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VANAGON archives – December 2009, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 Compression?

  2. Bike Rack Rec

  3. Bike Rack Rec - spotlight?

  4. Chevy 4.3l into the vanagon

  5. Conversion?

  6. Conversion? JETTA ENGINE??

  7. Coolant leak from...

  8. Diagnostics needed 2.1

  9. FS Subie Engine San Antonio $125

  10. Fixed -> Expansion tank pressure cap - how tight?

  11. From the horse's mouth (NVC)

  12. Front Seat Belt Anchors

  13. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a question about hoses

  14. HasenWerk 2010 Grand Opening

  15. Henry ford and the Germany VW Factory

  16. How do I get access to the technical files

  17. Insurance..... some forethought.

  18. NVC - sorry but I need to reach someone - Guitar builder/tech etc.

  19. Sattelite Antenna

  20. Subie engine prices

  21. Success!

  22. Syncro Westfalia on I-5 Near Westley, CA

  23. Syncro spotted on I-5 near Sacramento

  24. Traction? Not very much

  25. Traction? Not very much (6)

  26. Traction? Not very much-I want a LSD and Go Claws (long)

  27. Traction? Not very much; with help from the Tappet Bros.

  28. Turbo?

  29. Unbelievable-Lower Grille Needed

  30. Used Axles and CVs Available for Vanagon w/Automatic

  31. Vanagon Christmas Ornament

  32. Vanagon Gas Tank FS

  33. Vanagon on (Dr.) House

  34. Vanagon ornament surprise

  35. Westfalia Stove Schematic Found

  36. Westfalia Stove Schematic or Repair?

  37. [Fwd: Re: One tough Touareg - track conversions]

  38. [WetWesties] Used Axles and CVs Available for Vanagon w/Automatic

  39. [WetWesties] spotted van dec 13

  40. [vanagon] exhaust question

  41. bURNINGvAN 2010

  42. diesel hoses Re: Happy Holidays to all, and to all a question about hoses

  43. do diesel vanagons use the same speedometer as wbx vans??

  44. engine issues

  45. how to change alternator belt?

  46. list down?

  47. question regarding front heater switch and knob, 1990 Vanagon GL

  48. spotted van dec 13

  49. this may be a good deal for someone..

  50. triple square axle bolts information for newbie

  51. vanagon Digest - 29 Dec 2009 (#2009-1120)
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