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VANAGON archives – August 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '80 Vanagon heater tubes?

  2. '87 Failed emissions test

  3. '87 Failed emissions test now PASSED

  4. (Conversion-OrientedVC) Subaru 2.2l 4-cyl turned 260K this afternoon while coming home from Atlantic City

  5. 1.8t conversion option

  6. 1.8t conversion option (and possibly TDI!)

  7. 1.9 tdi turn key kit

  8. 15" audi wheels with tires Seattle CL $150

  9. 77 Bus Problem on Car Talk

  10. 7th Annual Van-O-Rama 09/08/07 let's go!

  11. 86'Gl nogo

  12. 91 Westy for Sale $10K

  13. AATransaxle .. Daryl

  14. AATransaxle .. Daryl-4th gear.

  15. ADMINISTRIVIA - List working again?

  16. Adios

  17. Air cooled head temps. Help!

  18. Another great Van road excursion..Northwest USA.

  19. Anyone have a Carfax I can use?

  20. Anyone with a Fiamma awning on their Westy?

  21. BNNTA event update...

  22. Belts screeching

  23. Brilliant bike rack idea shot down


  25. Camground directory

  26. Camping (VW van involved)

  27. Can anyone confirm that 90 and above vanagons all have a weekender style ...

  28. Can anyone confirm that 90 and above vanagons all have a weekender style bed?

  29. Cleanest head gasket job ever is now complete......

  30. Clip for temperature sensors at thermostat housing (2.1L)

  31. Cooling System (more White Smoke) symptoms

  32. Diagnosing the Radiator Fan

  33. Diagnosing the radiator fan

  34. Dirty vs. clean

  35. Does AC Affect MPG?

  36. Does AC affect MPG?

  37. Dometic high altitude lighting tips

  38. Draining/refilling oil of the Vanagons transaxle?

  39. Driveline Problem Diagnosis, Please

  40. Eleventh Annual WetWesties/Bus Pilots ReUnion Sep. 7-9

  41. Engine cleaning

  42. Eugene Camping

  43. Exhaust cylinder studs & threadlock

  44. Exhaust cylinder studs & threadlock (also VPD)

  45. Exhaust system

  46. FA '80 Vanagon heater tubes?


  48. FS: westy interiors, carat interiors, bluestar interiors, capt chairs, poptops,

  49. FW: Name of campground along 395?

  50. Faceplate source?

  51. Fiberglass Patch on Bumpers

  52. Fiberglass Patch on Bumpers (Part II is long)

  53. Final Drive-turbine shaft

  54. For Sale: captain chairs, ecu, idle stabilizer

  55. Fuel filter location on 87 Syncro

  56. Fuse holder and relay bracket

  57. Fwd: 1980 diesel rabbit

  58. Fwd: 7th Annual Van-O-Rama 09/08/07 let's go!

  59. Fwd: Buses By the Beach Presents - Bus Boo! 2007

  60. Fwd: things not to do with a syncro

  61. Gasoline smell

  62. General Ox Sensor Questions

  63. Heading to the woods of Maine!

  64. High-Beam LED Indicator Bulb

  65. Hittin the road!

  66. How do I separate the windows from the frames?

  67. How to remove the radio

  68. How to replace the cigarette lighter

  69. I got no messages today

  70. I've created a monster

  71. Inline 4 fuel consumption..Clarification...

  72. Interesting find...

  73. John Brown's Buses & Westies At Watkins

  74. Leaking starting battery - Update

  75. Lighting Dometic when already cold. Tip

  76. List working again?

  77. Lucky me! (camp-side fuel line repair)

  78. MPG and AC - Mythbusters

  79. Marshall "Second Chance" LPG adapter?

  80. Miles per gallon..inline 4 with a 5sp

  81. More temp II sensor...

  82. NVC - Need Google Maps Expert

  83. NVC : Anyone a RE broker or atty licensed in NM?

  84. Name of campground along 395?

  85. Need: Rear Hatch Hinges

  86. New Eurovan

  87. Normal mpg?

  88. Normal mpg? - better than real?

  89. Oil leak after body work... mystery solved

  90. On the road again (New head installed on '87 Westy 2.1 l)

  91. On with its head! (Replacing right head on an '87 2.1 l)

  92. Question on Surepower 1315 Install


  94. Radiator flush substance ...

  95. Rough running till warmed up


  97. Sliding window refurbish

  98. So terrible with the NVC it's not funny... Does anyone have any recommendations for POS systems

  99. Some thought on that 1.8 turbo transplant..

  100. Special Request - call for home town camp sites

  101. Speedometer cable -- trip report to the Okanagan

  102. Strange Vanagon airfoil sighting

  103. Syncro Front Axle Source

  104. Table repair (report)

  105. Test

  106. That 1.8 Turbo conversion...

  107. Trip report: Peterborough Bus Volk Festival

  108. User status

  109. VW Camping this weekend...

  110. Vanagons For Sale

  111. Vans of the Folk Fest

  112. Wanted: Ash tray....yeah, it's true

  113. What Viscosity of Pag Oil ?

  114. What tint do you have on your rear window? How do you like it?

  115. Where to get ignition key?

  116. White smoke?

  117. White smoke? (UPDATE)

  118. Who asked me for a Flue Vent?

  119. Zodi Tent Heaters

  120. [NVC] Recipe: Campin' Sourdough Bread

  121. [WetWesties] Question on Surepower 1315 Install

  122. [vanagon] Eleventh Annual WetWesties/Bus Pilots ReUnion Sep. 7-9

  123. [vanagon] Re: How do I separate the windows from the frames?

  124. anyone want any wbx manual tranny cores?

  125. body parts

  126. brake pressure plate

  127. disaster, progress.

  128. fridge side insulation?

  129. front wheel bearing maintenance intervals

  130. getting the fan blower switch out

  131. going, going...FA '80 Vanagon heater tubes?

  132. key

  133. mail no mail

  134. nifty storage item from the Container Store

  135. normal mpg?

  136. tent for vanagon

  137. test

  138. transmission linkages

  139. was: AATransaxle .. Daryl/now:engine/gears

  140. why is 2.1 eating ignition coils?
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