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Date:         Tue, 8 Jul 2014 20:03:12 -1000
Reply-To:     "SDF ( aka ;jim lahey' - Scott )" <scottdaniel@TURBOVANS.COM>
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From:         "SDF ( aka ;jim lahey' - Scott )" <scottdaniel@TURBOVANS.COM>
Organization: Cosmic Reminders
Subject:      Re: Hi list. 90 syncro bad leak stuck in parking lot
Comments: To: Don Hanson <dhanson928@GMAIL.COM>
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lol, there is 'just something' about pounding eastward in I-80 across Neveda .. like a sum total of pavement roughness that buids up or something. I've had some really weird vanagon noises develop from hours and hours of I-80 driving there.

and ..after all, 'it's just a car' .. and it's not a blizzard or 30 below ....things could be worse !

what I just LOVE about truck stops.. if you can get to one, 24-7, any day of the year, any weather, and you have $'re safe ! They have everything from showers to food to clothes, even tools and odd truck accessories.

I've had a oil light go on at 55 mph in the dead of winter in Idaho ...with nothing around but a farm house every 5 miles or so ... that turned out to be a non-issue and a mystery ....and I was sure glad a good interstate truck stop was not that far away.

'usually' gear oil and engine are oil are easy to identify which one it is.

On 6/26/2014 2:30 AM, Don Hanson wrote: > That sucks, having vehicle problems on your trip right after spending a > lot to have new stuff. Wendover...not the best place to break down, but > if you are heading east I think there are quite a few options for > mechanical help in SLC area. I'd guess by now Elko has a shop that might > know Vanagons, too. > > I'd suggest you have some coffee this morning and then start a > spelunking expedition....crawl in there and under there and find out just > where your leak is. Jim had good suggestions. > Once you've traced the source you can decide what's next. You may be > able to top up whatever is leaking and proceed to a formal repair place > with a lift, shade and security..... or just fix it right there under the > Giant Cowboy in the parking lot.. > > It's not a total tragedy. You'll figure it out and look back on the > episode later as a story to tell, your breakdown in Wendover...I know, it's > not what you had planned when you left on your trip, but it's what you must > deal with right now.. so take a deep breath and know it won't be that > bad...hopefully.. Good luck and post what your findings are. > > Wendover....Isn't that where Tom Hanks had his brand new Go Westie > goldplater Syncro blow up, too? Something in the air? Maybe they don't > like that Interstate.... > > > > On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 4:25 AM, Jim Felder <> wrote: > >> I can't think of any reason that a transmission would dump two quarts of >> fluid where a car sits unless somebody got under it and drilled a hole in >> the case. Others may chin in on something that could let that amount go at >> one time, but I can't think of it. >> >> As for oil, That's more than a leaking seal, but could be a leaking o-ring >> on the 2.1's so-called oil cooler in the stack between the oil filter and >> the flange it screws into. It doesn't matter when the oil was changed or >> how new the engine it, it just matters where it is right now. If the oil >> level is right, and doesn't have any water in it, then it's not the oil. >> >> Which leaves coolant and power steering fluid and one more thing. Coolant >> can be deceiving. After it flows down a dirty engine it can look like some >> other fluid. But it is a usual suspect for sudden loss, as in a temp II >> sensor clip blowing out (ask me how i know about that!). Power steering >> fluid? Both that and coolant level are easy enough to check. >> >> The other thing is could be is something I had happen one time. I was >> carrying spare oil under the rear seat, and one of the bottle cracked and >> leaked out under the car. What a mass, but at the time I was so glad it was >> totally unrelated to the engine. >> >> It probably is not the transmission, but it if it, there will be no way to >> check it with the fluid that low except to drain what is left and measure >> it. Once it gets down below the topping off level, which is actually about >> an inch below the hole, as I recall, I don't think a measurement inside the >> case is likely. >> >> Let us know. >> >> Jim >> >> >> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 3:52 AM, Nomadix <> wrote: >> >>> Hi new 2.2 engine in syncro. First 300 miles had main seal leak. Got >>> that fixed under warranty. On 3000 mile road trip 680 miles into it >>> have been having a leak. Thought it was oil at first but oil was just >>> changed at 800 miles of new Engine now have 1180 on new engine. Fluid >> was >>> dark and dirty. Now am thinking it might have been Manuel transmission >>> fluid (gearbox fluid). I know that holds 5 quarts. Sure I have seen >> about >>> two quarts in puddles here and there. >>> >>> Oil dip stick is in between the marks. Don't know what it was at after >>> oil change. >>> >>> Grounded van in parkin lot for the night so can access better in morning >>> >>> Is there a way to check Manuel transmission fluid level? >>> >>> Any help would be great. Have some pics don't know how to post to list. >>> >>> In wendover nv. So not to much out here via volks folks. >>> >>> Have tools with me :) >>> >>> Thanks >>> Bob >>>

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