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VANAGON archives – June 2002, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9L Turbo Diesel Test Drive results!

  2. 1990 2.1L engine for sale

  3. 2.5L 120HP waterboxer.....that runs on 91 octane......90mm stroke by 94mm bore....and pases smog...hmmm?

  4. 2.5L 120HP waterboxer.....that runs on 91 octane......90mmstroke by 94mm bore....and pases smog...hmmm?

  5. 2000 RPM Idle w/AC on..

  6. 90 Carat doorspeakers

  7. 90 Carat doorspeakers, 6" upgrade

  8. A rack to carry 2 bikes, 1 gas can and a spare tire

  9. ASI Vanagon

  10. AT Illumination and cupholders

  11. ATF and final drive fluids

  12. Advice on an Oil-pump oily gasket slow leak

  13. Automatic Trany Leak

  14. Aux Oil Cooler install...results Aircooled vanagon

  15. Auxilary battery

  16. Axle nuts is nuts is stuck

  17. Axle nuts the easy way

  18. BS Insurance Co sharks!!!! Re: specific features of 86 GL Wolfsburg

  19. Battery

  20. Carabus to High Country from Ohio,KY, WV, or Indiana?

  21. ES-12 Caution

  22. FRIGGIN INSANE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (lots of exclamation points RULE)

  23. FS 2000 cc CV Air Cooled Engine

  24. Head aches (why do wbx heads leak?)

  25. Humid Air - More Comments and a bit of theory

  26. Humid Air - Some Comments

  27. I need 2 Vanagon vent wings(trade or reasonable)

  28. Installing cruise on Vanagon

  29. RX7 Aux Oil Cooler install...results Aircooled vanagon

  30. Reduced oil temperatures..

  31. Refrigerator help requested

  32. Rostra All-Electronic Cruise Control

  33. Rust Free (Dc/MD/VA) Area 81 Vanagon For Sale

  34. Speedo Calibration

  35. Syncro 16 fender flares - Anyone got Part numbers?

  36. Things to do: Replica of Columbus' Nina in SF Bay

  37. Transmission will not go into gear

  38. WTB: Std. Trans for '80 ~ '83 Vanagon

  39. [Syncro] Update: Grumbling noise. CV's tranny or else?

  40. hot summer w/ heater blues

  41. need AC switch

  42. propane smell outside van

  43. speedo

  44. wanted: Vanagon Doublecab with auto trans!!!!
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