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VANAGON archives – June 2003, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 2.1 engine pull: which coolant hoses?

  2. 82' diesel transmission swap advice

  3. Checked you fuel lines lately?

  4. Electrical question - '85 Vanagon

  5. FS '91 near Seattle

  6. FS: 1980 Westy in Asheville

  7. FS: tan weekender /Z bed sofabed and cushion - fits all passenger vans

  8. FYI - Blue coolant at BMW Dealerships

  9. For sale: vanagon side windows w/ screens - fit all vans

  10. Fwd: Saturday chores for the aircooled drivers...

  11. I'll Try Again... Advice on VDO Cylinder Gauge on a 2.1L????

  12. Instrument Cluster

  13. Intermittent Syndrome?

  14. Is this an Idle Stabilizer problem?

  15. Lake Superior trip --- any suggestions?

  16. Lifespan of Platinum plugs in 2.1L?

  17. Looking for engine installer in DC/Richmond area

  18. Need: Headlight Assembly

  19. No Vanagon Content...96 Audi A6 Quattro Wagon for sale

  20. Parting Out 1980 Manual Westy

  21. Portable Generator

  22. Prestone Antifreeze - dex cool

  23. Prestone anti-freeze (Dex Cool)

  24. RE - Where to mount Sirus receiver in Westy?

  25. RH Headlamp for 87

  26. RoadHaus - Trip Report Vancouver Island

  27. RoadHaus - winner in the Mystery Photo Contest

  28. Saturday chores for the aircooled drivers...

  29. So Cal VW Campers-1st BBQ 7/13/03

  30. Steering Knuckle - WTB

  31. Sticky keys

  32. Temperature needle

  33. Trip to Washington Coast - Advice Needed

  34. Used Van Need help

  35. Used Van Need help- revised

  36. Utah Westfalia sighting in Colorado

  37. Vanagon Syncro Report at German TV

  38. Vanagon Syndrome Solved?

  39. Was that YOUR westy on the Left Coast?

  40. Website referrals

  41. Westy Luggage Rack Pop Top Seal Install Question (Bus Depot)

  42. What are the R12 A/C operating pressures?

  43. What is the size of the cooling fan behind the radiator?

  44. Where to mount Sirus receiver in Westy?

  45. [WetWesties] RoadHaus - winner in the Mystery Photo Contest

  46. for sale: 15" alloys for vanagon w/ tires $100

  47. free satellite radio?

  48. help with 91GL problem - it likes flatbed rides too much

  49. ignition woes

  50. locked in 4th gear

  51. muffler woes

  52. removal of coolant level sensor?

  53. vanagon or syncro tires
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