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VANAGON archives – June 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 15" steel wheels ?

  2. 1977 VW Bug Diesel??

  3. 2WD 5-speed transmissions

  4. 61 AH, 330 A, #000 915 105 AD or CC or CE

  5. 61 AH, 330 A, #000 915 105 CE

  6. 86 passenger door and hatch for sale NW, free I-5 delivery

  7. 89 Westy for sale - $13000

  8. =?utf-8?Q?=5bFlickr=5d_rogersisler=32=30=30=30_wants_you_to_see_something?=

  9. A deep-cycle battery faq

  10. ARINC 628

  11. Actual weight of VW LT35 and where to get parts from the US plus swapping Volvco turbodiesel

  12. Apollo awning

  13. Automatic powered Subi van

  14. Aux battery, install location

  15. BA6 Exhaust Pipe

  16. BZ Shelf

  17. BZ Shelf Arrived

  18. Battery explosion

  19. Best VW Bus Article Ever Written?

  20. Brown paint for interior plastic parts

  21. Bus windows

  22. Bypass coolant pipes under van for rear heater

  23. Carfax needed

  24. Cigarette Plug Hea-van

  25. Clearance between rear cushion and rear AC cabinet

  26. Cookies and Credit

  27. Coolant Sending probe shrunk and fell out!!

  28. Dashboard parts needed

  29. Dometic condensation drain

  30. FS 2.1L Waterboxer long block - ATLANTA

  31. FS-Factory Aluminum 14" Mags

  32. FS: Kennedy Adapter plate, new clutch, and TDI starter

  33. FS: Round H-4 Headlights

  34. Free KPH Speedometer

  35. Friday humour! (LVC.... ok NVC. But there's a poptop involved! ---;^)

  36. Fwd: Re: Lowered Vanagon

  37. Gas Gen. in Engine space? Nooooo!

  38. Generator in the Engine Bay

  39. Gutter spill

  40. Heater blower replacement

  41. I finally finished the interior. Yes it's purple fur.

  42. I need to sell my 90 Carat.

  43. Installing Thule Artificial Rain Gutters

  44. Japanese Westy

  45. LVC Open Market Oil Prices

  46. Larger 303mm Syncro brakes

  47. Life comes at

  48. Looking for feedback on Rondell alloy rims

  49. Looking for parts

  50. Lowered Vanagon

  51. New 12V fridge venting issues

  52. No Vanagon Content, yet

  53. OCTO & VW Classic

  54. On the topic of Battery explosion/voltage reg

  55. On the topic of Battery explosion/voltage reg Batt & Charging Discussion by SDF

  56. Optima Blue D31M

  57. Part number for Westy mudflaf grommets

  58. Pre BZ Shelf

  59. Project Volksmogen is well under way!

  60. Quiet Horn.

  61. Re Newfoundland

  62. Replace WBX with more efficient engine? Well....

  63. Roof rack options

  64. Round H-4 Headlights - SOLD

  65. Stainless in your Vanagon?

  66. Stebro muffler mounting question

  67. Steel Wheels..thanks and ...revised driving nets good mileage increase..

  68. Subi-powered Westy FS in DC area

  69. Subject: Re: Will be worth less or more?

  70. Subject: What about replacing Vanagon engines with more fuel efficient ones? (long answer)

  71. Sure power 1315

  72. Syncro FS - east coast

  73. Syncro Front Axle Removal

  74. Thanks for T-Molding source and Cool New Equip...

  75. Trailer Hitch

  76. Trouble with '85 1.9l wasserboxer in Europe

  77. VW battery => 61 AH, 330 A, #000 915 105 CE

  78. Vanagon Antenna options

  79. Vanagon Rotor Replacement

  80. WANTED: Vanagon Syncro 7-passenger (hard-top). . .

  81. WHat is this for

  82. WTB wheel cover/hub cap

  83. WTB: Westy water filler inlet cap

  84. Was: speaker rec..... Now: RS Minimus 7 (aka Optimus) speakers. Opinions? Where to buy new?

  85. Was: speaker rec..... Now:Ms Krall

  86. Weaning a Westy

  87. Westy top bunk rubbing inside of top

  88. What about replacing Vanagon engines with more fuel efficient ones?

  89. What are folks doing for Diesel/Air Cooled Transmission Bushings?

  90. What years power steering?

  91. Wheel Studs

  92. Wheel Well Trim Thingy...

  93. Wheel Well Trim Thingy...SYNCRO ONLY SPLASHGUARDS

  94. Will be worth less or more?

  95. Window tint on sliders.

  96. [Flickr] rogersisler2000 wants you to see something

  97. [Syncro] Larger 303mm Syncro brakes

  98. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] wi-fi extenders

  99. [WetWesties] two friday NVC for our mutual edification

  100. a speaker recommendation

  101. adaptor for fridge

  102. an interesting article on climate change ... dare i suppose even some truth in it .. indeed

  103. any auto AC enthusiasts out there? compressor oil capacity? NVC

  104. dashpads for sale..Re: Cracked Dash Blues Options? Restoration? Dash Mat?

  105. door panel outline

  106. door panel outline for PM

  107. duct tape sticky residue removed

  108. fuel fear

  109. newfoundland

  110. parts list for poptop shocks

  111. problems...fridge on 12 v

  112. rear air scoops on eBay

  113. rear air scoops on eBay - HOME DEPOT MOTORSPORTS

  114. rear bumper

  115. rear seam rust? drill holes in your rear intake wells!....was Re: Gutter spill

  116. running 120 plug in to 12v adapter (fridge)

  117. trailer hitch?

  118. tristar auction

  119. two friday NVC for our mutual edification

  120. weaning a westy

  121. wi-fi extenders

  122. xantrex xpower 1000w inverter at costco
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