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VANAGON archives – April 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Brand new" bus

  2. "Brand new" bus now Vanagon

  3. '83.5 1.9L wbx engine cutout question. (forwarded from the spare vanagon list)

  4. '86 Westy Price?

  5. '89 vanagon poor engine performance

  6. '91 rear heater leak only when heater 'off'

  7. '91 rear heater leak only when heater 'off' - re-send

  8. ( NVC )Wanted: 15 inch passat wheels

  9. 1990 Vanagon Carrat - Table Won't Open!!!

  10. 2 Cups low on coolant made my vanagon overheat?

  11. 2002 VW Volkswagen Eurovan Rialta salvage

  12. 3 way refer is only 2 way!

  13. 84 Westy for sale w\ working BEHR AC


  15. <No subject>

  16. A/C Hoses & fittings

  17. A/C Hoses/fittings


  19. About those fuel hoses...

  20. Adding Recaro seats from a MKII Sirocco

  21. Air cooled 1985!!! (was In praise of aircooled vanagons)

  22. Alternator Bearings?

  23. Anyone used "Night Hawk" bulbs? (searched archives)

  24. Attn: Electrical Gurus! (I searched archives)

  25. Aux battery access woes

  26. Auxiliary battery for 89 Westy

  27. Blue Book pricing reliable?

  28. Brake Servo Install question.

  29. Brake pedal return spring

  30. Brake question

  31. Brown Westfalia Tables

  32. BusFusion 2007 News

  33. Buse by the Beach

  34. CV noise

  35. Can someone identify these wires ... And ... Propane lines

  36. Carb Conversion Question

  37. Ceiling Fan for Westys

  38. Clip for temperature sensors at thermostat housing (2.1L)

  39. Coolant loss in expansion tank but not fill tank

  40. Diesel "Doka" for sale $8,500 in Vancouver

  41. Euro-spec Digifant ECU?

  42. FS : 1983.5 fully Restored Automatic Westfalia

  43. FS: 15" OEM Audi Alloys (near-perfect, w/center caps) $200

  44. FS: 84 Vanagon GL (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

  45. FS: Westfalia stove cabinet + fridge + swivel base + rare middle 3 seater from Kelowna, BC.

  46. Fed up with Auto-fill valve

  47. Four (4) 14" Alloy Wheels -- yours for the taking

  48. Fresh air control flap prototype PICS! (and long but possibly useful info)

  49. Friday Bus Story: 2

  50. Friday Funny - What if this person worked with Vanagons..

  51. Friday bus story

  52. Front Diff. Lock

  53. Front Overhead AC Modified for a Westy?

  54. FryeDaye Funny - "You're So Fired & I'm So Rich!"

  55. Fwd: "Brand new" bus

  56. Fwd: "Brand new" bus now Vanagon

  57. GEX engine, DON'T (sad story)

  58. Generic O2 Sensors - What is the real deal?

  59. Getting to the Aux battery on an ASI conversion Vanagon

  60. Go Westy Question...

  61. Great Accessory: Coleman Non-Stick Griddle

  62. Heater Fan Switch

  63. Hemp lovers joy!

  64. Hemp lovers joy!-hemp pop top canvas

  65. Hi Torque Starter - Anybody installed one?

  66. In praise of aircooled vanagons

  67. Inside lining/coating poptop

  68. LED Bulbs - low cost source

  69. Lots of white smoke from exhaust

  70. Lots of white smoke from exhaust - gone

  71. Lucky Seven report from the Geigers

  72. NVC Google offers free WiFi, TiSP Beta

  73. Never seen this before..Fuses melted..

  74. O2 sensor testing the wires...

  75. O2 sensor-testing the wires

  76. Odd excuse for a Van outing

  77. Odd excuse for a Van outing..(quite long with no van technical, some slight rant off topic)

  78. Odd no start condition

  79. Old wiper motor parks, New doesn't

  80. Old wiper motor parks. New doesn't

  81. Personal Servers (NVC)

  82. Putting all that camping gear back in...

  83. Rear Speakers in the overhead AC box

  84. Rear heater - stay or go?

  85. Removing Starter - Help!

  86. Replacing A/C on 89 Westy... Help !

  87. Replacing Fuel Hose

  88. SUB EJ22

  89. Seeking brown window crank

  90. Sources for plastic valves?

  91. Starter Diagnosis (was Removing Starter)

  92. Sticking front calipers

  93. Surging between 1700 and 3000 rpm

  94. Syncro Decals

  95. TAKEN: Four (4) 14" Alloy Wheels -- yours for the taking

  96. Table Leg

  97. Table Support

  98. Tail light upgrade question

  99. Tailgate lock

  100. That gap above the rear hatch

  101. This "Syncro Westy" can beat up your Syncro...

  102. Trip Report

  103. Vanagon Value....

  104. Vanagonauts in North Carolina?

  105. WANTED: Syncro tranny core or ring/pinion

  106. WTB Westy propane pipe sealing plate

  107. WTB in Bay Area: westy rear pad / single slide in seat or jumpseat

  108. WTB: License Plate holder with EPA sticker on it

  109. Weight is not great..

  110. Westy Fridge - Aux Battery vs Propane

  111. Westy light

  112. What features from the Vanagon would be necessary in a new vehicle for you to consider it an adequate or improved replacement? was: "Brand new" bus now Vanagon

  113. What is this?

  114. What is this? Juice Bawx L@@K!!

  115. Where does the signal come from for a tach

  116. Where/what is the ENGINE FAMILY # or TEST GROUP #

  117. Whew! Another set of Fuel Injector Hoses

  118. Who won and where you stand....

  119. Wiring harness

  120. Wiring harness problem

  121. Zonies: January camping?

  122. [subaruvanagon] Fraudulent Members

  123. another propane question, overflow valve

  124. batman multivan sold for $15 grand

  125. does your 80-87 van spew gas all over when you top it off at

  126. domestic fridge parts

  127. ecu a la europa

  128. email for Don in North Carolina- sorry, can't find his email address

  129. friday- How Haynes manuals are written

  130. ignition lock

  131. in van hands free cellular install

  132. intersting idea

  133. o2 sensor voltage

  134. pressure testing for internal head gasket leak..

  135. rear wheel hub parts for sale

  136. removing the stove/fridge unit

  137. replacing fuel hose

  138. soften my ride

  139. spring break trip

  140. stumbling and fumbling '88 GL

  141. table leg

  142. travels

  143. turn key, wait for turn-over

  144. unsubscribe help, sorry

  145. vanagon Digest - 3 Apr 2007 - Special issue (#2007-348)

  146. vanagon list

  147. wanted: Left grey adjustable armrest from '89 wolfsburg/whitestar/bluestar

  148. westy parts

  149.       Re: Front Overhead AC Modified for a Westy?

  150.       Re: Front Overhead AC Modified fo r a Westy?
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