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Date:         Fri, 9 Jan 2009 17:33:21 -0800
Reply-To:     Gary Bawden <goldfieldgary@GMAIL.COM>
Sender:       Vanagon Mailing List <>
From:         Gary Bawden <goldfieldgary@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: On being a Vanaslob
Comments: cc:, joel walker <>,
          gruengeist <>,
          "" <>,
, neil N <>
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Wow, so I'm not alone! No longer must I wait for the sun to set before venturing out!

> From: Anthony Egeln <regnsuzanne@YAHOO.COM> > Oh...and my hula girl mounted on the dash! > > Anthony > '89 Syncro GL (Hidalgo)ri, 9 Jan 2009 07:48:33 -0600

Hmm... no hula girl, but I do have a bobble-head bighorn sheep which I'm thinking of attaching to the dash...

> From: joel walker <uncajoel@BELLSOUTH.NET> >> a genuine USSR-surplus titanium crowbar > > where'd you get that? :) and why? supposed to be stronger than steel? > i know it's lighter, but can't see how it would be stronger for prying > and smashing. ? >

No, but being titanium, if I get tired of the look, I can always dunk it in an anodizing bath and turn it a purty purple color...

> > Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 06:32:55 -0800 > From: Zeitgeist <gruengeist@GMAIL.COM> > > I will say > that I've developed an almost freakish obsession with preserving the groovy > stripey upholstery of my current van, so I'm trying to be a responsible slob >

Hey, I like that! A 'responsible slob' !

> From: Jeff Lincoln <magikvw@GMAIL.COM> > > My favorite thing is cleaning the bus out and getting it ready for a camping > trip. I love when it's all cleaned out and everything is in it's place and > ready to go. It doesn't stay clean and neat long as those Buses by the Beach > volks can attest to - but there's nothing like taking a few minutes to sit > and enjoy it once it's preped and ready to go. > >

Yeah, Jeff, what usually happens when I go camping is: I throw in everything I think I'll need, drive until about two a.m., get up the next morning and go on a cleaning binge and then proceed to mess it all up again!

> From: george jannini <georgejoann@GMAIL.COM> > > > Hello, my name is George, and I'm a Vanaslob. > And a Kombislob, too


> > Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 07:50:16 -0800 > From: Stephen Grisanti <bike2vcu@YAHOO.COM>

> The Westy has a hula pig on the dash, far superior to a mere hula girl. > =A0 > Stephen

Now that you mention it, I haven't been getting my Archie McPhee catalogs lately - - surely that's where to get a hula pig!

> > Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 16:32:58 +0000 > From: "John C..." <trvlr2001@COMCAST.NET> > Subject: I Want To Be A Vanaslob ;o) > > Attention: Friday chatter ahead; > ( I know, I know, you've probably already hit the delete button !!! hee hee > hee :o) > > "I Want To Be a Vanaslob" !!! > > Heads up young fellers ;o) > Time Will Be speeding up for you any second !!! > > For me, at 60 now, > It Screams !!! Wailing like Banshee as it gos' by !!! > > And, seriously, > I would trade most of the last Decade or so > that I've Spent, bottled up in my shop > Dickin' around with the damn things; (vanagons) > > Getting up every morning, > Kneeling on a carpet, > Praying in the Direction of Westfalia, > and, > Compulsively Polishing the heads of every bolt to a mirror finish (you get > what I mean :o) > > For 6 Months on the Road !!! > > Do it Now ! ;o) > The future is just Vaporous energy, > That Never, Ever Arrives !!! > > Dont be afraid; buy a trained protection dog. > Or buy "the Judge" if you feel you must ! > Remember (john :o) There are no victims :o) > > Use em' Travel, Share, See, Spread the bus spirit; Live !!! > > Good Grief, How many hours do we spend googling this Earth ??? > when most dont even walk around the damn block? > Let alone hiking up a secluded river? > immerging and blending our spirits with Nature? > No wonder we treat nature as if it is Seperate from us ! > > Isnt that why & what Westys were made for? > (Why do I ? ) > Give a Rats Ass how clean they are !!!???!!! ;o) > > Put Me on Nomail! > I'm Hitting the Road .... > > SELAH >

YEAH! That's what we're all here for!

> > Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 08:32:52 -0800 > From: Donna Skarloken <dskarloken@GMAIL.COM> > > Mine is currently a rolling tack room - saddle, headstall, blanket. > > Donna, 87 Syncro >

Donna, didja know you can get thirteen 2-string haybales in a Vanagon? You can also give your goat a ride, but not recommended with the hay!

On 1/9/09, neil N <> wrote: > > Hey. Maybe I could run my Westy as a mobile band instrument repair > shop! Could you imagine what my Westy interior would look like with a > mobile repair shop in it?? Acid bath, lathe, hammers, dent > mandrels....... no banana slugs though! >

Believe it or not, Neil, I've considered using one of the Vanagons for a mobile jewelry shop. Much the same basic stuff! But as it is, the shop is currently in an older Airstream trailer...some of the Airstream freaks go nuts when they see it!

Vanaslobs unite!


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