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VANAGON archives – May 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Sticking"

  2. $$$ Value of Used Kitchen Unit ???

  3. ...More on the Coleman Campstove Oven

  4. 1.9 muffler strap + brace pictures

  5. 10 of my favorite places to visit in NA

  6. 1985 Vanagon - round to rectangular headlights

  7. 2.5 gal vs 3

  8. 83-85 Vanagons vs. 86-91 Vanagons?

  9. 84 westy sliding door handle "seal"

  10. 88 Westy: Faucet or Water Pump?

  11. 88 Westy: Pump

  12. A/C Work just got more expensive

  13. AC System ? upgrade

  14. ATTN List Vendors. Seek parts.

  15. AW molds safe and sound

  16. Annual Dometic Adventures

  17. Another oil producer opening a bio plant

  18. Another way to do it... (NVC)

  19. Anyone have a URL/pics for 1.9 muffler strap + brace?

  20. Autonomous Touareg (NVC)

  21. Back from Germany

  22. Behind the reefer

  23. Behind the reefer - a clever fan mod

  24. Billet Window Cranks

  25. Biodiesel in Vermont

  26. Blinking Coolant LED light and other cooling issues

  27. Brake lining fell off brake shoe

  28. Buying a new manual transmission - considering Go Westy final drive increase

  29. Can Terry K be with us?

  30. Can't quite figure out how . . .

  31. Cancel: My brain is shrinking -- water tank drain cap?

  32. Cleaning flocked ceiling?

  33. Color Schemes?

  34. Coolant Temp Sensors (Gauge)

  35. Corrado Speedline 15" on a Vanagon?

  36. Cow Flop and Pig Poop Fuels

  37. Crazy German e-mails - THANK YOU

  38. Differences between auto & manual starters?

  39. Discount Code

  40. Does anyone know anything about a transmission addative called molybeneum disulfide (sp)

  41. Don't Support the Saudi's???

  42. EBAY: 4 speed vanagon transmission

  43. End play specific to flywheel?

  44. Eurovan Modification on eBay (f)

  45. Eurovan modification on eBay

  46. Exhaust system insulation

  47. FS - 1990 Auto Blue Vanagon

  48. FS 1990 Multivan

  49. FS: '83 5spd Diesel vanagon w/ DA6 gas heater and Carat interior/bodykit

  50. FS: '91 Syncro Westy


  52. FS: 1986 WOLFSBURG MULTIVAN/'91 Syncro Westy

  53. FS: Brown Dashboard Pad

  54. FS: capt chairs w/ aremrests, and carat interior w/ sofabed and table

  55. FW: Syncro transmission seam leak

  56. FW: propane filling question

  57. Fastenal

  58. Favorite Vanagon Features

  59. Five more days to Buses By the Beach!

  60. Fix or replace PW regulators?

  61. Flywheel felt....Anybody got a spare?

  62. Fridge Section? do i need to make one?

  63. Fuel problem???Maybe

  64. Fwd: anybody want a 90 syncro camper with a 3.2 liter porsche 911 engine? ;)

  65. Gas leak patch stuff actually works

  66. Getting to the interior light wiring

  67. Ghia/Herbie Cruise Update

  68. Good Westy on eBay

  69. Hauling a Bike?

  70. Help decipher S.African Vanagon engine code

  71. Help me order rubber and window bits

  72. Help- My Vanagon needs a MAF

  73. How I Fixed My Odometer

  74. How long does it take your Vanagon to warm up

  75. How to fix interior light fixture

  76. Ice-Guard

  77. It's never that easy (WAS: SS version of luggage rack bolts?)

  78. Joy Hecht's problem's solved?

  79. LED dash lights; bright oil idiot light

  80. Last Call, Syncro De Mayo Este

  81. Locally found substitute for felt flywheel washer?

  82. MSN's Top 10 Camping Sites

  83. Making a lp hose...

  84. Member hunt - Joel in AL

  85. Miles per dollar

  86. Mixed replys (long)

  87. More AC Questions

  88. Moving with a Vanagon, cross-country

  89. Muffler Straps

  90. My brain is shrinking -- water tank drain cap?

  91. NVC Don't Support the Saudi's/Fuel for our beasts

  92. NVC Don't Support the Saudi's???

  93. Need Help with Electrical / Engine Starting Problem

  94. Need Viscous Coupling Refresher Course - '91 Syncro

  95. No reverse lights, and have to be in neutral to start

  96. Oh fudge -- canvas zipper damaged

  97. Oh, joy, lights!

  98. Oil Pressure Buzzer? After Tach Wiring.

  99. Oil Pressure Light went On...Abort Trip?

  100. Oil warning light and buzzer go off when going uphill

  101. One more.. Autonomous Touareg Movie (NVC)

  102. Paint codes/name for 60's dark green bus color

  103. Paint the dash....more....

  104. Painting Exhaust

  105. Ping Terry K

  106. Porta potty go boom

  107. Post chrome strip rubber cleaning Q

  108. Propane Gauges

  109. Question about Fridge Igniter

  110. Question on Biodiesel

  111. Re Favorite Vanagon Features

  112. Rear Hatch Material

  113. Rear Hatch Material - Struts

  114. Rear hatch lock source

  115. Replacement Canvas for Vanagon

  116. SS version of luggage rack bolts?

  117. Safety issues before trip

  118. She's got holes in her side

  119. Shelf life of master cylinder?

  120. Skylight replacing: "fiber gum or suitable caulking"?

  121. Sliding window latch

  122. Small world westy sighting

  123. Spiffing up the sliding glass frames

  124. Spring Loaded Pushrod Tubes Needed

  125. Steering wheel disassembly

  126. Subject: 88 Westy: Faucet or Water Pump?

  127. Subject: Re: Post chrome strip rubber cleaning Q

  128. Summer coming , and your a/c compressor is shot? read on

  129. Symptoms of an overfilled manual tran??

  130. Syncro de Mayo Este 2005

  131. Syncro pulls ford out of mud pit

  132. Syncro transmission seam leak

  133. T/A tales... Re: Buying a new manual transmission - considering Go Westy final drive increase

  134. Thanks to Ken Wilford and VanAgain

  135. That Little Ditty That You Do

  136. That Little Ditty That You Do (mexican hat dance)

  137. The answer for biodiesel?

  138. The lazy Injector

  139. The propane filling question tested...

  140. To paint or replace dash? that is the question

  141. Top 10 Camping sites

  142. Trip Mileage Report Audi 2.0 litre conversion

  143. Trouble at the SUV corral: NVC

  144. Update on "Oil wanrning light and buzzer go off when going uphill"

  145. Upgardes I'm considering for my 1985 1/2 Camper

  146. VDO oil sender extension hose

  147. Van stalled out today.

  148. Vanagon 86-91 Models

  149. Vanagon List's Top 10 Camping Sites

  150. Vanagon dash colors

  151. Vanagon parts are now cheap (relatively)

  152. Vanagon-Mercedes wheel question

  153. Stickers

  154. Vanagon/Westy sightings - San Luis Obispo

  155. Vibration

  156. W.T.B. used 4 speed vanagon transmission

  157. WTB Diesel Intermediate Plate

  158. WTB Interior light for 1990

  159. WTB passenger side window

  160. WTD: drivers side/rear vanagon speaker

  161. Water supply pumps

  162. Weenie question: removing grille logo

  163. What is an original side tent worth? What is an original side tent?

  164. What octane fuel?

  165. What should my brake light voltage be at the bulb?

  166. When to replace the shocks???

  167. Windscreen

  168. Windscreen LOL

  169. [NVC] Windscreen for BBQ

  170. [VB] Fwd: Calling all VW drivers!!!

  171. [] GPS units

  172. [vanagon] Gas tank record beaten!

  173. [vanagon] religious preference... here's my religion!!!!

  174. [vanagon] toxic bird poop

  175. aluminum or brass radiater-- which is best?

  176. anybody want a 90 syncro camper with a 3.2 liter porsche 911 engine? ;)

  177. auto trans cooler busted(trans full of water)... screwed?

  178. aux fuse panel

  179. best VW buying websites

  180. brighter tail lights:what's the definative answer?

  181. can the interior of a westy be pulled, with the a/c unit left in?

  182. changing email on the list?

  183. cheap '85 vanagon Single Cab Truck on ebay $ day left.

  184. circuit for water level monitor?

  185. crazy german emails..anyone else getting them?? NVC

  186. difference between CDN and US Westies

  187. do bad CV joints click in a turn??

  188. ecode h4 headlights

  189. fun Vanagons in Belgium

  190. fuse cover

  191. hands-on report...

  192. help - automatic dipstick length

  193. i made a website fixed-autobahn

  194. i made a website on my van check it out !!!!

  195. idle problem - fixed

  196. instrument cluster light housing

  197. jd power dependability 1990

  198. lpg inlet connector type?

  199. measuring propane level in a tank

  200. oil and gas

  201. problem(s) on the road, plus major good samaritan

  202. propane filling question

  203. propane filling question ... do it at home?

  204. propane filling question ... do it at home? Experimenter needed.

  205. propane filling question ... do it at home? Marshall Brass Extend-A-Stay

  206. propane tank filling, etc.

  207. question before I remove the fridge

  208. r&r clutch master cylinder Q

  209. radio antenna

  210. re painting the dash

  211. religious affiliation

  212. religious preference... here's my religion!!!!

  213. removing sliding side windows -was removing tint

  214. skylight

  215. slow, long uphill knocking noise ?!

  216. stainless truss head screws for poptop

  217. starter motor remaining on?

  218. sticking

  219. syncro pulls ford out of mud pit

  220. toxic bird poop

  221. vanagon Digest - 16 May 2005 (#2005-397)

  222. vanagon Digest - 16 May 2005 - Special issue (#2005-396)

  223. was:NVC Don't Support the Saudi's/Fuel for our beasts

  224. what is a POL valve
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