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VANAGON archives – December 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (F) Re: photos of Vanagon meet in Seattle yesterday

  2. 16" alloys for vanagon

  3. <No subject>

  4. Adhesive Temperature Strips

  5. Anyone using a king Joe Pro bikerack

  6. Atlanta, GA Meetup (1st Wednesday)

  7. Bending brake lines for big brake kit

  8. Buses By The Bridge Jan. 18-20/2013

  9. Circuit Ribbon

  10. Conversation with a Friend (LVC)

  11. Differeneces Between '86 & '89 2.1's?

  12. Doka sighting in Bend, Oregon

  13. Fluids Analysis!

  14. Friday NVC-- Ultimate amphibious RV

  15. Friday musings on the pleasures of the "old car hobby"

  16. Friday musings on the pleasures of the "old car hobby" Fox Clutch cables

  17. Fwd: Oil Change. Zetec

  18. Gas consumption higher in winter?

  19. Grub Hub Pack

  20. Headlight protectors

  21. I fix vanagon seam rust day in day out

  22. Instrument console

  23. Libby Bong and coolant change

  24. Looking for a good used instrument cluster for late Vanagon

  25. Looking for a lower priced passenger Vanagon

  26. More Winter/fuel related... Dri-Gas?

  27. NE Syncro for sale

  28. Need recomendations for new shocks for an '85 Vanagon

  29. Need recomendations for new shocks for an '85 Vanagon-Rear tire size concern.

  30. Need recomendations for new shocks for an '85 Vanagon-Wheels

  31. New owner questions-Syncro ownership costs.

  32. O-rings was Water Pump

  33. Oil Change. Zetec

  34. Oil Testing Basics

  35. Power Steering Reservoir O-Ring

  36. Push button switch

  37. Rear Defroster Questions

  38. Solenoid/starter problem or ignition switch

  39. Stratagies to remember when to rotate tires

  40. Strengthening Mounts Instrument Cluster

  41. Time to replace headlight

  42. Time to replace headlight?

  43. Tire rotation and OCD (CDO) keeping records...(Thread hijack)

  44. Unending headlight thread . . .

  45. WTB: receiver tube or towhook/ball for SA tow hitch

  46. Water Pump

  47. Westy's Occupy Sandy

  48. Won't start

  49. [Westfalia] Buses By The Bridge Jan. 18-20/2013

  50. photos of Vanagon meet in Seattle yesterday

  51. radiator fan maintenance?

  52. today's Seattle-area meet-up, link to pics.

  53. vanagon Digest - 7 Dec 2012 - Special issue (#2012-341)
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