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VANAGON archives – February 2011, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 16" wheel kit

  2. 1985 Vanagon Camper in local Craigslist

  3. 2.1 Wasser Boxer exhaust system

  4. 28 minutes left on ebay auction of 82 westy diesle in CA (not running)

  5. 91 GL won't start

  6. Addendum to trip report: tunes

  7. Advice-New Ignition Switch/Cig Lighter/Fan Switch

  8. Anyone Tried the Pulstar Spark Plugs?

  9. Anyone see the grey Westy on "The Mentalist" last night?

  10. Anyone using Samsung Galaxy Tab? Pmail me off the list please.

  11. Atwood Hydroflame Furnace Install

  12. Auto trans interchangablibilty

  13. Automatic reply: vanagon Digest - 19 Feb 2011 to 20 Feb 2011 - Special issue (#2011-139)

  14. Both Front and Rear Heater Fan Switches Inop!

  15. Broken Fuel Pump - Was: Fuel pump

  16. Camp & RV iPhone App

  17. Coleman lantern for iPhone/iPod

  18. Coolant pressure tanks - it's time to examine them.

  19. Death Ray for Camping!

  20. Engine running COLD

  21. FS: Interesting Vanagon CL find in central VA

  22. FW: LED Auxillary Brake and Turn Signal Lights

  23. Friday at last ... for spies and ex spies how to meet an informant

  24. Fryday stuff - Man and his machine

  25. Fuel pump

  26. General engine bolt/nut sizes

  27. Hot Start Problem

  28. Hot start problem

  29. IPAD and Vanagon

  30. Inside A Walker Quiet Flow Muffler! (pics)

  31. It's not a model - 1985 Vanagon Camper in local Craigslist

  32. Joshua Tree and Vanagons

  33. LED Auxillary Brake and Turn Signal Lights

  34. LED Turn Signal & Brakes

  35. LED lighting

  36. LED source

  37. Long Trip Report & Pictures -- British Columbia and Yukon

  38. Looking for 2.0l AC piston and cylinder

  39. Neutral Safety Switch for Vanagon

  40. Non-locking gas cap

  41. On the road and need some help

  42. On the road and need some help but where ?

  43. One man and his camper van

  44. Perfect weather for Winter Camping!!

  45. Picture: Sunday morning at Joshua Tree

  46. Pulstar Plugs, was Re: Anyone Tried the Pulstar Spark Plugs?

  47. Rear windshield washer tube

  48. Rotor Stuck - Need tips and tricks for removal

  49. Shuttle launch

  50. Sirius Radio...fortunate fits into my ashtray...

  51. Space Shuttle launch

  52. Special Radiator Feed/Return Hoses for van with factory equipped alloys

  53. Strange Static Buzzing Noise Coming From The Dash?

  54. Subiegon/Vanaru Gas Mileage

  55. Subject: Re: Auto trans interchangablibilty

  56. Substitute for aircooled thermostat

  57. Thanks to BD

  58. Too much time on my hands- GPS mount

  59. Trip report

  60. Try Again: LED Auxillary Brake and Turn Signal Lights

  61. Upper ball joint noise and symptoms

  62. Upper ball jont noise and symptoms

  63. Vanagon EB on NY Thruway this AM

  64. WD-40....Fact or Fiction?

  65. Was: Trip report Now: Cali. Imports Thermostat maybe not so good.

  66. What power steering fluid to use?

  67. What's the best looking COLOR for a 1991 Vanagon?

  68. Yes, you can ...

  69. air cooled piston weight/cylinder question

  70. back-up lights

  71. blinking coolant light solution

  72. electrickery advice please

  73. friday - 2 curious vintage cars, and cemetery by the airport

  74. power steering leak '91 VW Vanagon GL Campmobile, 2.1 waterboxer

  75. tail lights, euro vs USA
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