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VANAGON archives – August 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1 Solar Panel: Alternate Charging Between 2 Aux. Batteries?

  2. 1.9 WBX ECU and AFM needed.

  3. 1991 base model parts van $500 NY

  4. 2 matters, oil pressure, and axle

  5. 2.1 dynamic oil pressure system


  7. 5sp trans determination was: 5sp trans woes

  8. 5sp trans woes

  9. 84 vanagon bucket seats

  10. 85 vanagon pop top /care of tent.

  11. A few photos from Buses of the Corn

  12. A starting battery to starter cable replacement story

  13. AFM intermittancy result?

  14. AFM resistor photo

  15. AFM track cleaning wisdom

  16. ATF fluid

  17. Altimeter for dash?

  18. An AFM Thing I Learned Today

  19. An ECU Thing I Learned Today

  20. Auto Tranny TLC

  21. Blue z bed NY

  22. Body parts for Mellow Yellow

  23. Build Your Own Solar Panel

  24. Buzzer is going off - rear lights

  25. Buzzer is going off - turn signal lights

  26. Clutch specs???

  27. Couldn't stay away

  28. Damaged 86-91 instrument cluster foil needed

  29. Diesel - too much oil saga

  30. Dipstick tube loose, how to fix?

  31. Dometic Fridge Lit? 1991 Vanagon Westfalia

  32. Dometic Fridge: Bah Humbug! <grin>

  33. Dometic Intake & Exhaust Gaskets: Use Hi Temp RTV?

  34. FREE syncro waterboxer core engine. NY

  35. FS: '85 Vanagon Westfalia whole or parting out in CT

  36. Hall Sender connector socket - replace part/whole?

  37. In Missoula, overfilled oil

  38. In Missoula, overfilled oil UPDATE

  39. Likely Pop Top Spring Cable Solution (Long, with pic)

  40. Looking For A Sliding Door,1985, In Virginia

  41. Looking for a LED

  42. Looking for a blue high beam light bulb

  43. Looking for lakes or rivers to go to near Portland OR

  44. Lost emails

  45. Marshall 290 Regulator Cover

  46. Middle track & seat into an '84 Westy

  47. Mileage report with 16" tires

  48. My Blue Carat Rides Again

  49. Mystery Switch

  50. Mystery engine cutouts

  51. Need help with leak at fitting on AC condenser

  52. OSX

  53. OSX box

  54. Off-topic: need a fuel tank for a loaf westy

  55. Oil overfill... or not? (long post)

  56. Ok. It's Friday At My House....

  57. PR 88 protective hand stuff and silicone tape

  58. Parts in Kenora, Fort Frances or Thunder Bay...

  59. Pop top -- catch this before it's too late.

  60. Possible problem with 3rd gear

  61. Power Steering Pumps - Again!

  62. Propane Regulator Adjustment. (searched)

  63. Query....

  64. control..

  65. Rear coilovers & Procomp shock mounts at BurleyMS

  66. Rebuilt turnkey 2.1 liter motor WAS:A starting battery to starter cable replacement story

  67. Refresher: Does not anyone have specific information on instaling Golf/Jetta seats in Vanagon (or bay)

  68. Refresher: Does not anyone have specific information on instaling Golf/Jetta seats in Vanagon?

  69. Replaced Fuel Lines

  70. Replacing pressure A/C Pressure switch w/o losing Freon

  71. Rolling campsites tour Oahu

  72. SA 85 liter Gas Tank install picture?

  73. Seat tracks and travels

  74. Solar Panel Sale

  75. Special Parts

  76. Stainless steel end cap hardware

  77. Stuck in Council Bluffs IA

  78. Totally New Add-A-Room for Vanagon!

  79. Towing my westy

  80. Turn signals

  81. Volksfest in Embrun today!

  82. Well so far it's beat me. >:-(

  83. Well so far it's beat me. >:-( - It's a 77 Bay Westy

  84. Well so far it's beat me. >:-( oh I get it.

  85. Westy Sighting Government Mule Loudoun County, VA.

  86. What are the three lateral oval holes in trans case?

  87. Wheel C-clip

  88. Wheel beareing housing!

  89. When things gor real bad.

  90. Who was looking for ECU and AFM?

  91. Wild Driving (almost Frydae), was Dometic Fridge

  92. [NVC] Computer Guru's Needed

  93. [T2] Well so far it's beat me. >:-(

  94. [WetWesties] 2.1 dynamic oil pressure system

  95. alignment with worn tires

  96. baywindow rear view mirror stalk install

  97. bumper swapping?

  98. engine function alarm - update

  99. free camping ... long drive

  100. rear view mirrors - samba thread

  101. shifter ball and cup - cuup removal

  102. skylight knob

  103. speakers for stock enclosures

  104. stainless steel hardware for theend caps II

  105. tips on getting comps?

  106. westy cabinets trial fitting in syncro

  107. westy kitchen unit refurb

  108. westy rear view mirror - one solution

  109. westy stove top rattles

  110. wheel bearing housing
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