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VANAGON archives – October 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 WBX cooling system repair

  2. 2.1 exhaust test port?

  3. 85'Westy...FS for Parts or restore...Calgary Area

  4. 85GL 1.9 Busted alternator mounting bracket stud ..2nd time in 2 years

  5. 89 MYSTERY problem!!

  6. 89 backfires, sputters when warm. MYSTERY problem!!


  8. Action Van

  9. Aftermarket Fog Lights?

  10. Alternative Floors?

  11. Any Buses By The Depot Attendies Familiar with re-keying?

  12. Anyone in Denver, Colorado?

  13. Audiovox ccs100

  14. Autostop propane fill valve stuck open - resolution

  15. Best source for Head Gasket sets 1990 2.1L ?

  16. Bostig Zetec kit - Clearance

  17. Bostig Zetec kit .. Ground clearance

  18. Bostig Zetec kit...WOW...

  19. Bostig zetec kit, clearance

  20. Buses By The Depot - Anyone bringing kids?

  21. Buses By The Depot - Potluck Dinner

  22. Buses by the Depot

  23. COC Test

  24. Camper unit wiring

  25. Camping Stove

  26. Canadian Thanksgiving

  27. Cariboo trip report

  28. Coleman USFS Camping Guide

  29. Converting a Wolfsburg to a Full Camper

  30. Custom Headlights Sighted in Middletown NY White Syncro Camper, Custom ³headlight module² - HID Xenon

  31. Dirtworder Shower

  32. Dynamic Solar Panel

  33. Eng. off/cold; brake pedal goes to floor. Eng. on/pump pedal; pedal height ok.

  34. FS: 2.1L engine & trans (as-is)

  35. FS: 87 Westy in PA. $6900

  36. Fuse box wire

  37. Fwd: Dynamic Solar Panel

  38. Fwd: Painting

  39. Fwd: Painting door handles - now mirrors?

  40. Fwd: [VB] Prayers for Jerry Jess

  41. Fwd: [WetWesties] vw rm182 refrigerator

  42. Fwd: [WetWesties] waterproofing (was RE: RAISED ROOF hard tops

  43. Fwd: dexron II vs dexron III

  44. Fwd: gas tank bushing

  45. Fwd: power steering rack

  46. Fwd: teenagers and vanagons

  47. Gas tank filler seal numbers


  49. I got: 025 906 021C, what did I get?

  50. Instrument light removal

  51. Intermittent Starter

  52. JBB Trip Report - Short version

  53. Ken Wilford and others


  55. Little Miss Sunshine

  56. Looking for Syncro Sway Bar Parts

  57. Marine Epoxy Stick saves the day!!

  58. Mirror and trim painting

  59. Missing a high-beam... suggestions?

  60. Mudflaps

  61. NVC - just some happy news

  62. NY plane into Building

  63. Odometer fix worked...and Karen's curtains.

  64. Oops...forgot, I also have a problem



  67. Painting

  68. Painting LVC

  69. Painting door handles

  70. Painting door handles - now mirrors?

  71. Parts

  72. Power steering rack

  73. Printing w HP1020 off a Deep Cycle Battery

  74. RE : Ticked Off at oil filter adaptors

  75. Re routing the Gas lines

  76. Road trip! (Westy finally ready)

  77. Rocker arm question

  78. Running a second inverter

  79. Rust on hookup panel on Westy

  80. Shocks - the front rubber cap bushing...

  81. Speaking of Painting...

  82. Suddenly, no oil pressure. Disaster??


  84. Tail Light issue.

  85. Teenagers and Vanagons

  86. Temp gauge problem resolved

  87. Testing Injectors once Removed?

  88. Thanks to Ken Wilford at VanAgain

  89. The conclusion of my R-TDI Westfalia Project!

  90. Ticked Off at oil filter adaptors

  91. Trailers

  92. Tripple v belt pulley

  93. UPDATE - Buses By The Depot (this Saturday)

  94. UPDATED -- Advice on a 90 GL...

  95. VW Camper A "sexy" car

  96. VW Campground Review Promotion - First Winners Announced

  97. Van Break in

  98. Van failed emissions (fwd)

  99. Vanagon front heater blower motor ballast resistor replacement

  100. WTB 87 Idle Control Module

  101. WTB: Beige Westy Cabinet Door

  102. Want a great VW Roadtrip read ...

  103. Wanted: Good running 2.1;

  104. Was Painting Now Prepping

  105. What happened to the Raleigh salvage place?

  106. What is VW 399 060 21B ?

  107. What went under the Front Seats?

  108. Wiring for Fridge Computer Fan???

  109. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  110. ZZZap!! Dead in the road (ECU Schematic wanted)

  111. [F] Cool Vanagon Sticker!!!

  112. [Syncro] [F] Cool Vanagon Sticker!!!

  113. [WetWesties] vw rm182 refrigerator

  114. [WetWesties] waterproofing (was RE: RAISED ROOF hard tops

  115. air cooled boot needed

  116. aircooled air boot needed

  117. auto transmission?

  118. brush guard/bull bars for vanagon???

  119. california registration laws - how does one deal with expired tags?

  120. camping accessories

  121. cheap 86 AW on samba

  122. congratulations to one of our listmemebers on his 1st place win at show and go

  123. damn.. that's cheap.

  124. dexron II vs dexron III

  125. door latch

  126. driving a stick. funny video

  127. electrical aid request

  128. fridge fan

  129. gas tank bushing

  130. guess i need an old cat and muffler (Bay area)

  131. hard starrting when warm

  132. hard starting when warm

  133. head gasket kits for sale ---> new

  134. how works the westy sink pump?

  135. leaking gas filler neck seal

  136. list

  137. mystery 89 backfiring solved?

  138. oil cooler seal with or without tab

  139. oil pressure problems

  140. oil pressure problems, still

  141. oil pressure problems,still

  142. pick and pull boneyard in Seattle?

  143. power steering rack

  144. remove your van's hatch plugs and caulk your westy filler ports!! DO IT.

  145. rough running rig

  146. sink light wire identification

  147. stainless screws some more

  148. stainless steel bolts for top

  149. stainless stuff again

  150. syncro skid plate on a 2wd?

  151. teenagers and vanagons

  152. towing my van

  153. towing my van - my tow bar website

  154. towing my van - my towbar website

  155. triple v belt pulley

  156. vanagon Digest - 7 Oct 2006 (#2006-846)

  157. vanagon spring rate color coding for different models...READ!!

  158. westy must-have acessory - fill port rainguard hood!

  159. wolf in sheeps clothing for any subru conversion
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