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VANAGON archives – November 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "weather watch" sound deadening material

  2. '85 vanagon passenger compartment fan...

  3. '86 Westy Wolfsburg For Sale

  4. '86 Westy Wolfsburg For Sale - Corrected link to SAMBA

  5. '89 Syncro for sale in western Mass., $4500

  6. 022D vs 022X vs 022DX ??

  7. 1.9L Build early stages Crank bearing question

  8. 182b thermal mastic

  9. 2.1 fits right in

  10. 2.1 fits right in - more

  11. 4x4 trailers

  12. 83 yellow paint code?

  13. 85 1.9WB exhaust parts overheating (a bit long)

  14. 85 ecu 025-906-021 vs 025-906-021c

  15. 85L Gas Tanks;

  16. 85L gas tank was Re: dealer for some South African parts

  17. 87westy dreaded delayed starter kicking in - floor stomp incident telling sign?

  18. <No subject>

  19. A fuel line check is always prudent...

  20. AT part size?

  21. BGT: Unique! 1989 Dehler-Profi T3 Syncro 16"

  22. BMW seats in Vanagon?

  23. BMW seats in Vanagon? / Cool Syncro.

  24. Baja Suggestions

  25. Brown Sliding Door Interior Panels, FS

  26. Build Your Own Van Fridge Kit

  27. Buyer Beware - German Vanagon Parts Vendor Alert

  28. CV joints / automatic

  29. Clear title??? exportation

  30. Clutch Master, Engine Gasket sets

  31. Continental Tires - a little long

  32. Cruise Control (was New to List)

  33. Cruise Control help

  34. DIY 4-head light grilll

  35. Desperately seeking a Behr AC part

  36. Drive Away Tent FS

  37. ECU part numbers, 2.1 Digifant

  38. ECU: 022D vs 022X vs 022DX ??

  39. Engen VW Cup

  40. European Bentley??

  41. FS: 1986 Syncro Westfalia 2.1L WBX engine

  42. FS: mini ice cube tray for westys

  43. FW: Broken Vanagon FS near Minneapolis

  44. FW: Re: Old Spare Tire

  45. Film of oil all over back hatch

  46. Film of oil all over back hatch NVC

  47. Finally on a wander!

  48. Free van seats in Michigan

  49. Friday Musings;

  50. Fridge sparker

  51. Fridges and angels

  52. Fryeday pictures - Maggie changes her fuel pump

  53. Fryedaye re: Musings

  54. Fuel tank cross over tube

  55. Fwd: Re: 2.1 fits right in

  56. Geist in the machine?

  57. Generic O2 sensor installation

  58. Good Used Syncro front diff FS

  59. Headlights wont shut off, even with key out... suggestions ?

  60. Help for Moderating and / or Admin Duties for Vanagon List

  61. I took my own advice (camping in NJ)

  62. Instrument cluster -no oil, lcd or temp guage

  63. Introduction

  64. Is the Digitool still available from someone???

  65. Keezer & Folks

  66. List discount?

  67. New Bus Site !!!

  68. New to List

  69. Not 82 diesel, 83 5 speed

  70. Old Spare Tire

  71. Online Parts Source

  72. Performance Digijet ECUs on sale

  73. Power window switch?

  74. Power window switch? Cheap new ones

  75. Rare Mint Westy single person seat FS

  76. Removing the Westy Top and Installing a Temporary Top

  77. Robert Keezer Project - Conclusion / Last Post

  78. Salvage yard search engine?

  79. Still no passenger side high beam

  80. Still no passenger side high beam,

  81. Temporary [parts] storage needed near Death Valley

  82. Tool for removing Waterboxer Valve Springs

  83. Tuning/Timing

  84. US Army Surplus Vanagon Doublecabs and Singlecabs


  86. VW drops Phaeton - may we have a transporter please

  87. VW's for Sale

  88. Vanagon Musings

  89. WTB Complete Gray Westy Interior

  90. WTB: Clutch Master, Engine Gasket sets

  91. What to do with Metal pipe to thermostat housing??? (WAS: Re: Bolt breakage on thermostat... what to do?? (WAS: Re: changing thermostat on 1.9l))

  92. What to do with Metal pipe to thermostat housing??? (WAS: Re:Bolt breakage on thermostat... what to do?? (WAS: Re:changing thermostat on 1.9l))

  93. Where in the world is Dennis Hayes

  94. Will the bolts hold the center seat?

  95. Window Switches

  96. [vanagon] Re: [Vanagon-Westfalia] Removing the Westy Top and Installing a...

  97. [vanagon] very cheap Syncro Doublecab on samba..$4k with rear sliders AND canopy!!!

  98. [vanagon] very cheap Syncro Doublecab on samba..$4k with rear sliders AND...

  99. acceptable way to discharge A/C at home?

  100. adding armrests to vanagon front seats which did not have them, or other seats

  101. boulder vanagon wave

  102. bus name?

  103. can't find timing marks

  104. complete westfalia a/c system for sale

  105. dealer for some South African parts

  106. dometic 182b question

  107. fuel filter Vs BA6 belly pan?

  108. fuel pump +Mom problem

  109. fuel tank crossover...

  110. how many of you DONT have the armrest thingys on your front doorpanels?

  111. it's probably a misprint ... 84 camper $1400 in burbank, ca usa

  112. loss of power, stumped

  113. middle seat removal?

  114. modified T5

  115. more trouble with metal pipe to thermostat...

  116. mount gauges in special A/C radio box?

  117. my visit to autostadt (Wolfsburg)

  118. no Windshield wipers!

  119. now: A/C equip needed

  120. parting out 10 vanagons/westys if anyone needs anything..

  121. projektwzo fog light - bulb size?

  122. radiators and years

  123. re. BMW seats in Vanagon?

  124. refrig sparker

  125. rusted sliding door lower track

  126. sliding door lower track

  127. sliding door track

  128. success - and what to do with old fuel pump

  129. success - and what to do with old fuel pump, especially on a Frydaye! ;)

  130. swivel seat install carat

  131. those of you who have installed a fuel line replacement kit read!

  132. vanagon Digest - 8 Nov 2005 (#2005-928)

  133. vanagon Digest - 8 Nov 2005 to 9 Nov 2005 - Special issue (#2005-929)

  134. vanagon Digest - 9 Nov 2005 - Special issue (#2005-930)

  135. vanagon seatbottom foam

  136. venting, was Re: dometic 182b question

  137. where are the plans for a 2nd battery
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