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Date:         Thu, 8 Mar 2001 03:03:54 -0600
Reply-To:     Max/Joyce Wellhouse <maxjoyce@IPA.NET>
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From:         Max/Joyce Wellhouse <maxjoyce@IPA.NET>
Subject:      Re: Fright Night!!!
Comments: To: John Rodgers <jhrodgers@CHARTER.NET>
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While removingthe FI system from my engine to drop it out the bottom of the van, I noticed a gas smell prior to removing any of the lines. Since i have all ofthe original factory crimps(unless the recall was done using factory crimp connectors as well, A call to VW said my VIN had had the work done at some point), I was a little surprised to be ableto pull one of the fuel lines off the plastic connection screwed in to the firewall with very little effort(didn't want to break the plastic connection and strand myself). Couldn't believe how easy that came off and hope it was the return line and not the pressure side!!

I was goingto save Ken's repair kit for the new FI system, but i think I'll fix this now and not gamble later.

DM&FS ----- Original Message ----- From: "John Rodgers" <jhrodgers@CHARTER.NET> To: <vanagon@GERRY.VANAGON.COM> Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 9:06 PM Subject: Fright Night!!!

> After being out and about for the day, I returned to my abode after > dark, and after a right turn in to the driveway/parking spot I shut down > the engine in my 88 GL and sat there a minute or two getting something's > together before exiting the drivers side. Upon opening the door, I was > assaulted by really strong gasoline fumes. Couldn't imagine where that > was coming from....certainly not my van.....LOL!!! I went around in back > of the vehicle, and there in the glow of the streetlight was a dark > streak.......comeing straight down the street and turning right into my > drive. I got down and looked, and lo! there was a puddle of some sort on > the ground ....18 inches across and rather wet looking .....directly > under the cylinders on the right side of the engine. I reached out and > touched it, smelled it. GAS!! Puzzled, I got a flash light and looked up > underneath, and as I was watching, a drop of fuel fell from the edge of > the push rod shield. I reached up behind the edge and it was wet with > fuel. Couldn't do much in the dark, so will wait for morning to check it > out. > > This was a scary event for me. There is no telling how many vanagons and > other vw rear engined vehicles have burned up from a fuel leak. This is > especially upsetting since I replaced all hoses in the engine > compartment a year ago during an engine change with a kit from Ken > Wilford. Not to reflect badly on the kit, I just thought I had it > covered. > > Well, anyway, if anyone has any input on this I would be grateful to > hear it. > > Seems like lately I'm having a rash of failures or one sort or another. > Master cylinder decided to leak, power steering rack has decided to > leak, got a light out over the tach, the right hand sunshade decided to > break a screw and fall from its place, the left headlight support > broke.......and I'm not about to ask "What Next?" > > > Anyhow, I will post to the List on my findings regarding the fuel leak. > > John Rodgers > 88 GL Driver

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