsard locations

  197. Want to Buy - immaculate 90/91 Syncro Westfalia Camper

  198. Wanted Fuel Filler Neck Source

  199. Warped Discs and Honda...

  200. Warped discs and silly honda theories

  201. Watering Hole - Humor

  202. Watering Hole - Humor???

  203. Watering Hole Humor

  204. Watering Hole Humor (NVC)

  205. Westy Water Tank Cap

  206. Westy water tank cap

  207. Wheel Bearings

  208. Wheel torque specs?

  209. Where to buy/order fuel pressure regulator

  210. Why I hate my Vanagon

  211. Windage, Ullage and so on

  212. Windshield and gasket preferences?

  213. Wiring 86+ dash pod into 83.5 WBX

  214. Wobbly Still Won't Go... Gurus pleassssse heeellllllppppp...

  215. Yes... Cary Chiang, please p-mail me!

  216. ZITS comic strip

  217. [OT] Anyone put a VW inline 4 in a Porsche 914?

  218. [South Carolina Trip] or why I love my Vanagon/Westy

  219. [Syncro] Front and rear Bullbars are ready in september

  220. [Syncro] Pauter Ratio Rockers: Installed and Working?

  221. [non-vanagon] Water Car Mailing List (for those interested/skeptics)

  222. [subaruvanagon] Why reduce engine speed -- vacuum guage -- small car header

  223. [syncrolist] Pauter Ratio Rockers: Installed and Working?

  224. [wvwv] oh fridge guru

  225. alloy wheel

  226. antenna replacement

  227. archives

  228. arm rest woes:

  229. auto tranny rebuild kit?

  230. awning,yawning and jaw boning

  231. blowing oil]

  232. car wash

  233. crappy vacuum at idle 2liter afc

  234. door panel pain

  235. exaust

  236. finding auto parts on the side of the road..wasRe: Also Cheap Mud Flaps

  237. for sale vanagon hubcaps

  238. for sale: fiamma bike rack $100

  239. front door window mechanism

  240. fuel pressure regulator failed?

  241. future is looking bleak..

  242. future is looking bleak....

  243. future is looking bleak....(no Fish content)

  244. good video showing South African Vanagons and Syncros on surf mov ie " Endless Summer ll"

  245. installing muffler and cat questions

  246. junkyard gems

  247. light above stove/sink in westy

  248. looking for a single extra seat or bench

  249. miserable wal-mart. had a lug nut perma-stuck to the lug..

  250. more tyres

  251. my van quest: how low can I ask?

  252. need A/C tips. 87 gl

  253. offset of 7-spoke "Adelaide" vw alloys?

  254. oh fridge guru

  255. oil dripping from dip stick tube

  256. oil light doesn't stay on

  257. oil pressure buzzer

  258. part numbers

  259. parting out 82

  260. piston installation tool help

  261. please advise

  262. propane auto stop valve

  263. rear westy table size

  264. removable tinting?

  265. replacing front disc rotors

  266. ron's very good exhaust page

  267. sliding window latch removal

  268. tap water

  269. test

  270. thing wheel

  271. tight mirror

  272. tiico's, subies and diesels oh my...

  273. vanagon Digest - 18 Jul 2002 - Special issue (#2002-866)

  274. wanted, Heat sheilds

  275. water injection

  276. westy interior for sale:Re: How much for Westy Interior Parts?

  277. westy middle seat for sale..Re: looking for a single extra seat or bench

  278. what is the dimensions of a westy rear tabletop?

  279. window screens
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