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VANAGON archives – December 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Interesting" Vanagon FS in NC

  2. '87 Driver headlight out...or not?

  3. ... richly blessed ... amazing wife ... everything else nice too ...

  4. ... richly blessed ... amazing wife ... everything else nice too ... upd

  5. ... richly blessed ... amazing wife ... everything else nice too ... update on Pastel Van TOAST and other emails on van crash

  6. 1989 VW Vanagon Carat - $6000 (Midtown Sacramento)

  7. 2.1 Cooling System Oddity: Since we are on the topic of coolant issues. (kinda long)

  8. 2.1 engine tuning?? Better subject

  9. <No subject>

  10. Audible Idiot "Light"...EE Inventor Wanted

  11. Better than a syncro? (prolly should be friday post)

  12. Careless driver wrecked my van :( (Update)

  13. Changing brake light switches

  14. Compatibility of A1 Rabbit/Jetta Autocrats

  15. Coolant pressure test... video.

  16. Dash foil

  17. Death Valley Meetup

  18. Death Valley Meetup now Jan 8-10 Texas Springs Campground at Furnace Creek

  19. Death Valley Trip

  20. Di-Electric Grease....Magic Stuff

  21. ECU Testers for sale- proceeds to PIF Fund. "digitool"

  22. Engine oil leak mystery - solved !

  23. FS South African Grill and all parts needed!

  24. FW: Pastel White Van TOAST Photo LINK

  25. FW: bURNINGvAN

  26. Friday: Best VR6 Swap?

  27. Fwd: Mike Collum - Flowers and well wishes

  28. Insurance Frustration

  29. Interchangeable wheels?

  30. It's doing it again . . .

  31. It's doing it again . . . additional symptom

  32. June VW Campout in CA: Train Spotting 2- June 11-13, 2010

  33. Kayaking in Florida

  34. MOD Mike Collum status 12/14/9

  35. Microfiche reader and films FS

  36. Mike Collum - Flowers and well wishes

  37. More Prhyeday Phollowup on BUs Stolen 35 Years Ago

  38. Pastel White Van TOAST Photo LINK

  39. Playing with Dynamite (Phryeday)

  40. Pre-BBB meet up in Death Valley Jan 8-10

  41. Ralfs VanaGolf for sale

  42. Remote locks (was: The List)

  43. Rose Parade Pasadena & the Vanagon with a Z-bed

  44. Rubber...Our best friend...Our worst enemy

  45. Six months to the day I've been rebuilding the engine on my 86 westy.

  46. Six months, running, but poorly.

  47. Small Parts Needed

  48. Snow

  49. Snow in DC

  50. Syncro Tire Diameter

  51. Telemetry (was Re: Coolant pressure test... video.)

  52. The List

  53. Tranny noise: 1st and 2nd. (Short AUDIO Clip)

  54. VW Solar Battery Charger Part No. 1CO 915 687- Any experience?

  55. Vanagon Life Before Computers

  56. Vanagon Wrecks

  57. Vanagon Wrecks & Insurance

  58. Vanagon wheel covers for sale

  59. Vendor thanks

  60. Weber Progressive and Thermostat

  61. Who as a van for sale?

  62. Who is Mike Collum

  63. [WetWesties] pastel whyte van is ... TOAST

  64. [WetWesties] went and looked at syncro in toledo today

  65. carfax request~

  66. coolant pressure tester recommendations? WAS: Coolant pressure test... video.

  67. for those who wanted to see the cat ...wavey made the local news

  68. head gaskets

  69. insurance terminology

  70. lazy...thread type on shifter knob

  71. ominous sounds from automatic transmission

  72. one last effort to get the temp control gauge under control

  73. pastel Toast

  74. pastel whyte van is ... TOAST

  75. report on Limited Slip Differential

  76. starter dead? 88 GL Auto

  77. stumped

  78. vanagon Digest - 18 Dec 2009 - Special issue (#2009-1095)

  79. was pastel white toast ... now a simple thanks

  80. went and looked at syncro in toledo today

  81. what is most correct coolant tower - more 90 auto

  82. what is most correct coolant tower setup for 90 auto?
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