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VANAGON archives – December 2013, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. re(6); kwfrye (26 lines)
    From: Rocky Davis <rock1256@YAHOO.COM>
  2. =?utf-8?Q?Re:_For_Sale:_Volkswagen_Factory-dealer_only_34_VHS_mi?= =?utf-8?Q?d_80's_production=E2=80=8F?=

  3. =?windows-1256?Q?For_Sale:_?= =?windows-1256?Q?Volkswagen?= =?windows-1256?Q?_Factory-d?= =?windows-1256?Q?ealer_only?= =?windows-1256?Q?_34_VHS_mi?= =?windows-1256?Q?d_80's_pro?= =?windows-1256?Q?duction=FE?=

  4. A few years off-topic

  5. A/T changes hard

  6. A/T changes hard - AT fluid?

  7. ATF mixed with Power St. fluid

  8. Air Cooled Temperature Sensor?

  9. Another Reason For Hard Starting -- Cracked Bellhousing

  10. Anyone in/near PDX have extra Vanagon dash pod??

  11. Arduino and Vanagons

  12. Can ATF mix with Power steering fluid?

  13. Electrical question from the laziest guy in the room

  14. F/ Felder industries - lighter, lamp, outboard mount

  15. GoWesty Thanksgiving Sale Code

  16. Headlight Relay Kit Problems

  17. Hello old friends, Horace here

  18. If You Hear Of a Vanagon Theft Around Seattle or the PNW

  19. Know someone who *fixes* Mylar circuit boards, then?

  20. Know someone who *fixes* mylar circuit boards, then?

  21. Looking for correct name for a push-pull cable

  22. Looking for correct name or terminology f or a push-pull

  23. Recent thefts in the NW

  24. Repairing your Westy seat raising mechanism

  25. Speedy

  26. Spotted in Cedar Key, FL

  27. TV Coverage Seattle Area

  28. Valet 711T system was electrical mystery

  29. Well, I had a Good Run...

  30. Westy Stolen In Ballard (North Seattle)

  31. Westy Xmas Ornaments

  32. What Vanagon years will this heater distribution box fit?

  33. White Westy I 65

  34. Who has a good westy rear-style 12v socket?

  35. [Syncro] Westy Xmas Ornaments

  36. [WetWesties] If You Hear Of a Vanagon Theft Around Seattle or the PNW

  37. [WetWesties] Westy Stolen In Ballard (North Seattle)

  38. digital dash

  39. electrical mystery

  40. making a little headway but need advice

  41. replacement Faucet pump hose etd

  42. rising cost of Vanagon parts...

  43. steering boot replacement

  44. vanagons are only stolen on the west coast.
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