Commands for the Vanagon mailing list

Note that all commands should be sent to the address Sending commands to any other address won't work.

These commands are listed in alphabetical order, with the minimum acceptable abbreviation in capital letters. Angle brackets are used to indicate optional parameters. All commands which return a file accept an optional 'F=fformat' keyword (without the quotes) that lets you select the format in which you want the file sent; the default format is normally appropriate in all cases.

List subscription commands:
(from most to least important)

Command: Parameters: Description:
SUBscribe vanagon <firstname lastname> Subscribe to a list, or change your name if you're already subscribed.
SIGNOFF vanagon Remove yourself from the Vanagon mailing list.
SET vanagon option Alter your subscription options.
       ACK or NOACK Whether or not you see acknowledgements of your postings.
       Mail or NOMail Whether or not you receive mail. Setting the 'Mail' option also turns off 'DIGest' mode.
       MIME or NOMIME Whether you wish to receive mail in MIME format or not. (Useful if your mail reader can handle MIME digests.)
       DIGests or NODIGests Whether you wish to receive digests, rather than individual messages.
       REPro or NOREPro Whether you wish to receive a copy of your own postings.
Query vanagon Query your subscription options for a particular list (use the SET command to change them)
Help   Get a list of commands for the Vanagon mailing list server.
INFO refcard Order the Vanagon mailing list command reference card. It will be mailed to you.
THANKs   Check to see if the Vanagon mailing list server is alive.