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Date:         Mon, 17 Aug 2015 11:50:44 -1000
Reply-To:     "SDF ( aka ;jim lahey' - Scott )" <scottdaniel@TURBOVANS.COM>
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From:         "SDF ( aka ;jim lahey' - Scott )" <scottdaniel@TURBOVANS.COM>
Organization: Cosmic Reminders
Subject:      Re: Rear wheel bearings
Comments: To: Gene P <olgreywoof@GMAIL.COM>
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if I remember correctly .. going back together ....I get the stub axle inserted/pressed into the housing thru inner bearing and seal .. then I pretty much fill that housing area with my preferred grease ( probably more than most people or the book says to use..but I have seen dozens and dozens of dry CV joints and bearing housings and bearings on vanagons ) .. then put the spacer in, then the inner bearing and seal.

In no case ever has there been an issue about putting the spacer through a hole too small for it.

as far as I know..there is only one version of 'Vanagon rear axle housing' .. whether air-cooled, diesel, waterboxer, Syncro etc.. from 1980 to 1991. at least every one I've ever touched has been the same.

I've found it to be a potentially very tricky job .. using a ( cost like 100 bucks at a discount tool store ..made in Taiwan ...about 25 yrs ago ..handy inexpensive Shop Press to have around ) ..

I've had the stub axle get a tiny, tiny bit cocked, causing a problem , and had to back up and start over. I've seen it hard to get high quality bearings .. like I say 'not from you know what country' and they still send those , lol.

I've read about guys on here replacing the rear bearings and having they go out in a short while months ..for no reason. So do very, very careful work .. it might even be worth it to have a machine shop do the pressing .

Done right with quality parts and good grease... it can last 10+ years like the originals did. Many in use are still original I suspect.

That's another Great Thing about Vanagons .. you almost never think about Wheel Bearings .. even if the fronts, for example, never get checked or serviced in decades....just amazing.

it's always a fiddly job I think .. requiring patience and careful work.

On 8/17/2015 7:12 AM, Gene P wrote: > Scott, > > That snap ring is on the inside bearing and it's the outside one that > Reverend Bentley says to remove first. Anyway, yes I had that out and also > the stub axle. There must have been models where that spacer fit through > the opening with the inner race (of outer bearing) removed but not mine. > > After looking through Alistair's dandy photo essay, I reversed field and > went after the inner bearing instead. Still I had to bang at it with > various SDMs (screwdrivers that don't matter), the only thing I had skinny > enough to fit. Eventually I got more movement of the spacer which opened > enough room for a proper drift. So problem solved, but it's an ugly job, > must be a better way... > > gp > > On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 12:37 AM, SDF ( aka ;jim lahey' - Scott ) < >> wrote: > >> I don't see mention of a very large snap ring that's in there. >> >> did you get the stub axle out first ? >> >> On 8/16/2015 3:55 PM, Gene P wrote: >> >> How do I disassemble these buggers? (87 Wolfsburg) >> >> I found this puzzle three years ago when I did CV joints, and got around it >> then by just packing new grease and not disassembling. Now I need to >> replace a bearing. >> >> With bearing case on the bench, Bentley says: remove seals, slip out inner >> race of outer bearing, slip out spacer, flip over bearing case and knock >> out the outer race with a punch. ... But that can not be done! Inner race >> falls out, but that spacer is a wider diameter than the hole in the bearing >> it would have to pass through, even with the inner race removed. >> >> Maybe this could be done on earlier models??? but on this one, that spacer >> is not coming out without one of the bearings coming out first. And the >> spacer prevents a clean shot with a punch. So I'm looking at a big hammer >> and ugly destruction ... is there a better way to get these apart? >> >> >> >>

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