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VANAGON archives – April 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Westy coolant questions

  2. 'Fwd'86 Westy Turn Signal relay?

  3. (no subject)

  4. 1984 vw vanagon (morrisville) $2995

  5. 21.7 MPG on my 1.9 with 198,000 on the odometer

  6. 86 Westy Coolant Problem

  7. 90 Syncro engine power probs

  8. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFNxdWVha3kgSGVhdGVyIEZhbiwgcmVzb2x2ZWQ=?=

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFRyYW5zIGZsdWlkIGluIGNvb2xhbnQgc3lzdGVt?=

  10. Afternoon of progress

  11. Brakes big S/A

  12. Did you hear the one about the forklift company that built an RV?

  13. Disconnecting the city water line

  14. FS: '83 tintop 1.6TD, 5sp

  15. FS: round vanagon headlight buckets..change your headlights from square to round

  16. FS: set of 5 16"wheels w/ great nokian tires, Norcal--nationwide delivery available

  17. FYI- Tire info video

  18. Failed CA Smog due to Evaporative leak-Motorhomes

  19. Failed Ca Smog due to Evaporative leak

  20. Form Jay Leno's Garage

  21. Form Jay Leno's Garage-head gasket

  22. Form Jay Leno's Garage-micro vaporization-cylinder liner cavitation erroision.

  23. Friday: T3 car models

  24. From Jay Leno's Garage

  25. From Jay Leno's Garage -- Coolant

  26. Fuel consumption in different gears - how does the energy / fuel work?

  27. Fwd: Afternoon of progress

  28. GoWesty Big Brake Kit worth the extra $ ?

  29. In Van, BC; a food trailer conversion for the vanagon

  30. Install extermal oil cooler? Re: Trans fluid in coolant system

  31. Install external oil cooler? Re: Trans fluid in coolant system

  32. Listmember(s) spotted on TV & also SFO

  33. Metal can around distributor you need it?

  34. Mexico

  35. Mid-engine DoKa resurrection

  36. NVC... Because we Vanagon owners NEVER act like this...

  37. New Arrivals

  38. Oil Pressure Switch ....gone

  39. Oil pressure light and buzzer

  40. Oldtimers restoration

  41. Parts for presents - Sweet!!!!!!

  42. Parts wanted

  43. Passenger running light out!

  44. Posting? @

  45. Quality? of "New" parts

  46. Re: Trans fluid in coolant system

  47. Rear Wheel Bearing Options

  48. RoboGames2012 April 20 - 22nd

  49. Samba ad

  50. Side Tent...

  51. Side marker light needed

  52. Spotted this Syncro Westfalia on CL here in Indy $14k

  53. Squeaky Heater Fan, resolved

  54. Testing script

  55. Thinking of selling 91GL in San Antonio

  56. Trans fluid in coolant system

  57. Trans fluid in coolant system-New Question

  58. Trip Report, Baja Whales 2012,part 3, no mas....

  59. VW Atlantic version of Vanagon

  60. What was that Clip on Awning?

  61. [WetWesties]

  62. does anyone have key blanks for 1984 vanagon

  63. rafflebus

  64. speaker mount to door card repair

  65. syncro shock test
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