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VANAGON archives – November 1998, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 'FS: Swivel mechanism

  2. 'For Sale: Wolfsburg seating

  3. 11MPG Possible Cause

  4. 11MPG!

  5. 15" Alloy wheel pics

  6. 3rd Rear brake light

  7. 3rd brake lights

  8. Air Conditioner Problem

  9. Answer to my Two Questions

  10. Audi 5000 turbo motor/ WB transmission

  11. BBB & A-German Auto was Re: California Salvageyards???

  12. Bob Hoover Sermons CD-ROM is SHIPPING!

  13. California Salvageyards???

  14. Captain chair lay-back adjustment?

  15. Carver P4 installation, Part 3 (how does that voltage regulator work ?)

  16. Dead Headlights

  17. Diesel Westy Gearing Swaps

  18. Diesel Westy Mileage/Gearing

  19. European NOS Parts & Hoover CD on Website!


  21. Favorite VW Bus/Vanagon salvageyards, was high roof freaks...

  22. Front locking diff, Syncro Q

  23. Front w. washer fluid tank

  24. Fuel leak

  25. Funky-sounding Vanagon engines

  26. GL4 GL5 my final question

  27. Highway hesitation in 91 Vanagon

  28. Is my Syncro box about to blow

  29. Jetta vibrations (no vanagon content)

  30. Junked air cooled van - CDA

  31. Long Distance Moving to Portland Oregon.

  32. Long distance moving of Vanagons

  33. Looking For A Single Locking Base Westy Seat

  34. Loose sliding door

  35. My bus is gone

  36. New "Jetta 4" is here...VW connections

  37. New England trans builder

  38. Ooops Re: Highway hesitation in 91 Vanagon

  39. RandomBrakeLight

  40. Simple hello--Derek Drew to Dennis Haynes

  41. Strange Headlight Behavior

  42. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  43. T5 Transporter due in 2001

  44. The engine is out

  45. Third Brake Light

  46. Tim Timothy's trans exchange questions

  47. Tire pressure

  48. Tons of Vanagon parts for sale!! parting out a van

  49. VW vanagon recall list

  50. Vanagon Content - Need Advice

  51. Vanagon Content - Need Advice CORRECTION

  52. Vanagon total drag and mechanical losses

  53. Vanagon vs Syncro Opinion

  54. Washer fluid and coolant-Thanks

  55. Westy Wind Problems

  56. Westy Wind problems

  57. What limits how much weight I can tow?

  58. Where is it? Re: Ooops Re: Highway hesitation in 91 Vanagon

  59. Which trans oil?-my view

  60. [Fwd: Re: Dead Headlights]

  61. [Fwd: Westy Wind Problems]

  62. anybody interested???

  63. auto transmission nasties

  64. b'stickers,chip+rockers,brake lights

  65. brake scrape & bleeding

  66. calipers rattle

  67. finding a new engine?

  68. noisy speedo

  69. noisy speedo in cold weather

  70. random brake light

  71. syncro driveshaft (again)

  72. syncro vs. vanagon

  73. syncro vs. vanagon- reply

  74. syncrovsVanagon

  75. thanks for the road trip advice!

  76. third brake light

  77. update: wanted:later 80's vanagon/syncro

  78. wind problems
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