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VANAGON archives – May 2005, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '87 fuel odor

  2. '89 new to list--question regarding throttle delay off idle.

  3. '93 Eurovan found in s.e. penna. U-pull it junkyard..complete

  4. (no subject)

  5. 1985 Vanagon 2 WD - rear axle nut

  6. 1986 Vanagon GL Auto - Mileage

  7. 1986 VanagonGL Auto - Mileage

  8. 2.1L engine from 1987 Syncro (Sold)

  9. 5/14" Vanagon alloys for $250

  10. 85 Vanagon GL Lights Issue

  11. 85 vanagon 1.9 gl

  12. 86Gl auto milage

  13. > Every vehicle you see on the road ( including your's) has steel

  14. > Every vehicle you see on the road ( including your's) has steel b

  15. > Every vehicle you see on the road ( including your's) has steel brake,

  16. AC Evaporator Housing...

  17. AC mounting

  18. AFM with no CO screw

  19. Adjustable voltage regulator

  20. Alternator Light Still On After Replacing Broken Belt - 87 Westy w. AC

  21. Another Vanagon Throttle Question ('87 Wolfsburg)

  22. Anti-Drain Back Valve in Oil Filters??

  23. Anybody ever replaced seals in a PS rack??

  24. Anyone using S&S headers in CA?

  25. Armrests

  26. Astronomy via Westy (aNVC)

  27. Bad Valve

  28. CV Joint vs Wheel Bearing noises....?

  29. Cable to top ventilation lever breaks

  30. Camping Trip Motivation

  31. Camping in the Poconos

  32. Canada, Quebec side trip

  33. Carfax anyone? I need ...

  34. Carribean green paint code found...thx

  35. Cell Phone and the Internet

  36. Derek's Advice Requested

  37. Diesel vs. Gas

  38. Emergency Contact Info and VW Shop Listings for the Road

  39. EveryBus History update

  40. Exhaust Paste?

  41. Exhaust port bolt size needed ? Try This FIRST

  42. F. S. carrat alloys

  43. FS 87 ECU with DIGItool

  44. FS: 2.1L engine from 1987 Syncro

  45. FS: Colgan Bra for 87 Wolfsburg, 88-91 All Others

  46. FS: Westy Interior from an '84

  47. FS: parts - Idle Stabilizer Control Unit

  48. FW: 85 vanagon 1.9 gl

  49. FW: Cell Phone and the Internet

  50. Fourth Wilford here! (no van content)

  51. Fri. - working on gravel surface

  52. Fw: Wireless (WIFI) Resource-Nationwide

  53. GUtter leak down...

  54. Get a gmail account just for this list

  55. Get a gmail account just for this list OR try sub folders and filters

  56. Gowesty website

  57. Gutter Leak Down

  58. HELP! Westy Stranded in Bryce Canyon National Park...

  59. Headlamp Switch or Key Switch?

  60. How much range on your tank?

  61. I got my frig to light -- LED change procedure:


  63. Idle Stabilizer Valve

  64. Interesting Synthetic Oil Study

  65. Joker owner in SD this summer?

  66. Junkyards

  67. Motorbike carrier

  68. My Parents EveryBus Trip Report

  69. My hats off to you do it yourselfers

  70. NEW outside handle for slider 83-84

  71. Need Automatic Transmission

  72. No power at injectors ...

  73. OBX Camping Information

  74. OBX camping suggestions

  75. OT what is the current price on the holy golf

  76. OT: San Diego bus people - anyone using ricochet??

  77. Occasional "thunking" sound going uphill...

  78. Off list for a while

  79. Oil Testing

  80. Old canvas anyone??

  81. Ottawa and Quebec

  82. Paint codes for an 80 westy found/Carribean green?

  83. Paint codes...urgent please...

  84. Parts quality question

  85. Pope Benedicts VW Golf Sells for $244,800

  86. Porche engine kit available w/ syncro adapted transmission

  87. Porche engine kit available w/ syncro adapted transmission available

  88. Re; FS carrat alloys

  89. Re; The high Price of coolant Pipes.

  90. Regarding cell phones, gender bashing, and Luddites

  91. Reminder - photos for this years Calendars

  92. Remote start for diesels?

  93. Replacement fridge LED - which one to get

  94. Replacing metal coolant hoses with copper?

  95. Replacing metal coolant hoses with copper? / Cu Brake Lines - NEVER!

  96. Replacing steel brake lines with copper alloy?

  97. Rusted/stuck bleeder on '82 Westy brakes

  98. Since it's in the shop anyway

  99. Since it's in the shop anyway . . .

  100. Sliding Door Lock

  101. Sliding door lock

  102. Some Serious Parts Scoring in Europa with GPS Comments

  103. Speaking of techie stereos for your westy

  104. Stalling and running rough

  105. Stuck in Durango, CO, with Possible Altitude Related Problem

  106. Suggestions wanted for Aug 1 trip to Quebec around Ottawa

  107. Survey: Your hot-start starter solutions

  108. Syncro de Mayo Este 2005

  109. Tire Pressure Question (87 Wolfsburg)

  110. Tire tech

  111. Towing Available-My van or yours? Plus, cheap Westys.

  112. Towing limits

  113. US Route 6, esp PA LVC

  114. USA Vanagoneers going to/thru Canada this summer???

  115. Van stuff for sale

  116. Van/camper rentals in Europe?

  117. Vanagon

  118. WTB '88/newer right rear side window

  119. WTB:NEW outside handle for slider 83-84

  120. Wasserleaker -- we will soldier on, but how?

  121. Weird Engine Idle Fluctuation

  122. Westy Rental in NJ

  123. Who manufactures Dark Red / Burgandy shock Absorbers?

  124. Wireless (WIFI) Resource-Nationwide

  125. Yay ! Digest mode Discovery -thanx!

  126. Yippie just bought my first westy!!!

  127. You get what you pay for

  128. You're Invited! Herbie & Friends Cruise Across America (A Little Long)

  129. [Fwd: Re: help interpreting starter problem]

  130. adding an oven to a westy

  131. altitude problems

  132. and WIFI at Panera's

  133. anybody want a diesel? knoxville, tn

  134. auxillary oil cooler

  135. back on the list

  136. becoming a grease monkey (was RE: '87 fuel odor

  137. bus depot disocunt code was/WTBoutside door handle

  138. busdepot bug screens

  139. california smog issues and synthetic oil

  140. fuel sender ground wire location?

  141. gas milage

  142. gas mileage

  143. gas mileage--existing cars kept running have a huge edge

  144. gas mileage--existing cars kept running have a huge edge environmentally

  145. has anyone have a U.S. source for Frank C's Propane gauge

  146. help interpreting starter problem

  147. hesitation

  148. hey Larry Chase need your experience

  149. high-dollar pipes

  150. holy smokes (melted the instrument circuit)

  151. new list - L.A. area Westies

  152. nice splitty at gebhardt in boulder

  153. no power in the low end

  154. paint codes for an 80 westy

  155. please un-subscribe - too many emails !!!!

  156. rear axle nut - thinking ahead

  157. second propane tank with links (long)

  158. stupid refig. question-newbie on the frig

  159. thanks to all !!! I got my frig to light

  160. towing a westfalia

  161. turn signals suddenly out

  162. un-subscribe -

  163. vanagon Digest - 3 May 2005 to 4 May 2005 - Special issue (#2005-361)

  164. vanagon Digest - 5 May 2005 to 6 May 2005 - Special issue (#2005-367)

  165. vanagon manual

  166. westy cold = rich
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