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VANAGON archives – December 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. Air-cooled, gas, diesel

  2. Bob Waldmire -- Legendary Rubber Tramp

  3. Carbon Footprint of a Vanagon

  4. Chevy 4.3l into the vanagon

  5. Christmas tools...

  6. Convert back to FI??

  7. Craig's list Seattle...15 today.

  8. Death Valley Trip Weather Along The Way

  9. Di-Electric Grease....Magic Stuff

  10. ECU Tester- last day to bid on eBay. Proceeds to PIF

  11. Eberspacher FS on VA CL

  12. Expansion tank pressure cap - how =?UTF-8?Q?tight=3F?=

  13. Expansion tank pressure cap - how tight?

  14. FS: Locking Front Differentials

  15. Followup: ECU Tester donations and PIF

  16. Fridaye: Our Intrepid Hero Vanagon Man gets a Surpise Xmas Visit from Westy Woman!

  17. Fw: Who is Mike Collum

  18. Germany VW war

  19. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a question about hoses

  20. Henry ford and the Germany VW Factory

  21. Instrument light dimmer?

  22. Is This a Record?

  23. Kubelwagen with tank treads was RE: One tough Touareg - NVC

  24. Make your own Paper Westy Christmas tree ornament

  25. Manual Transmission Website

  26. Maybe some VC

  27. Measurement help, data points

  28. Merry Christmas to All

  29. Merry Christmas to all listees

  30. New Item - Air Cooled Vanagon Owners Rejoice!

  31. No coolant traffic

  32. One tough Touareg - NVC

  33. Pastel White Van TOAST Photo LINK

  34. Phraidaye Phollieez - Merry Something or Other

  35. Plumbing?-NVC

  36. Riviera vs Westy

  37. Riviera vs. Westy

  38. Rose Parade Pasadena & the Vanagon with a Z-bed

  39. Santa Got Me A New Vanagon Tool Chest! Masterforce (Menards) Review.....

  40. Sattelite Antenna

  41. Seasons Greeting

  42. Shaken and CARB CA legal LS3 engine kit was: Subie engine prices

  43. Some info on Craggy Wash for those going to BBTB

  44. Subie engine prices

  45. Syncro GL spotted for sale in Milford, Indiana

  46. Tach install..aftermarket into 84 Long Post

  47. Tires (Aaaaaaaagh!)

  48. Tool trick..(not Xmas related)

  49. Tranny noise: 1st and 2nd. (Short AUDIO Clip)

  50. Transmission Questions

  51. Turbo?


  53. VW History - revival

  54. Vanaclaus!!

  55. Vanagons on Flickr

  56. Vehicle Cover

  57. Vibrations under load?

  58. Wavey goes national in canada and this time the tow truck swamper gets interviewed

  59. Westfalia Stove Schematic or Repair?

  60. Wifes A4 - NVC

  61. Woody's woes/ botched bleeding

  62. Yuma listmembers?

  63. [WetWesties] ECU Tester- last day to bid on eBay. Proceeds to PIF

  64. [WetWesties] Followup: ECU Tester donations and PIF

  65. [WetWesties] Re: pastel white van first discussion with insurance

  66. [WetWesties] went and looked at syncro in toledo today

  67. camper in the snow

  68. camping options was: Re: pastel white van - Jokers for sale

  69. diesel hoses Re: Happy Holidays to all, and to all a question about hoses

  70. especially canadian readers Pastel White Toast

  71. for those who wanted to see the cat ...wavey made the local news

  72. hauling a GL on a UHaul auto hauler

  73. how to change alternator belt?

  74. lazy...thread type on shifter knob

  75. merry christmas - and NVC home insurance question, esp for Canadians

  76. napa to Vanagon hose link

  77. odometer fix photos

  78. pastel white van - Jokers for sale

  79. pastel white van first discussion with insurance

  80. pastel white van insurance appraiser

  81. question regarding front heater switch and knob, 1990 Vanagon GL

  82. some observations on the power of an inline VW 1.8 liter (Rabbit, Golf, Jetta) gas..

  83. vanagon Digest - 26 Dec 2009 to 27 Dec 2009 - Special issue (#2009-1114)

  84. wanted Auto tranny in SF

  85. we really should get back tpo vanagon stuff was Henry ford and the Germany VW Factory
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