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Date:         Sat, 20 Oct 2007 11:15:10 +0200
Reply-To:     Raimund Feussner <rfeussner@GMX.DE>
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From:         Raimund Feussner <rfeussner@GMX.DE>
Subject:      Re: Anyone want my 92 Vanagon V6 TDI?
Comments: To: Andrew Grebneff <andrew.grebneff@STONEBOW.OTAGO.AC.NZ>
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Am 20.10.2007 11:34, Andrew Grebneff schrieb: >> The 3.0 V6 uses a 6-speed-tiptronic. >> The ECUs of engine and gearbox are incompatible to the 5-speed-versions. > > Going by 1989 technology, an auto engine's ECU should work with a > manual trans; it might be set for slightly lower torque output than a > manual engine, but the shifting software would merely be redundant. > Everything necessary to run the engine would be there. > > Of course a manual ECU won't work with an auto, as it would lack > electronics/software for shifting. >

The new engine/trans ECUs have matched software. Even a 5 speed 1,8T tiptronik wonīt work with a tiptronik version of the v6TDi ECU. You canīt mix engine/trans version of the same generation. So a mix between generations is impossible, too.

> > How on Earth did you manage to reverse the differential? I looked > into both Audi & Subaru transmissions before forking-out for a > Porsche trans... it wasn't "doable" (apparently). You altered the > gearbox shafts to do it? >

Have a look at The auto trans part output shaft and the differntial shaft are connected via three gears. These are under a cover on the end of the trans. Remove the three gears and use two gears with the same ratio: Viola, the diff spins backwards. Thatīs all. Two gears and a new cover. The idea is not new, but from ZF. They use the same auto trans type in Audis and Porsche 996s.

You can see the new cover I got made on The photos the last ones added at the bottom of the page.

> Expense. And most T3 owners, at least those on the list, are looking > for cheap options. >

Yes. 2000Euro for the gears/cover set

> > Blah. Why an auto? Shifts when you don't want them, no shift when you > want one, trans insisting on upshifts short of the redline no matter > what you do,

No, not this one. You will get used to shifting via gas pedal after a few miles. I donīt ever want to hassle with the manual stick of the Vanagons.

>> Keep it all >> in house (kindof) and go QUATRO!!! > > Same for the Audi rear diff. EXPENSIVE. >

The rear diff should handle being mounted upside down without modifications. Perhaps a little more oil...

> Hmmm... the rear diff IS part of the transmission... so are the > driveshafts (all 2 or 3), all parts of the drivetrain downstream of > the crank being part of the power transmission.

The main trans diff in quattro tiptroniks can be reversed the same way than 2WD version. The new gears and covers have "only" to be modified for the quattro The rear driveshaft is not reversed (since the reversing kit is located between rear driveshaft an front diff), so the audi rear diff has to be mounted upside down in the vanagon. It would be perfect if the rear driveshaft was reversed by the kit, too. Then you could mount the Audi rear diff into the vanagonīs front as if it was stock.


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