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Date:         Wed, 10 Nov 2010 09:34:05 -0800
Reply-To:     Roger Whittaker <rogerwhitt1@GMAIL.COM>
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From:         Roger Whittaker <rogerwhitt1@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: 1985 Westy Vanagon shutters, dies,
              and then resurrects... help.
Comments: To: Millee Tibbs <>
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dear new millee welcome to the list glad to see you have the most important part of the tool kit in your wallet .. triple a mebership ... i suggest you upgrade to rv premium so you can take advantage of having a vehicle suitable to haul westie and also the 200 mile allowable range

it wuold be good if you went noted where you live so those who own westies around you who are also on the list can make contact with you ... not your actual addy but your general town ... (although your signature line does give lots of extra info ) :)

also get your self a bentley so you can at least understand when people (mechanics) are talking to you about what your van requires ...

and lastly .. are you mechanical yourself ... do you have the ability to get involved with your van in a absolutely broken down way .. maybe not rebuild an engine ... but can you r n r a part in a parking lot ... or are you 100% dependent on others to do the work for you ...

just wondering ... i can do much with instruction ... and i also have bigger ideas than i can actually accomplish ... i often confuse the two yours

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 7:47 AM, Millee Tibbs <>wrote:

> Dear VW community, > > I'm new to this list and I hope that this email is not our of line. I'm on > my second vanagon, a 1985 Westy (named Sally), and she seems to be alive > (and moody!) I was hoping that some one might recognize her symptoms and > let me know what might be going on. (And yes, I refer to her as a > person... > surely you'll understand). > > Since I have owned her she has had a problem where, when underload, she > shutters (hiccups, loses power, seems to lug even though she's in the > proper > gear). This also happens a lot when we go over rough roads. When I first > got her, this would happen often and eventually she would stall. If I > waited long enough she would start up again and be fine. I changed the > distributor cap and cables (bosch). I brought her to the mechanic and he > adjusted her air flow meter (at the time I was at 7000 feet) and he put in > a > new (used) coil. She continued to shutter, but she stopped stalling and > always started right up. As I drove to the east coast and down to sea > level > she got a lot better. > > Recently, however, she has started to die again. Normally, she starts back > up pretty quickly. Lately I've noticed a burning smell right before she > loses power. Twice now, when I've gone to start the ignition after she's > been parked for awhile, she won't turn over. The first time this happened > I > thought it was the battery - possibly due to an old battery and cold > weather. We jumped it and it started right up. This weekend, it happened > again. I called AAA, but the jump wouldn't start her. Two days later, I > gave a friend the keys just to check and see if she would start and, > magically it would seem, she did. Cold weather seems to be a determining > factor. What is going on?? > > On a potentially related note, there seems to be something wacky going on > with the wiring. When it rains or is humid, the radio won't work until the > vans been running for about 10 minutes. In addition, the odometer doesn't > work at all. > > I don't want to take her to a mechanic to do diagnostic work again until I > have an idea of what needs to be fixed. She never does what I say she does > in their presence and they still charge me a small fortune without really > having fixed the problem. > > Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions. > > > -- > Millee Tibbs > >

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