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VANAGON archives – October 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. ' 82 Vanagon diesel for sale

  2. 85 Vanagon pop-up installation

  3. 85 Vanagon pop-up installation...Also...

  4. 87 Syncro

  5. 88 Vanagon Automatic Transmission idling problems

  6. 91 Vanagon Carat

  7. 91 Vanagon Carat : Price Quote Feed Back Please

  8. <No subject>

  9. Auto Tranny Housing Lights - The Answer

  10. Bentley manual on ebay ('80-'89)

  11. CV grease

  12. Camping with Coleman Black Cat

  13. Clunking noise??

  14. Clutch...

  15. Cold Weather Camping & breathing co2

  16. Cold Weather Camping ... heating, ... CORRECTION!

  17. Cold weather camping, heating, etc.

  18. Cold weather camping/propane heater

  19. Cold-weather camping/propane heater

  20. Cold-weather camping/propane heater report

  21. Diesel - block heater

  22. Diesel Vanagon for sale

  23. Diesel injection pump leak !!

  24. E Brake question

  25. EBay item Throttle Cable

  26. ED, New to List

  27. Engine conversion kit on ebay!

  28. Episode II: A Boy and his Van; A trip to Chiricahua National Monument

  29. FREE vw engine FREE vanagon dash FREE vanagon back seat

  30. FS 82 Diesel Vanagon Camper

  31. FS: 1986 Quantum Syncro - Seattle

  32. FS: Beautiful '91 Westy <40,000 miles

  33. FS: Jack/tool set, head rests, rear seat partition on ebay

  34. FS: Parting out '84 Vanagon A/C

  35. FS: Vanagon alloy wheel w/ new michelin MTX, and another alloy w/o tire

  36. Fitting Dunlop Radial Rover in spare carrier

  37. For Sale 1982 Turbo Diesel Vanagon( Long) Lower Price $3500

  38. Fw: Buses and Punkin Chunkin in the first state is this weekend Nov. 2-4th Everyone is Welcome

  39. Fwd: SV: Volvo motor for Vanagon

  40. How I spent my weekend

  41. How does a Westy Camper Handle in the Snow?

  42. I will be in Germany until November 16th

  43. Is it a head leak?

  44. Looking for 1.9TD

  45. Lost my dash lights?

  46. Need ECU and Chip Info

  47. New engine case (little Vanagon content)

  48. New to List

  49. Oil pressure LED

  50. On Engine Efficiency, Comparing I4s, WBs and Subies

  51. PIC of vent cap

  52. Rear disks in a Vanagon

  53. Rear heater core

  54. Removing rear brake drums?

  55. Roadcow

  56. Roadcow safe

  57. Roadcow safe ( friday_

  58. Roadcow stuck - NE listees?

  59. Sensor connector sources?

  60. Squeaky Upper Control Arm Bushings.

  61. Sticky AFM?

  62. Subject: Re: Cold-weather camping/propane heater

  63. Synthetic Tranny Oil?

  64. TACH SIGNAL-Please elaborate

  65. TDI availability in the USA (info from European Car mag)

  66. TIICO- Oil Filters

  67. Tranny Oil Check

  68. Tranny woes

  69. Transmission Ratios, Diesels, Conversions

  70. Vanagon Cargo conversion

  71. Vanagon Rear Pod Speakers for Sale

  72. Various Upgrades for Lilleyed WBX... PT1

  73. Various Upgrades for Lilleyed WBX... PT2

  74. WTB: Throttle Valve Housing

  75. Wanted rear fold down seat

  76. Warm Starting

  77. Water Pump - ?

  78. [WetWesties] FS: 1986 Quantum Syncro - Seattle. Pop top too (fwd)

  79. air box hose

  80. circuit breaker rating for the westy?

  81. cold starting

  82. diesel oil pressure gauge

  83. differential lock servo 87 syncro? I need one.

  84. discontinued tires

  85. engine tin-85 GL

  86. late season campsite advice/info?

  87. new to the list

  88. re CO detectors

  89. removing pilot bearing???

  90. searching for optional 5th westy seat

  91. siting in South Bend, IN

  92. speedo/odo error confusion

  93. syncro in Sacto

  94. tires

  95. top speed?

  96. tranny drain blug- what size??

  97. valve cover gasket replacement

  98. was New to List now wife job van
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