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VANAGON archives – April 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 L WBS engine available.

  2. 1.9 loss of 1/3 power- Boggy Please HELP!!!

  3. 1.9 to 2.1 conversion question

  4. 1989 TriStar Syncro TDI for sale

  5. 84 vs 85 Digijet

  6. 88 Vanagon alternator light problem

  7. ATE/Teves Rebuilt Caliper Question (PICS)

  8. Alternator Failures was 88 Vanagon alternator light problem

  9. And Now The Rest of The Story

  10. Another Rear Brake Saga

  11. Another forgotten wear point (cf clutch pedal)

  12. Anyone travelling from Virginia near Northern Indiana?

  13. Automatic transmission leak

  14. Best Way To Remove Old Westfalia Decal?

  15. Brake pad Noise Silencing Plate Info

  16. Brake pads: PBR Deluxe Plus or ATE "old German stock"?

  17. Bus Depot query

  18. Bus Depot query, what is or isn't discounted?

  19. BusFusion 2009 Activities

  20. BusFusion 2009 Registration

  21. Chapalilla, Mexico Overheat

  22. Check your rear seat heater for leaks

  23. Cooked wire harness for tail and parking lights

  24. Coolant Pipes

  25. Country homes to Westfalia pop-top conversion?

  26. Digital Bently, Scanning for PDF

  27. Disc Brake Setup Photos

  28. DoKa syncro financing

  29. Doka lunch wagon?

  30. Doka lunch wagon? roach coach

  31. Dremel, was Re: Best Way To Remove

  32. Engine Rebuild Questions

  33. Fixing coolant pipes, Seattle

  34. Fwd: Attn Seattle Area: Special Announcement from Campbell Nelson Volkswagen

  35. H2O warning light

  36. Hankook RA08 195R14 tires for sale with warranty mounted and balanced on wheels

  37. Help stuck caliper slide pin

  38. How many Vanagons have you killed?

  39. Icon D-Star

  40. Idle issues...

  41. Kitchen gutter/tray

  42. LVC: Learning Electricity & Testers

  43. Lack of brakes long version saga actually

  44. Learning Electricity Part Four-a

  45. Learning Electricity Part One

  46. Learning Electricity Part Three

  47. Learning Electricity Part Two

  48. Linkage/shifter noise - ATL to Tampa

  49. Loss of Power after carwash

  50. Lower Control Arm Bushing R&R

  51. Lube Points on New Front Brakes?

  52. Making a Living....

  53. Miracle

  54. Moderator Comment Re: Digital Bently, Scanning for PDF

  55. Moderator Comment Re: NVC - 59 Landrover with Citroen DS suspension

  56. Moderator Re: Bus Depot query

  57. My New Ride

  58. NVC - 59 Landrover with Citroen DS suspension

  59. NVC: Monster Lupo

  60. Non-extreme makeover, removing ugly fake chrome window moulding inserts

  61. Oh happy day!

  62. Phrydae Philm

  63. Pistons & heads installation videos

  64. R&R plastic latch on spare tire tray?

  65. REGISTRATION to Syncro de Mayo 2009 - NOW OPEN TO ALL Vanagons, Buses.

  66. Radius arm bushings. Which one on front?

  67. Rear heater core

  68. Removing printed circuit from instrument cluster

  69. Replacing the battery in '84 Vanagon . . .

  70. Roller Guide bearing replacement alternative

  71. Sequential vs batch RE: digifant injection

  72. Smokey Mountain Tenn. Camping

  73. Sprinter van conv. WITH poptop!

  74. Stray wires around the fuse block Help!!

  75. There once was a dog...(that ate a Multivan sofabed)

  76. These German ATE Pads ever sold by VW Dealerships as OEM? (pics)

  77. Transmission Bell Housing Question Help

  78. Vanagon

  79. Vanagon Rear Washer Filler Cover Wanted

  80. Vanagon featured prominently on PBS

  81. Was regarding the Dremel - now 4 pack ub12220 batteries install

  82. Westfalia inner space

  83. Wetwestie requires help to find excellent mechanic in vancouver BC Canada

  84. Where is Mecca?

  85. Where to find rubber AFM gasket?

  86. Window Rust-Not ready to paint

  87. Xross country 10,000 miles travel

  88. [Syncro] Making a Living....

  89. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Where is Mecca?

  90. [Westfalia] Rear heater core

  91. [WetWesties] 1.9 loss of 1/3 power- Boggy Please HELP!!!

  92. [WetWesties] Another Rear Brake Saga

  93. [WetWesties] Best Way To Remove Old Westfalia Decal?

  94. [WetWesties] Making a Living....

  95. [WetWesties] My New Ride

  96. [WetWesties] Where is Mecca?

  97. again sucessful-3 months as a Snowbird, Vanagon trip report-Long

  98. battery prices

  99. cleaning glass

  100. digifant injection

  101. expensive-sounding clacking noise, happy birthday to me

  102. front bumper mounted bike rack

  103. i like vanagons cuz

  104. lifting & lowering the poptop

  105. now 4 pack ub12220 batteries install

  106. plastic pipes

  107. pop top velcro?

  108. rear brake adjusters?

  109. seal at lower t-stat housing to cyl head

  110. spark plugs

  111. valve spring compressor tool advice?

  112. vanagon Digest - 3 Apr 2009 to 4 Apr 2009 - Special issue (#2009-284)

  113. vanagons

  114. wanted: rental garage space to do engine swap in bay area

  115. wbx 2.1 reman./core available in NY $475
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