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Date:         Fri, 9 Jan 2009 22:51:07 -0800
Reply-To:     Roger Whittaker <rogerwhitt1@GMAIL.COM>
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From:         Roger Whittaker <rogerwhitt1@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: Phydaye Phollies ... an oldie. that's it. just an oldie. :)
Comments: To: Jim Felder <>
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dear jim i am glad to see the asylum time worked out well for you and your grandfather my self ... well we are simply driving a 1989 vanagon -- now 20 years old and feel like we are living the dream ... hmmm --- i do still dream of driving it to tofino where the windsurfers congregate cause there are windsurfer decals on the van from the factory -- and neither my wife or i will ever be windsurfing -- ... our own private Idaho ---indeed and running with all the lug nuts on one wheel to boot yours

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Jim Felder <> wrote:

> My grandfather always told the story of a man who, changing a tire in > front of an insane asylum, stepped on the loose hubcap and thus dumped > all the lugnuts for that wheel down a storm drain. Unable to retrieve > them, he cursed himself and his luck. An inmate inside the chain link > fence walked over to where he was bemoaning his fate and said "why > don't you take one lug nut from each of the other wheels and use that > to attach your spare until you can get somewhere that you can get > replacements?" > > The distraught driver was stunned. "I don't know why I didn't think of > that. And I can't believe you were able to figure that out." > > The insane asylum inmate replied "I'm in here for being insane, not > for being stupid." > > This story sure helped me, when I lost drive power on the side of the > highway through a Florida-Alabama border town, and I had to remove > several CV joint bolts to replace the missing and broken ones from the > outside passenger side in the middle of the night on a backpacker's > sleeping pad in somebody's yard with a dog barking on a chain 30 feet > away with a flashlight in my mouth. > > Jim > > On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 8:43 PM, Al Knoll <> wrote: > > Heisenberg had some thoughts on that. You will have all the tools to fix > > whatever broke last time. You will have all but one essential bit to fix > > what broke this time. (12pt triplesquare f'rinstance. However under the > > mysterious good graces of that rubber frog on the dash you will be able > to > > limp miserably home rather than bleach by the side of the forgotten byway > > you so adventureously set out to explore. > > > > Learn to change a tire by yourself, in the rain, in your driveway. Learn > to > > replace the headlight switch by flashlight in deep fog and 30 degrees, in > > your driveway. Replace the alternator belt with the new one you bought. > In > > the dark...etc etc. > > > > Then,according to Robert Pirsig, you may be worthy of true vanagon > > enjoyment. > > > > Cane Rattler > > > > On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 1:17 PM, joel walker <> > wrote: > > > >> just so all you newbies don't forget what you may not have learned > >> already .... > >> > >> Tales of the Workshop > >> by Robert W. Service-Advisor :) > >> > >> The Rules > >> > >> When they step up inside, as you go for a ride, > >> And the first thing they see are the tools, > >> Then they'll ask with a smirk if you do your own work, > >> Cause they have no idea of The Rules. > >> > >> For it's Tried and it's True: What you carry with you > >> Will help you get back; and it's certain > >> What you leave back at home, as the country you roam, > >> Will not help on the road when you're hurtin'. > >> > >> As you go through the years, you will learn from your tears > >> All the tools you will need on the road, > >> And you increase the weight, in attempts to cheat fate, > >> Adding more and more tools to your load. > >> > >> Now, it's sad, but in trucks, fuel economy sucks, > >> And gets worse with all that piled aboard, > >> But the point we make here is that gas ain't so dear; > >> Don't let tools and spare parts be ignored. > >> > >> So the bus weighs a lot. Even more when you've got > >> All the spare parts your money can buy > >> Hidden under the seat, stacked so careful and neat, > >> In the hope Murphy's Law won't apply. > >> > >> But since Murphy still lives, and he seldom forgives, > >> No matter how much you have pleaded, > >> The Rules make it plain, but we'll state it again: > >> Carry with you whatever is needed. > >> > > >

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