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Date:         Tue, 23 Aug 2011 15:21:04 -0700
Reply-To:     Scott Daniel - Turbovans <scottdaniel@TURBOVANS.COM>
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From:         Scott Daniel - Turbovans <scottdaniel@TURBOVANS.COM>
Subject:      Re: Engine Bay Electrical Fire
Comments: To: John Rodgers <inua@CHARTER.NET>
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Very good advise there John,

I don't think you'll find the wiring harness actually that bad to deal with .. once you get past the ugliness of it. I got one nice 87 GL with an engine fire. The main bundle coming aft for gauges, tail lights, ignition voltage, etc.. is on the left ....on top of the frame , forward of the firewall. About 20 wires there in a bundle. That part wasn't burnt, so I cut there.. and spliced on a good used rear wiring harness and that worked just fine.

the fuel injection ..that is a separate harness of course.. usually you will just get a complete good used one. It's basically a simple plug n' play deal.

there is only one part of all the wiring at the rear of a vanagon that does not just unplug or unscrew. That's where license plate wire or wires go through the body right above the license plate lights. Looks to me that in production..........they ran a wire or wires though a hole, then crimped on a connector .. and it won't withdraw back out through the hole it goes through .. that wire or wires, you need to cut. But all the rest of it ..either bolt/screw connection, or plug-on connector ...or relay socket that should be on the new used harness. All pretty nice to deal with actually.

It really helps to have another similar van to look at btw !! that would vastly reduce the 'mystery' factor for you. have fun ! Scott

----- Original Message ----- From: "John Rodgers" <inua@CHARTER.NET> To: <vanagon@GERRY.VANAGON.COM> Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 12:46 PM Subject: Engine Bay Electrical Fire

> I have begun pulling the burned wiring harness that is in the engine > bay out of the vehicle. What a nightmare this is going to be - replacing > the thing. I split the cover of the harness to see the extent of damage > and all those wires are burned - insulation melted and charred. Nothing > salvageable. The whole harness has to go. I haven't asked around yet > about a replacement. A couple of fine Volks have offered, but I'm not > there yet. It will be a few days. I'm planning to photograph this effort > for posterity for the list, in case anyone else ever has to do it. Out > of this effort already comes this admonition - Inspect your engine bay > today for chafing, rubbing, vibrating, hoses, wires, etc. Be sure > nothing is touching something else unless it was intended that way. Tie > things off, add chafing strips, install plastic wraps around plumbing, > hoses and wires. You DO NOT want the trouble I've got. > > I confess - in my view, the WBX engines are as close to an opposed > cylinder aircraft engine as one can get without flying. Lots and lots of > wires, hoses, plumbing, cables, etc. running everywhere. And it has all > the same hassles. All that rubbing, chafing, vibrating, cracking - same, > same. Routinely inspect your engine, same as a 50 and 100 hour > inspection on an airplane. Give it a thorough going over, write down all > the dings on a list, then go back and fix them, checking off the list > as you go. It's the only way. Airplanes have to have an annual > inspection where the machine is brought back up to as near new as > possible once a year. It's the law. Without it - the license is not > valid. Our Vanagons need that kind of inspection as well. > > John > > -- > John Rodgers > Clayartist and Moldmaker > 88'GL VW Bus Driver > Chelsea, AL > Http://

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