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VANAGON archives – January 2003, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Vanagon: Tacho upgrade?

  2. '84 Westy Speedometer Accuracy

  3. '85 Vanagon Automatic Rough Idle

  4. '89 Westy on Ebay

  5. 1.9 coolant issues (maybe not heads?) (little longish)

  6. 14" or 15" wheels?

  7. 1989 Westy FS

  8. 1990 FI throttle position switch........

  9. 2 year/30,000km oil filter

  10. 2 year/30,000km oil filter/Uninformed Speculation

  11. 2.1 cylinder lower o-ring Q's

  12. 5 clyinder Audi 5000 Turbo to Vanagon engine swap........ MIS

  13. 5 clyinder Audi 5000 Turbo to Vanagon engine swap........ MIS -

  14. 5 clyinder Audi 5000 Turbo to Vanagon engine swap........ MIS - INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!

  15. 5 clyinder Audi 5000 Turbo to Vanagon engine swap........ MIS-

  16. 5 clyinder Audi 5000 Turbo to Vanagon engine swap........ MIS- INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!

  17. 78 VW bus / westy for sale $4000

  18. 83.5 Westy engine swap

  19. 84 Vanagon heating problem/T-5 Microbus PowerPoint

  20. 85 Westy - Throttle Valve Switch??

  21. 85 Westy Shakedown Key West trip report

  22. 88 Westy ran out of water. Now it leaks all in 15 minutes. What to do?

  23. AT rebuild?

  24. Aftermarket new ignition switch failure

  25. Air Lift Company

  26. Alert for Oregonians-new tax for miles driven?

  27. Any Round Light Folks Want To Upgrade To European Rectangular H4 System???

  28. Any Round Light Folks, or, How to Reel in a FISH.

  29. Anyone used Cooper SRM II LT 185R14C tires?

  30. BBB VII - January 18-19, 2003! Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

  31. Bed Extension Anyone??

  32. Bentley Question

  33. Burning Van Pix

  34. BurningVan

  35. BurningVan-Short report

  36. CD/MP3 Player suggestions

  37. Cabinets out anyone? Need measurement...

  38. Can 205/70 R14 tires be used on an 87 Westy with steel wheels?

  39. Cautions, was: Re: Solar panels are GONE!!!

  40. Compromise was SUV Bashing) was Think Positive to start your new year

  41. Computers (no Vanagon content)

  42. Contact Information

  43. Contact List Project

  44. Contact List Project / Contact Information

  45. Contact information

  46. Cost Effective Video Solutions

  47. Door Locks keep recycling

  48. Electric door lock problems with '90 Carat

  49. Engine Conversiions

  50. Engine Repair or Conversion

  51. FI questions on 84 1.9

  52. FIX - Re: FI questions on 84 1.9

  53. FLAPS

  54. FS aircooled vanagon motor and tin and 4spd trans

  55. FS/ KYB front shocks

  56. FS: Hella E-Code Round 7" Lights With Buckets Bulbs and City Lights (used)

  57. FS: Rotors, Drums, and Hubs drilled for Porsche wheels

  58. Fly that funky Syncro, white boy!

  59. For Sale 1990 Vanagon GL Westalia Camper

  60. For Sale 1990 Vanagon GL Westfalia Camper

  61. Fridge burner indicator light bright, then dim?

  62. Front tranny mount / how to improve?

  63. Fuel tank leaking

  64. Fw: Re: Bed Extension Anyone??

  65. Fw: [Syncro] Re: [WetWesties] Water Treatment / Purification

  66. Fw: steering rack replacement

  67. G11 Blue Coolant No Longer Produced???

  68. Gerry is back online

  69. Gerry will be offline for maint Wed evening

  70. Great Engine test stand event, part 2

  71. Great Engine test stand event.

  72. Ground Fault in Westy?

  73. Guard of honor...

  74. H&R Srings-Final Determination

  75. HELP - Can't find who sells the stainless luggage rack tie downs

  76. HELP - Can't find who sells the stainless luggage rack tie downs FISH

  77. Happy New Year!

  78. Headin' to the Keys on Thursday

  79. Help on the way...'85Westy passing by

  80. Hesitation and Hall senders (long post)

  81. Honda Element; was SUV Bashing

  82. Hoses hosed by VW?

  83. How Do I Jump My Westfalia

  84. How do you adjust clutch pedal free play?

  85. I need help planning my trip to Germany in April

  86. Installing EKTA on drive other than C?

  87. Interior Configurations?

  88. Interior fabric repair

  89. L.A.I.R.S.(was Contact List Project )

  90. LP tank--Epoxy paint V.S Urethane paint

  91. Loss of Power Resolved!!

  92. Made it to Florida and back!

  93. Missing Tin

  94. Mixing coolants

  95. NVC: Eurovan traction/stability control

  96. Need HELP in creating the schematic for the Idle Stabilisator Control Unit...

  97. Need rear heater blower motor........reasonably priced!

  98. Need to store my vanagon in Maine

  99. New Torque Converter-was loss of power resolved

  100. No Backup Lights

  101. Oil filter study

  102. Optima battery installation

  103. Oscilloscope Waveforms for the Vanagon

  104. Other Audio source into Stock Westy Radio

  105. Please Pretend It Is Friday | No Vanagon Content

  106. Pressurized fuel needed

  107. Q's re: radio wires

  108. Redline Tranny Fluid Service intervals?

  109. SUV Bashing) was Think Positive to start your new year

  110. SUV bashing has gotten out of hand (NVC)

  111. Second Request for Help - Throttle Valve Switch

  112. Shocking!; Was: Ground Fault in Westy?

  113. Solar panel group giveaway

  114. Solar panel recipients: shipping

  115. Solar panel wrap-up

  116. Solar panels are GONE!!!

  117. Solid message

  118. Starting Batteries

  119. Starting problems...

  120. Steering Gear Grease???

  121. Strange Loss of Poser

  122. Subject: Trip Report: Key West to Key West - the long way.

  123. T-5 Microbus PowerPoint

  124. TIICO Oil/Filter Thread

  125. Thanks, o greatest of all email lists!

  126. Theft prevention: pain generator?

  127. Theft protection

  128. Theft protection and Vanagon-Loudest Vehicle in the World

  129. Think Positive to start your new year

  130. Third brake light

  131. Throttle Valve Switch Problems

  132. Tiico oil filter, DO IT RIGHT!

  133. Tiico oil?

  134. Torque Converter Questin

  135. Trip Report: Key West to Key West - the long way. (Long)

  136. Useful URL

  137. VDO oil pressure & sender for sale

  138. Vanagon Thoughts (was RE: SUV Bashing)

  139. Vancouver BC Vanagon Group/Club?

  140. Volkswagen T5 Pictures online

  141. WBX oil temp sensor

  142. WTB: Syncro Westy Tow hitch

  143. Was: Re: Think Positive to start your new year

  144. Water Filtration vs Water Purification

  145. Water Purifiers - Possible Solution

  146. Water Treatment / Purification

  147. What the heck is a FLAPS?

  148. Whining sound from transmission

  149. Who's Next?

  150. Who's Next? FISH

  151. Wiring Harness Help

  152. Would you help? If '85Westy passing by...

  153. Wrapup - How to store a Westy in the winter?

  154. [Fwd: Re: AIRS signup page]

  155. [Fwd: [VB] Stolen '66 bug!!!]

  156. [Syncro] Fridge burner indicator light bright, then dim?

  157. [Syncro] Solar panels are GONE!!!

  158. [VB] BBB VII - January 18-19, 2003! Lake Havasu City, Arizona .

  159. [WetWesties] AT rebuild?

  160. [WetWesties] Re: Water Filtration vs Water Purification

  161. [WetWesties] Solar panel wrap-up

  162. [WetWesties] Water Purifiers - Possible Solution

  163. [WetWesties] Water Treatment / Purification

  164. [vanagon] Re: How To Test Idle Stabilizer?

  165. [vanagon] Water Purifiers - Possible Solution

  166. air lifts

  167. anyone know Amesbury Foreign Auto in MA?

  168. brown ash tray

  169. carfax request

  170. catalytic converter/muffler problems due to tiico engine vibrating

  171. contact information

  172. diesel parts 4 sale

  173. disappearing brake fluid?

  174. discharging AC

  175. dual battery/ error?

  176. east coast caravan

  177. east coast caravan this summer

  178. electrical problems installing a new faucet

  179. engine conversion Nissan more info

  180. fuel lines

  181. fuel tank and vibration

  182. gas guzzlers(was SUV bashing)

  183. hard starting - cylinder cutting out -87 westy

  184. heater flap info

  185. idle control valve / idle stabilizer trouble shooting

  186. ignition? injection?

  187. injector part numbers

  188. leveling van ride height /cheap way to do it

  189. list war

  190. loss of power resolved

  191. lower o-rings

  192. new shop in PNW

  193. no power, hesitation

  194. question about bad sound when releasing clutch pedal

  195. removing the ac unit

  196. ride height/saggy butt -- my fix

  197. ride heights

  198. ride heights - SHOULD I OFFER THIS?

  199. rough idling and running

  200. seattle area listees

  201. security ideas

  202. security ideas----- sales pitch involved, please inquiry OFF LIST!

  203. sink/pump, almost got it, not quite...

  204. snow tires for '90 Carat

  205. source for CIS injectors?

  206. sources for idle control value

  207. speedometer cables: 2 short or 1 long

  208. steering rack replacement

  209. trailer hitch

  210. troubleshooting tiico noise/vibrations

  211. troubleshooting tiico noise/vibrations/Harmonics

  212. unknown switch?

  213. unsubscribe

  214. vanagon Digest - 4 Jan 2003 (#2003-16)

  215. vanagon power Door Locks keep recycling

  216. westfalia stool aka port-a-pot

  217. westy interior paneling replacement project photos...
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