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VANAGON archives – December 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. !985 Vanagon GL

  2. " 01624683333" - fixed ?

  3. 'll bite on the diesel---safety and getting flipped off

  4. 1986 Vanagon Syncro for sale - $2500

  5. 2.1 Engine for rebuild or core - $300

  6. 5 sp. was Re: Auto or Manual

  7. 81 Vanagon lost to PNW storm

  8. 85 Westfalia for sale-Kansas city

  9. 85gl acceleration Flat spot untill warmed up

  10. <no subject>

  11. <no subject> (Sliding door support removal)

  12. =?utf-8?Q?Got_westy_sag_or_leaking_rear_heater_tees=3f?=

  13. A sad picture

  14. ARK II

  15. After Xmas Xmas Party

  16. Almost sold my Westie......(long but only slightly "ranty" --- ;^)

  17. Anybody using after mkt front && rear anti sway bars ??

  18. Anyone know a good shop in Nashville?

  19. Anyone know a good shop in Nashville? SHIPPING Option

  20. Anyone tried quiet car?

  21. Auto or Manual

  22. Automatic Westy's vs Manual Westy's - two wheel

  23. Awesome new Westfalia

  24. Awsome new Westfalia

  25. Bad tint job rant / any advice?

  26. Buses By the Bridge

  27. Buses by the Bridge

  28. Canadian Camping season re-opens in only 9 weeks.

  29. Cool Van Mods was RE: vans

  30. Cooling and heating anomolies 84 w/I-4 transplant..

  31. Crappy Tire was Re: Monday Meanderings & Musings ;-)

  32. Crappy Tire was Re: Monday Meanderings & Musings ;-) nvc

  33. DC area Vanagon party Saturday

  34. DC area Vanagon party saturday

  35. DWAM? Not me, boy!

  36. Dear Santa.. (sorry I know it's not Friday yet but I couldn't help it)

  37. Diesel (AAZ) engine conversion questions ULSD availability

  38. Diesel engine conversion questions, ULSD availability

  39. Dirty Fuel Filter?

  40. Drove My Vanagon Today-All Is Not Well

  41. Drove Vanagon again-All Is Well

  42. Electrical genuis-es here is one for you..

  43. Emergency brake light stays on

  44. FS: OEM all RUBBER vanagon/transporter/westy front floormat

  45. FS: vanagon idle stabilizer computer, NOS

  46. Florida Westy for sale..

  47. Followup to no start, cutting out, fuel system worries

  48. Fuel pump buzzing

  49. Fw: Relay Problems '87 Westy Part 2

  50. Fwd: Anyone tried quiet car?

  51. Fwd: DC area Vanagon party saturday

  52. Fwd: Diesel (AAZ) engine conversion questions

  53. Fwd: Hooray for Vanagon owners

  54. Fwd: stock engine mount

  55. Hatch mounted bike rack (re- question from the digest)

  56. Holiday Bus Fest tomorrow in Washington DC

  57. Hooray for Vanagon owners

  58. I have Carfax

  59. I have Carfax 01624683333

  60. I'll bite on the diesel---safety and getting flipped off

  61. Improvements to Vanagon crash safety? Maybe time for a Eurovan camper?

  62. Installing Rear Hatch Struts?

  63. LVC Protective Gloves?

  64. Leaking Vanagon fuel pump case?

  65. Leaky front end

  66. Model changes

  67. Monday Meanderings & Musings ;-)

  68. More AFM/ECU reverse engineering results coming

  69. More? New? Better? nah! (editorial content)

  70. Most Dangerous Roads in the world (NVC)

  71. Most Dangerous Roads in the world (with Vangon content)

  72. My Reimo interior arrived

  73. NVR: Who's Selling Listee Addresses???

  74. Oil Pressure = 0

  75. Old Spotlights.....

  76. Old Spotlights.....(01624683333)

  77. Orange Liquid on Rear Hatch

  78. Our rigs ain't pigs (caution: major argument)

  79. Porsche seats in a Vanagon?

  80. Postcard

  81. Power Steering Rack rubber boot mismatch?? BS66057 vs BS88145

  82. Rear wheel bearing spacer, replacement always necessary?

  83. Recent Upgrade Experience (wheels/tires/transaxle)

  84. Recommended "Club" Type Security Device for Westy?

  85. Refrigerator--Propane Jet Cleaning

  86. Removing front vent windows & hardware

  87. Replacement Muffller selections

  88. Rubber Floor Mat

  89. SA grills available again

  90. Same guy, new address

  91. Scary Westy on German eBay

  92. Seat Comfort

  93. Simple Wiring Question (I hope)

  94. Sloppy timing?

  95. Source for 7" rounds with city light

  96. Speaking of topic..

  97. Speaking of topic..Vespa, lambretta owners on the list?

  98. Speaking of topic..Vespa,lambretta owners on the list?

  99. Stereo help

  100. Subaru EJ engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  101. Subaru EJ engine - wonderful white paper

  102. Subie Engines - how hard to find, where to look.

  103. Subject: Re: Bad tint job rant / any advice?

  104. Syncro for sale.Only $400

  105. Syncro front sticker placement

  106. Tach wiring

  107. Thanks for the tips on the cooling and heating anomolies

  108. Thanks-Emergency brake light stays on

  109. Tornado Red OR Metalic black?

  110. Trying to Leave the List

  111. Upgrading inner rounds on a SA grille

  112. VW 411, 412 models (nvc)




  116. VW dealer support

  117. Vanagon Curtains - Burgundy and Grey Plaid

  118. Vanagon syndome

  119. Vanagon vs. Toyota Van

  120. Vans (from a digester)

  121. WTB Vanagon Westfalia Propane Tank or just fill valve

  122. WTB: 1 OEM 14" vanagon alloy

  123. Was: Almost sold my Westie (long ... slightly "ranty") Now: Thanks!

  124. Was: I'll bite...diesel- safety...flipped off. Now: reactions to Westies/Vanagons

  125. Water pump, Thermostat

  126. Winter tire option

  127. [Syncro] Syncro front sticker placement

  128. [Syncro] rescue a Syncro from the crusher, RESCUED!!!

  129. [Syncro] rescue a SyncroSUNROOF from the crusher, RESCUED!!!

  130. [Syncro] rescue a SyncroSUNROOF from the crusher, RESCUED!!!(NVC)

  131. [Syncro] rescue a SyncroSUNROOF from the crusher, RESCUED!!!??

  132. [WetWesties] Simple Wiring Question (I hope)

  133. bURNINGvAN 07

  134. bubble in master cylinder?

  135. bumper brackets

  136. buying part via e-mail

  137. cameras for viewing front heater fan

  138. crossbar

  139. driving light placement, was Re: SA grills available again

  140. everything 12 volt site

  141. everything 12 volt site : 12V Xmas Lights

  142. four wire O2 sensor.

  143. front parking brake cable

  144. fuel tank sealing

  145. head gasket goop question

  146. iso: stock engine mount

  147. kooky Re: Stereo help

  148. need stabilizer link

  149. pictures of the 3.3l engine and transmission waiting to be cleaned and refurbished

  150. re vans

  151. stabilizer link repair

  152. stock engine mount

  153. the magnetic fridge: is it a Westie godsend?

  154. tire switch, impressions. Long.

  155. vanagon Digest - 19 Dec 2006 - Special issue (#2006-1055)


  157. vans

  158. vw mk2 Recaro seats in a Vanagon?

  159. westy sightings in Virginia

  160. what to do about transmission fluid leak out of freeze plug in the left side cv flange

  161. what to do about transmission fluid leak out of freezeplug in the left

  162. what to do about transmission fluid leak out of freezeplug in the left side cv flange

  163.  Re: WTB Vanagon Westfalia Propane Ta nk or just fill valve  
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