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Date:         Tue, 13 Mar 2001 07:44:37 -0800
Reply-To:     Brian Cochran <rangerbrian@HOTMAIL.COM>
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From:         Brian Cochran <rangerbrian@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: home engine repair happenings: final fixes and oil presssure
              light woes
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Thanks for the response,,,,, wow, this is interesting, 7-10psi for the idiot light portion of the dual sender? If that is correct, then I'm okay I think. WHen I go to the 15w-40 the light shouldn't come on, since it "barely" comes on now. .3 bar, is 4-ish psi, I believe. If I'm lighting up "barely at 7-10 psi, then I'm in the normal operation zone! Brian Cochran

>From: Old Volks Home <> >To: Brian Cochran <rangerbrian@HOTMAIL.COM> >Subject: home engine repair happenings: final fixes and oil presssure > light woes >Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 01:08:21 -0800 > >Hi Brian - > >You wrote: ><<2. We spoke at length about the VDO sender and gauge. I would invite >input >on this please. At what pressure does the dual sender idiot light portion >make the dash light up?? I called Bus depot, and after a long wait of long >distance charges, they told me they didn't know. (I am going to have a >depot gripe thread in the future concerning this project). I'm going to >check the bus -boys site, for I believe they have more knowledge about >this.>> >********************** >I set up the Bus Boys Site years ago and the info should still be there. >However, in case it isn't, here it is straight from the horse's mouth. >Factory senders for the idiot light generally come on between 2 and 4psi >which I've always thought is way too low. The VDO Dual Sender's idiot >light comes on at 7 to 10psi. > >I have a 2.1 conversion in my 84 Westy (see link below). I wanted to >install the VDO Dual Sender in the spot next to the oil filter, but I have >the dual cast-iron pulley that's just too much in the way. So I just ran >the VDO Adaptor hose to the oil pressure spot below #3 & #4. Mounted the >sender to the pushrod tube tin and to enhance the ground I ran a strap from >one of the tin bolts to chassis ground. > >I solved my oil pressure woes by running Valvoline Racing 20/50w and only >running factory Mann/Mahle Filters. Idle is about 15-18psi, freeway >running is usually 35-40psi at operating temperature/70mph. 30 wt is great >for breaking the engine in for the first 500 miles, but after that I run >20/50. I occasionally get a noisy lifter, but it's usually after the Westy >has been sitting for a week or two. Goes away after warm-up. I change oil >and filter 3000 miles religiously (habit goes way back into the 60s on >every VW I've owned). Have 60+K on the current engine, put 28K of that >traveling the US in 1999-2000, only casualty was a water pump at 58K >(German one at that). > >Oil filter note: If you can't get Mann/Mahle, I have used Wix 51342 or AC >PF56 with no oil pressure flow problems. Stay away from Bosch or Fram >Filters - they don't even make good paperweights :-) > >Hope this helps > > >JIm >84 Westy 2.1 >"On The Road" > > >*********** >**Need to find the right dizzy? > >OR > >**Upgrade your 83.5-85 Vanagon to 2.1 > >***********

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