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Date:         Wed, 3 Jan 2018 22:41:54 -0600
Reply-To:     Stephen Edwards <chibicyclist@GMAIL.COM>
Sender:       Vanagon Mailing List <>
From:         Stephen Edwards <chibicyclist@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: Locking differential
Comments: To: Dennis Haynes <>
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Thanks Dennis - the cold must be getting to my brain for me to forget the relationship between the speedometer and the road wheels! Duh…

Anyhow I’m very happy with the 15” wheels and Nokian tires, which is good since I’ve already spent the money! Paired with Schwenk springs the ride, though higher than OEM is very, very comfy even over our Midwestern potholes.


> On Jan 3, 2018, at 9:51 PM, Dennis Haynes <> wrote: > > A 205/70-15 tire is ~26.3" diameter which is a very mild increase over the original size of 25.6". This is about 795 revs/mile. The reading between the tachometer and speedometer does not change with tire size, only how far or fast the vehicle actuals travels does. A lot of folks go with 215/60-16 or 215/55-17 as they are also this diameter. I like to 225/60-16 or 225/55-17 to get bit more diameter and width along with increased weight ratings. Syncros 235/55-17 is becoming a favorite. So, at 30 mph in town speed what is the problem with 3rd gear and 2,400 rpm? Sounds like a sweet spot. 3rd gear is almost 1 to 1 leaving the final drive as the real gear reduction from engine to axles. 4th is an overdrive, the output spins faster than the engine which further reduces torque, leverage in wrong direction. I think you probably have a good reasonable setup with the 2.2. > > Dennis > > > -----Original Message----- > From: Stephen Edwards [] > Sent: Wednesday, January 3, 2018 12:09 AM > To: Dennis Haynes <> > Cc: Vanagon Mailing List <> > Subject: Re: Locking differential > > Thanks Dennis and everyone who chimed in. > > The WRG's do have a “100H” stamped on the sidewall. They were so covered in salt today that I couldn’t make out anything else but will take a look tomorrow when I have time to wash the salt off! > > I think you said they’re slightly oversized - not what the seller told me, but this makes a lot of sense - I can barely get out of 3rd going round town. At 30mph in 3rd gear I’m seeing a hair under 2400 rpm on the tach. This is with a Subaru 2.2 motor but the torque range isn’t all that different; much under that and I can hear it laboring. > > Seems like no-one is advising me to get the locker, which is fine with me. For the short time I have to use it in sand, letting a bit of air out of the tires is no big deal if that will fix it. > > Steve > > >> On Jan 2, 2018, at 12:23 PM, Dennis Haynes <> wrote: >> >> I may have made an error in a previous post. Are these the XL rated tires with a load index of 100H? XL rated tires have some unique carrying capacity features. Depending on being "p-metric" or "European Metric" the full load rating is reached at 41 or 42 psi. Above that is for handling or fuel economy optimization. As for airing down to get the floatation effect some will go all the way down to 16 psi. Bead lockers and/or tubes for extreme off road groups. At these low pressure tire damage is common. >> >> Dennis >> >> >> -----Original Message----- >> From: Vanagon Mailing List [] On Behalf Of Stephen Edwards >> Sent: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 10:43 AM >> To: vanagon@GERRY.VANAGON.COM >> Subject: Re: Locking differential >> >> How far down does one air? The regular recommended pressure is 46 front, 48 rear per Van-Cafe. >> >> As for airing up, I guess I can buy one of those air pumps that you hook up to the cigarette lighter. >> >> Steve >> >> Sent from my iPhone >> >>> On Jan 2, 2018, at 12:19 AM, Kyle Stuhr <> wrote: >>> >>> Airing down will make a much bigger difference in contact patch area than will increasing width. Air down with your current setup before anything. Airing back up might be a problem though. >>> >>> Sent from the briny depths. >>> >>>> On Jan 1, 2018, at 8:38 PM, Stephen Edwards <chibicyclist@GMAIL.COM> wrote: >>>> >>>> Vanagon list: >>>> >>>> What’s the verdict on lockers? I have an 88 GL with a Subie installed and occasionally need to pull a boat out of the water. The place where I go has a sandy beach and the rear wheels get stuck every time. I need a rebuilt tranny anyway, but I’m told that adding a locking diff will add $1500 to the cost. Is it worth it? And aside from the cost - are there any other downsides to having one? >>>> >>>> Steve, in Chicago. >

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