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VANAGON archives – May 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Vanagon weekender for sale in West Michigan USA

  2. (Buses By the Beach) 7th Annual "Bus Benefit" is this weekend! Ya-Hoo!!!

  3. 1984 Westy for Sale

  4. Another one we won't see.

  5. Anyone spot the Vanagon on LOST?

  6. Awesome Product I Discovered.....WAX

  7. Body upgrades

  8. Buses by the Beach Raffle and Silent Auction May 14th-17th at Grand Rogue Campground, Belmont, Michigan

  9. CV Service and Repair Rates

  10. Can you smell that smell?

  11. Custom Oil/Tranny Coolers for automatic vanagon

  12. Database designer?

  13. Digifant Fuel System Troubleshooting Experience

  14. Earthstrap Luggage Well "Westy" Net For VW Vans - Made From Recycled Rubber

  15. Engine conversion on 84 Westy

  16. FS - header for cyl 2 & 4 and rear side cabinet door (brown)

  17. FS Abilene Carat

  18. FS Westy Austin-Cheap

  19. Friday NVC: Thanks Australia

  20. Friday fun, decode your Vanagon factory M codes

  21. Fwd: radiator fan always on

  22. Gerry behavior

  23. GoWesty coolant repair kit vs SS pipes

  24. H4 European Headlight report

  25. Headlight Adjuster Fix - Upper Outboard Corner

  26. Headlight Dilemma

  27. Help: radiator leak - tonight

  28. How long do I have?

  29. How often should one replace sparking plugs?

  30. How to determine if you need new heads?

  31. Is site up?

  32. J-Pipe for sale

  33. J-Pipe for sale - II

  34. List down, or did I ---?

  35. Manual transmission oil?

  36. Mid-Atlantic Westy find on CL

  37. More Vanagon video from Denmark

  38. Mystery wires

  39. New Vanagon Products from Fancher's Upholstery Inc.

  40. O2 sensor transition time

  41. Oil light and loud beeping

  42. On the road to Alaska

  43. Passat Wheels a possibility

  44. Photos of new front heater cores on-line

  45. Pics Requested: '90 Cladding (Front)

  46. Pushrod tube cracked HELP

  47. Question about rear turn signal wiring

  48. Re. Database designer?

  49. Recent Maintenance Accomplished

  50. S & S Exhaust System (2.1)

  51. SA van

  52. Saving a mud-stuck Syncro

  53. Shifter Problem

  54. Smooth Gear Change

  55. Spark Plug Wire Recs

  56. Spark Plugs

  57. Subject: Help: radiator leak - tonight

  58. Surepower 1315 test report

  59. Surepower 1315, auxiliary fuse block,

  60. Syncro vides from T3 meeting at Fuen, Denmark

  61. Talking About Thermostats...

  62. Thermostat Replacement?

  63. Thermostat soup: A comparison.

  64. This years Vanagon meeting at Fuen in Denmark

  65. Use of oil additive ZDDP

  66. Use of zinc-dithio-diphosphate oil additive

  67. VW/Porsche Merger

  68. Vanagon Panels Available?

  69. Vanagon-size flying car

  70. Vin#

  71. WOT! Giro D'Italia tomorrow.

  72. Westy Shorter Than My Honda?

  73. Westy vs. LONG WHEEL BASE Sprinter, Fulltiming

  74. Westy vs. Sprinter, Fulltiming

  75. [FRYDAYE NVC] Stand by Me

  76. [Fridaye NVC] EMP 101

  77. [Frydaye NVC] I'm on a mission

  78. [NVC] Passat Timing Belt Replacement

  79. [NVC] new web site

  80. [vanagon] move Gerry while he's sick?

  81. broken gas pedal

  82. carpet glue

  83. front table

  84. move Gerry while he's sick?

  85. new windshield from Safelite Autoglass

  86. radiator fan always on

  87. rusty flywheel

  88. seat cover patterns?

  89. upper control arm bushings

  90. vanagon Digest - 12 May 2009 (#2009-405)
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