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Date:         Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:58:43 -0400
Reply-To:     ROBERT DONALDS <donalds1@VERIZON.NET>
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From:         ROBERT DONALDS <donalds1@VERIZON.NET>
Subject:      Re: Valve Cover Gasket Leak
Comments: To: David Johnson <davidj@ELPASOTEL.NET>
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Iy has been my exsperiance that the new air cooled AMC heads have a problem with the flange for the valve cover gasket it's to big to let the cover sit over it. I have been filing the head to match the cover. the valve covers can be a pain in the butt and the inner head bolt holes can leak and it looks like a push rod tube

Bob Boston Engine

----- Original Message ----- From: "David Johnson" <davidj@ELPASOTEL.NET> To: <vanagon@GERRY.VANAGON.COM> Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 3:26 PM Subject: Valve Cover Gasket Leak

> The saga so far . . . . > > Bought an '80 Westy - love at first sight. About 2 weeks after I > bought it, had major stall problem - took to an air-cooled qualified > mechanic. Turned out to be a bad head (cracked). Expensive, but had > some fiscal help and got her running. Loved it even more, running > well. Then began to notice an oil leak under the car - turned out a > seal on the one push rod tube was bad. Got it fixed by same > mechanic. Cool, everything was still running great. Then noticed > another oil leak, on a different push rod tube - took the car back to > the same mechanic. They called last night and said the car was > ready. Great. Rode in to town this morning with my wife, picked up > the car, drove it up to where my daughter was having swim lessons. > Got out, smelled burning oil, so checked under the car, and oil was > almost gushing from the valve cover gasket where they had put the new > head on. Car was towed back to mechanic at their expense, working on > it now. Probably a lucky thing I went up to the swim lesson - I > live 50 or so miles from the mechanic in the middle of the prairie. > Had I driven it home, that would have turned into a need for a new > engine, with the amount of oil I was losing (all over the heater box, > of course). Of course, the mechanic said they drove it a few miles, > and it leaked checked fine before they called me. > > Now that you've listened to all that - here is what I am asking for > feedback from the group on : Why would a valve cover gasket be such a > pain in the butt? During the initial head repair they had to replace > it twice because the first one didn't seal correctly, and then for > both repairs of the faulty gaskets, they have had to do a new one, so > this will be something like valve cover gasket number 5 for this car > in the past month. Is this normal, asks the newbie? Is there > something I should be checking for, or have them check for, to make > the seal better? > > Thanks again for help and input. Hoping to be driving again someday > without an oil leak, > David. >

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