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VANAGON archives – March 2004, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. $300 84 going to the crusher... looks like could be saved

  2. (NVC) Anyone have a Bentley for Audi A4?

  3. 2.5L subaru engine suitable for vanagons?

  4. 6th Annual Spring Classic / Englishtown NJ

  5. 85 Westy for sale (parts van)

  6. 86 Vanagon unstable idle

  7. 91 Vanagon Blinking Temp Light?

  8. 91 w/ Engine Kaput-need advice

  9. AC Compressor Kaput!!

  10. AFC problem new problem

  11. ALKO Shocks

  12. Alternative way of reinstalling cylinder liner

  13. Big brake kit for sale

  14. Boobs on TV

  15. Bus Depot

  16. Bus Depot's STRICT return screening policy

  17. Buying a Westy Help

  18. Cheap Syncro Single Cab found! $6000 CDN

  19. Clutch chatter

  20. Coolant leak with a happy ending :-)

  21. Cooling hoses and what else?

  22. Decal remover

  23. Dragging front brakes...why? how?

  24. E-code initial impressions and some questions (long)

  25. ETKA on 1280X800 (needs 1280X1040)

  26. Ebay Warning

  27. Ebay Warning - documentation fee NVC

  28. Eprom preformance chip

  29. EveryBus info

  30. FS Vanagon Jail Bar Center Bracket

  31. FS hella driving lights.

  32. FS listings

  33. FS: 1.9L Engine Parts

  34. FYI

  35. Failed (

  36. Failure (

  37. Friends...

  38. Fwd: Boobs on TV

  39. Fwd: [T2] Stolen Bus

  40. GEX engine

  41. Gas tank fill question

  42. Gnarlie's Boobs on TV

  43. Ground for kitchen equipment ?

  44. Heater housing/flappers/cables

  45. Help with front heater blower.........part number needed

  46. Henry Ford

  47. Home-made roof rack for a Vanagon

  48. How to fit a yakima rack on a Westy?

  49. ISO Beige Vanagon Seat Armrests

  50. Looking for an egr filter for 79 bus California

  51. Mail Delivery System (

  52. Mail System (

  53. Microbus

  54. Mirrors (was: Bus Depot's STRICT return screening policy)

  55. Need Westy Refrigerator

  56. New Microbus Spotted

  57. New product-Power supply controller

  58. On the Issue of Drag Coefficient Numbers for the Vanagon

  59. On the issue of Drag Coefficient, etc.

  60. Pop Top Beautification

  61. Pop top beautification

  62. RESEND: update - all better! (was about various diagnoses of smokey smells)

  63. Repost: Free: 14 inch Vanagon Rims

  64. Requested suggestions - cleaning crud (carbon deposits) from valves / ports in cylinder head

  65. Resolved: Bus Depot's STRICT return screening policy

  66. STRANDED: L.A. Vanagon Syndrome!!!

  67. STRANDED: L.A. Vanagon Syndrome!!! NVC

  68. Sedona

  69. Sedona - Hiking, Biking and Camping

  70. Sedona - Hiking, Biking and Camping (2)

  71. Server Error (

  72. Sound Deadener Installation Concerns

  73. Southern CAL VW hotspots?

  74. Speaking of TDI motors... and 5 speed trannies

  75. Super Nice 1991 Westy For Sale...

  76. Syncro de Mayo Este 04

  77. Syncro gas tank laying on transaxle

  78. VIRUS: if you receive anything

  79. VIRUS: if you receive anything (attachment) from me: do not open it

  80. VIRUS: if you receive anything NVC

  81. VW Vanagon T3 scale model

  82. Valve guide removal / replacement

  83. Vanagon tranys FS

  84. WANTED: pair of good (used or new) 2.1L wbx heads

  85. WTB - 14 inch rims for 87 syncro

  86. Wasserboxer engine rebuild manual?

  87. [vanagon] An asessment of the vanagon in cleveland...

  88. [vanagon] FS 86 camper $1000 in cleveland, oh?

  89. alternator belts

  90. battery questions

  91. center of gravity and handling in wind (was RE: On the issue of Drag Coefficient, etc.

  92. classic auto insurance loop to save cash

  93. cleaning out torque converter

  94. collision insurance on an 83.5 westy

  95. collison insurance on 83 westy?

  96. head identification

  97. head lamp relay upgrade

  98. long road trip for B. Bones - luck needed

  99. ma x weight on Thule roof rack.

  100. need help with engine assembly

  101. need to ship a transmission

  102. need to ship a transmission (USING FORWARD AIR)

  103. new engine / no cold idle

  104. removal

  105. sound deadening

  106. steering wheel question

  107. still looking for a used 2.1 in philly area

  108. storage in (bubble top) westy?

  109. storage in (bubble top) westy? Is your Westfalia the same as mine - see

  110. turbo diesel conversion

  111. turbo diesel conversion(NVC)

  112. want to share a campsite at everybus?

  113. what steering gear grease?

  114. wheel offset for vanagons
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