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VANAGON archives – June 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '91 Vanagon GL, AC is OOC


  3. 14" VW Alloys

  4. 2008 Yosemite Magazine, Pg. 80

  5. 25 MPG Wasserboxer!

  6. =?utf-8?Q?=5bFlickr=5d_rogersisler=32=30=30=30_wants_you_to_see_something?=

  7. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Gordon Lightfoot

  8. Advice on BMW project car (NVC)

  9. Anybody have a rebuild from ?

  10. Archives sink faucets

  11. Attn: Electrical Gurus (engine conversion grounds question)

  12. Audi 5 Cylinder in a Vanagon

  13. B Bob needs help with archives

  14. Battery Sources Best Price?

  15. Bilstein HD driving impressions- Oh my God what a difference!

  16. Bilstien install question

  17. Boring out hubs on wheels...

  18. BusFusion News

  19. CA Smog Failed - 1985 1.9L

  20. CARFAX please

  21. California Smog Trouble - 1987 Syncro

  22. Canadian Tire "Eliminator" Smart charger too noisy for camping use?

  23. Canvas install question - 3'' too tall?

  24. Canvas install question - 3'' too tall? Trip Report:o)

  25. Carfax Please?

  26. Carfax needed

  27. Chin Spoiler from Home Depot Racing shop..

  28. City of Angels snarling at campers

  29. Cold Air!!!

  30. Coleman exteme and other super coolers

  31. Craigslist ad: One of us?

  32. DJ Compression Ratio

  33. Darn AC! You've Foiled me again... I've got hot air

  34. Denver to NY

  35. Door lock actuators

  36. Draggin caliper, bad bearing job, or paranoia?

  37. Draggin caliper, bad bearing job, or paranoia? - workmanship

  38. Dragging brakes

  39. Electrical testing, thanks

  40. Engine (VanaJetta) won't shut off when hot.

  41. Engine out--won't come apart. Need heads!

  42. Engine's out... one more question

  43. FS: mint cond.capt chair for '85-'86 westy w/ tan herringbone velour (& 84 wolfy

  44. FW: Re: Canvas install question - 3'' too tall? Trip Report:o)

  45. Fw: ADMINISTRIVIA (NVC) - RBL Removed [062008-223034-21805-239]

  46. Fwd: Invite to Not A VW Club

  47. Gas tank vent line questions

  48. George Carlin

  49. Gord Lightfoot

  50. Gordon Lightfoot

  51. Got AC Belt, now to put it on

  52. HELP! (mystery wire under cabinet)

  53. Hanover Pop Top

  54. Hi anyone ever retrofit.. PW.

  55. How do you decode VW bolt part numbers?

  56. Hybrid Vanagon

  57. I lock but they open ...

  58. Is there a locksmith on our list

  59. Is there a locksmith on the list?

  60. Issue with brake pads

  61. Join Cameron Campbell on Yahoo! Messenger!

  62. Location of Audi A4 Cabin Filter NVC

  63. Looking for some parts / questions on problems

  64. Lserver requested resend re: looking for parts etc

  65. Mexico 2009

  66. My 1st post- Re: The Energy Non-Crisis

  67. My Aftermarket Wish List

  68. NVC-Spam Slam

  69. Need a black instrument cluster cover

  70. Never mind! (Was Re: HELP! (mystery wire under cabinet))

  71. No more - I lock but they open ...

  72. OEM calipers

  73. Odometer/Speedometer OoC

  74. Oil Crisis - or not?

  75. Oil Crisis - or not? Not (Friday).

  76. Pictures and video from June Jitterbug - Niagara Falls Ontario

  77. RE; Advice on BMW project car (NVC)

  78. RIP George Carlin

  79. RIP and Help finding an '87-91 Westy

  80. Rust part....2

  81. Sliding door connector?

  82. Small Oil Leak 91GL

  83. Square tubing benders ?

  84. Syncro bad handling problem

  85. Syncro bad handling problem Now some weight stuff...

  86. The Crisis Non-Energy - film at eleven

  87. The Energy Non-Crisis

  88. Think gallons per mile

  89. Used Dprings For Sale

  90. VDO 80 psi oil pressure sender with 5 bar gauge

  91. Vanagon AC

  92. Vanagon Photo Set

  93. Vanagon Pop Top Parts

  94. WANTED: one 7'' Cibie e-code headlight

  95. WVO Conversion for an '82 Diesel Westy

  96. What Size is AC Belt?

  97. What a genious I am, Haha.

  98. Wheel centrebore diameter

  99. Why AGM batts don't last as long as they should

  100. [Clocksmiths] George Carlin

  101. [Flickr] rogersisler2000 wants you to see something

  102. [NVC] need help finding a Jeep part

  103. [busesinbacalar] Re: We need to watch out!

  104. brake noise near my pedal....??? fluttering?

  105. camper curtains

  106. can spliced AC lines possibly work?

  107. clutch time, reccomendations/tips?

  108. dizzy position and ht lead order !!?? help please !

  109. electrical testing proceedure question..Not van specific, but..

  110. fuel system expansion tanks

  111. gas prices and fuel economy

  112. gas prices and fuel economy ... another slant :)

  113. hi,

  114. slow leak at the front cv boots

  115. temp guage read-out

  116. vanagon Digest - 25 Jun 2008 (#2008-670)

  117. water pump gasket cure time?
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