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VANAGON archives – September 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Wesfakia" Or Westfailure logo?

  2. "Wesfakia" logo?

  3. 'Easy' pop top roof on a std Vanagon

  4. (no) Vanagons in Turkey--other VWs

  5. 1.9 ltr WBX O2 sensor question?

  6. 1.9ltr Vanagon timing help needed.

  7. 2.1 heads

  8. 240 mpg VW Frydaye

  9. 82 diesel intermediate shaft pulley

  10. 84 1.9 lifter collapse & CA smog - HC's issue (sorry it's so long)

  11. 87 westy fuel overflow

  12. AMG 17" wheels with tires in Wisconsin for sale

  13. Aircooled transmission options

  14. Anchorage Listers?

  15. Back in the game with an '86 GL - Need parts

  16. Bluestar Zbed in Richmond CA pick N pull

  17. Brakes completely died.

  18. Bus Boo Schedule of Events 9/18-9/20 (Hosted by Buses By the Beach in Grand Rapids, MI)

  19. Bus Boo and Another Vanagon Sighting

  20. Bus Boo:

  21. CA smog - HC's issue use HEET

  22. CA smog situation 84 1.9

  23. Chapman Family Postal Address

  24. Cheap westy on craigslist

  25. Cheapest Vanagon gas tank on the planet?

  26. Different coolant level indicator relays

  27. FW: Yikes!

  28. Flywheel maching specs 1986 Sybcro

  29. Flywheel maching specs 1986 Syncro

  30. Friday NVC: basic Jetta AC question(s)

  31. Front Door Hinge Modification?

  32. Goopy stuff on dish drainer

  33. How do I wire up backup lights?

  34. Hydrogen cars ... a lot of hot gas!! ;)

  35. Hydrogen cars ... now Autotrain

  36. Hydrogen cars. Was: Re: waterboxer pinging

  37. Indirect Vanagon Sighting Beaverton

  38. Inspect those tire valve stems

  39. Is it the water pump... Hear it live...

  40. Is it the waterpump... Hear it live...

  41. It's time for BUS BOO! Last minute info...

  42. Karl Von Salzen - RIP

  43. Koni Reds - availability?

  44. LVC Ed "too tall" Freeman VW kinda guy

  45. List of Resources for The Newbie?

  46. MOD Re: Hydrogen cars ... a lot of hot gas!! ;)

  47. May need help in Indy parting out a van on Sunday

  48. Mechanics using customer supplied parts..

  49. Mechanics using customer supplied parts.. Was bars leaks

  50. Merffler options?

  51. Model vans VW & Toyota

  52. Moderator CommentRe: Volkswagen - Audi - Porsche' training tapes

  53. Muffler RE: Merffler options?

  54. NVC Fox fuel management system

  55. NVC: rustproofing my barbecue

  56. Need Flywheel machining specs for 86 Syncro

  57. Need a Distributor or Hall sender near San Antonio TX

  58. Photos posted from Van-O-Rama #9

  59. Readjusting poptop after installation

  60. Replacing Rear Shocks on 84 Westy.

  61. Rolling resistance

  62. Thanks for another great BusBoo

  63. Thanks for another great BusBoo - Link to Photos!

  64. To use Bars Leaks or not.....

  65. Vacuum line diagram for 1985 vanagon need

  66. Vanagon Flooded

  67. Volkswagen - Audi - Porsche' training tapes

  68. Vw Sighting Dustyn Arthurs, Mission BC Canada

  69. Vw Sighting Dustyn Arthurs, Mission BC Canada posting with proper link

  70. WAS Bluestar Zbed in Richmond CA pick N pull-NOW Syncros $100 ????

  71. Warren

  72. Warren Chapman drives his Syncro into the sunset...

  73. Water Temp sender location

  74. Westrailia

  75. Wheel strength , cast vs forged, TUV

  76. Who's going to the Bus Boo this weekend?

  77. Windshield Cleaner Fluid Spritzers

  78. Would any one on the list have the "fix" Capacitors for sale?

  79. Yahoo delays

  80. [] Photos posted from Van-O-Rama #9


  82. attention David Marshall please call ...

  83. auto trans available NY

  84. aux battery at Leavenworth...

  85. flywheel specs

  86. fuel hose crimping tool

  87. hybrid Vanagons. Was:RE: Hydrogen cars. Was: Re: waterboxer pinging

  88. sliding door

  89. symptoms of running rich?

  90. wanted: Grey GL sliding doorpanel

  91. waterboxer pinging
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