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VANAGON archives – May 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC)- A different kind of Westy

  2. 1992 Subaru for sale in Lower Mainland

  3. 2 person middle seat avail

  4. 81 CA van, trouble setting the timing(automatic)

  5. :more info: How much should i sell for? (and does anyone want to buy?)

  6. <No subject>

  7. A fascinating read

  8. AC to R134--more struggle, more cost, more questions

  9. ADMINISTRIVIA - Oil, Conservation, Carter & Reagan

  10. Accident. was RE: Good to see the list is back-

  11. Amsoil oil question

  12. Amsoil question..a few comments from the digest

  13. Antifreeze smell when you turn on Heater?

  14. Awning- which one?

  15. Bend, OR -- my goodness, lots of Vanagons!

  16. Bend, Or and vanagons Not much van content

  17. Bend, vanagons, etc.

  18. Bentley knock off?

  19. Best fuel line transition/routing? (Jetta conversion) (PICS)

  20. Big black steering wheel near Vancouver, BC

  21. Bilstein Shocks was New Shocks and Lessons (Re)learned

  22. Brakes not letting go all the way in the rear? Clunk after stopping...

  23. Buick V6 powered Vanagon

  24. Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit May 15-18th, 2008!

  25. Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit May 15-18th, 2008! (and cool vehicles in other parts of the world...)

  26. CGI timeouts are driving me crazy

  27. Caravan Into Mexico In August Anyone?

  28. Carter Years - the NHTSA Experimental Vehicles

  29. Cat / O2 Sensor Removal

  30. Charge Controller

  31. Coolant temp sensor

  32. Cutting VW keys

  33. Cutting VW keys -- Steve's Lock Shop?

  34. Deep cycle batteries under driver's seat

  35. Elemental Mods Report

  36. Ester oil and PAG oil in R134-A systems

  37. FS: Stock 2.1 WBX engine with 110K miles.

  38. FS: vanagon capt chairs w/ armrests, 2 person middle seats, fit all campers

  39. For Sale: Seat swivel/s

  40. Free ETKA via Web, SAVE THIS LINK!

  41. Fuel Tank Crossover Vapor Assembly

  42. Furnace for camping in the winter?

  43. Fwd: Need advice on a van cover...

  44. Gas Venting Problem?

  45. Gas, milage, etc (was Air Engine)

  46. Going safe in Mexico.some tips.

  47. Good to see the list is back-

  48. Great gas mileage, crappy breaks.

  49. Help Me, Volks!

  50. Highest HP in a Vanagon w AT

  51. Horn and wipers not working

  52. How much should I sell for? (and does anyone want to buy?)

  53. How much should i sell for? (and does anyone want to buy?)

  54. How to convert to 134?

  55. How to convert to 134? - First A/C Thread of the Season?

  56. Intermittent syndrome with factory harness installed

  57. Looking for a restrictor

  58. Lubricate front heater control cables?

  59. Maiden Voyage of the Weisel (Westy Diesel)

  60. More for Neil

  61. My unexpected foray into engine work

  62. Need advice on a van cover...

  63. New AFM, but still rough @ first start

  64. New Shocks and Lessons (Re)learned

  65. O2 sensor wire replacement, '85

  66. Oil, Conservation, Carter & Reagan

  67. Operating temperature? (temp gauge needle, etc)

  68. Parking brake adjustment, '82

  69. Parts needed: '87

  70. Passenger door and sliding door needed in central PA

  71. Pop Top needed

  72. Propane leak

  73. Pulling air filter box from Dodge Caravan. Anything else wor...

  74. Pulling air filter box from Dodge Caravan. Anything else worth pulling? (...

  75. Pulling air filter box from Dodge Caravan. Anything else worth pulling? (for Vanagon)

  76. Relocate LP Tank

  77. Revised Pop top parts request

  78. SA T3 Ventilation System

  79. Screen for Sunlight in Westies?

  80. Set Digests- Vanagon.Com Mailing List

  81. Showers, was Solar Panel

  82. Solar

  83. Solar Panel: Charge Controller & Vents

  84. Subie Vulchers

  85. Summer camping - Camping in Sierra Nevada in fall

  86. Summer camping Wa/Or/Ca?

  87. Syncro de Mayo EAST 2008 !!!

  88. Temp 2 Sensor Readings (Digijet-85 Vanagon)

  89. Terry K

  90. Transmission, Automatic, Question

  91. Upper Control Arm, hex key size

  92. VW camper event Sunshine Treffen 2010 - announcement

  93. Vanagons as electric vehicles and other stuff....

  94. Vent flapper noise?

  95. Vulture killer

  96. Weight of a 1985 VW Vanagon 1/2 Camper

  97. Westy parts in NC

  98. What could have gone wrong?

  99. What could have gone wrong? - hey, sorry it's long

  100. What does your oil pressure gauge "say", and what other gauges do y

  101. Why is my steering wheel so heavy

  102. You Suck a Photoshop (LVC)

  103. You want safer? some sources for parts

  104. [vanagon] help with a cold starting issue

  105. another cool mom and pop pop top company..

  106. battery sizes for Vanagons

  107. battery sizes for Vanagons on wiki

  108. exhaust part number/info needed

  109. for those who are in the DC area may 17th, and 18th

  110. fuel line components

  111. leaking coolant reservoir

  112. leaking coolant reservoir / sensor housing

  113. lurching engine

  114. sad engine fire victim, 88 Wolfy

  115. shift lube, WOW

  116. syncro springs on a 2wd?

  117. unidentified cylindrical object

  118. vanagon Digest - 1 May 2008 (#2008-475)

  119. vanagon Digest - 30 Apr 2008 (#2008-472)

  120. web ETKA
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