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VANAGON archives – November 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 to 2.1 Conversion Almost Done!

  2. 2007 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - All Current Photos

  3. 5 fingered salute

  4. <no subject>

  5. <no subject> CO & Propane

  6. AFMs still wanted

  7. Aircooled? - building my own interior heating system!

  8. Alcohol Re: Very Dim Rectangular Square Headlights

  9. BA 6 Heater Booster - text

  10. BA-6 exhaust outlet diameter

  11. BA6 Heater Booster #2

  12. BA6 Heater Booster #5 Ducts

  13. BA6 Heater Booster - #3 cover

  14. BA6 Heater Booster - Pictures

  15. BA6 heater Booster- electrical

  16. BA6 heater booster wiring

  17. BAQ6 heater with a wall mount themostat possible ??

  18. BA^ Heater Booster #6 ducts

  19. BFG T/A KO 27-8.50-14's how do they get em on a std 5.5" rim

  20. Best used Vanagon ad ever!

  21. Broke my van, need parts

  22. Buying from German Ebay.. Hard/Easy?

  23. Central Florida

  24. Central Florida Vanagon sightings

  25. Central Florida and Vanagon sightings on I-95

  26. Cleaning the water tank with baking soda

  27. Cleaning the water tank with baking soda - ARCHIVES FOUND

  28. Cool Stuff (LVC)

  29. Coolant Temp?

  30. Corvair Vanagon conversion

  31. DIGIFANT ecu

  32. Door jam weather striping

  33. EBay (NVC)

  34. FS: Various Vanagon Parts

  35. FS: rare BEHR IN-DASH A/C unit

  36. Firestop where would you place these in the engine compartment ?

  37. Flame ON!

  38. Free (for the cost of shipping) rear three passenger seat covers fro 85-86 ish vanagon

  39. Free trailer hitch

  40. Fwd: Unidentifiable sound

  41. Fwd: [Syncro] Last in South Africa built Vanagon is destroyed...

  42. Headlight Upgrade - troubles

  43. How to set the Vanagon Mail list to NO MAIL for the holiday

  44. Hydraulic lifter link

  45. I REALLY hate to do this, but FS: clean 1984 GL roller + transmission (optional: 3.3l subaru engine -- on a pallet in the rear hatch area)

  46. Installed $7 55W Aux Lights from Harbor Frieght

  47. Installing jump seats

  48. Installing new passenger side wing window seal

  49. Leaky sliding window repairs?

  50. MY COMPUTER IS DEAD (was Calling all Coomputer Guru's)

  51. NVC. need bug part

  52. NYC to Palo Alto CA

  53. Need Help with Engine Speed Wildly Surging at Idle

  54. Need a Part

  55. OTP - GPS recommendations - think I''ve got it narrowed.

  56. Oops - Forgot to include the Westy's year

  57. Part search request for assistance, 81 - 83 air coolled Vanagon

  58. Putting Vanagon rear brakes on a Type2 bus

  59. RV'S in Los Angeles...

  60. Speedometer Disassembly Question

  61. Stag & Doe Party & cold weather camping with Propex heater report

  62. Still need a carfax, please

  63. T5s in Amsterdam

  64. This is fun (computer guru stuff - again)

  65. Thoughts on paint protection

  66. UPS to Canada - Revisited

  67. Unidentifiable sound

  68. Update on a Member

  69. Vanagon-Eurovan Thanksgiving Goodwill

  70. Very Dim Rectangular Square Headlights

  71. WTB Digitool

  72. Washed van run bad....SOLVED

  73. Westy battery indicator light below sink

  74. Westy for parts

  75. What to do: Keep or Sell?

  76. Winter Warning

  77. Worst job ever- was Re: 1.9 to 2.1 Conversion Almost Done!

  78. [SyncroDoubleCabs] any interest in Doka/Sinka back sliding window? (rear window, not side windows)

  79. [Syncro] Happy Thanksgiving Syncronauts!

  80. air filter price

  81. any interest in Doka/Single back sliding window? (rear window, not side wind

  82. any interest in Doka/Sinka back sliding window? (rear window, not side windows)

  83. automated response

  84. blow holes problem with one of the two stove burners yellow flames

  85. cool doka site..

  86. does anyone know this number

  87. double door

  88. fuel injections and gas milage

  89. hard turning after replacing power steering rack

  90. hydraulic jack & jack stands

  91. jumpseat trays. Re: does anyone know this number

  92. manual control of radiator fan - 87 westy

  93. non-Vanagon Automatic tranny innna Vanagon

  94. non-Vanagon Automatic tranny innna vanagon

  95. problem with one of the two stove burners

  96. sliding door screen

  97. sliding window screens FS...Re: source for sliding window screens/frames?

  98. source for sliding window screens/frames?

  99. twin (sorta) Westy spotted

  100. unidentifiable sound

  101. vanagon Digest - 26 Nov 2006 to 27 Nov 2006 - Special issue (#2006-985)

  102. vanagon doubledecker bus (a-la merry pranksters "further"bus)

  103. vanagon sightings

  104. was: co/propane RE: propex

  105. what to do?

  106. which poptop canvas to purchase?

  107. wtb good used cylinder heads or complete 1.9

  108. your assignment for this weekend. :)
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