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Date:         Mon, 12 Jan 2009 19:18:20 -0600
Reply-To:     Michael Sullivan <sandwichhead@GMAIL.COM>
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From:         Michael Sullivan <sandwichhead@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: hidden oil leak ??
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Sounds like the oil pressure switch. Mine did the same and was hard to detect, but stopped after replacement. Will look forward to others comments, though.

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 6:56 PM, A J <> wrote:

> OK here is the background. 1991 Vanagon GL it has 40,000 on a "crate" > replacement engine. Runs great,but. About 3-4 months ago ,the first time > it happened, I was driving along about 60 mph and noticed that the rear > window was "filming" up and there was an occasional puff of smoke, > dropped to about 50 and went straight to the driveway. > > The next day went out and cleand the entire bottom of the motor with > carb cleaner and let it sit for a day, no drips. So went for another > drive, about 5 minutes into the drive the same thing happened. This time > I sprayed off the bottom while it was warm and looked for leaks, nothing. > > Next day I put some clean cardboard down on the drive and then did an > short run through the neighborhood came back and parked on the > cardboard. Most of the dripping was at the rear cross motor mount but > there was some at the side by the valve cover. I replaced both vaqlve > covers figuring that if they were leaking the air blowing by would > deposit the oil on the crossbar and spray it on the rear deck. > > Another drive more oil. > > I cleaned it all off again and this time put down cardboard but didnt > drive just ran it in place. Nothing for about 4-5 minutes then it > started leaking and seemed to be coming from the motor mount. Could not > see any oil from the top of the motor only from the bottom. From the top > looking down it is all clean and neat looking like nothing is leaking at > all so it is not being flung through the compartment by the belts. > > I figured that the only place that I couls not see was the probable > area, the crankshaft seal. I ordered a nea seal, replaced it and went > for a drive, yep in about 5 minutes it started spraying the rear of the > van just like before. > > I cleaned it all off and let it cool off. The next day I went out with > the cardboard and with it running in place and changing rpm between 2000 > and 3500 it was a good five minutes before I saw it start leaking. I > cant directly see it but it is leaking on to the left side of the mount > and dripping off the bar, The rear of the motor is not wet and there is > no oil leaking down the side. This wont leak until the motor heats up. > > I am wondering if it is possible for the oil cooler to leak by spraying > the oil onto the mount figuring that after the motor heats up it opens > the gap between the gasket or whatever, sound plausable? If I remember > correctly this started after I changed the oil and installed the fram > filter. I wonder if it is possible for the filter to not bypass and then > create enough pressure to force the oil out? > > There is no oil in the cooling system so I believe the oil cooler is not > leaking internally but wonder if it is possible for oil to leak out > between the cooler and the block, well not leak but spray. Would it be > possible to tighten the cooler to the block by removing the filter and > torquing the bolts or should it be removed and a new seal installed? Or > should I just consider something else because there is simply no oil at > all dripping off the filter or the block just from the bar the the motor > mounts to. Is it possible that the oil could be coming from the motor > mounting bolts. > > Keep in mind that it does not drip and wount drip out until the motor > reaches temp and will stop as soon as it is shut down. Any help, > opinions, or guess appreciated. > > Thanks, > > A J >

-- Michael in San Antonio 91GL AT 'Gringo'

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