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VANAGON archives – August 2015, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "POS"

  2. Axlel's

  3. Coincidence?

  4. Craigslist 85 Vanagon with "rare black interior"

  5. Emergency break adjustment

  6. Flickering oil light on idle.

  7. Friday post: Why are new vehicles connected to the Net?

  8. Friday: Craziest Samba ad of the week

  9. Friday: What's the perfect second car for Vanagon owners?

  10. Fridge fan thermostat mounting screws

  11. Front floor mats

  12. Front shocks replacement question

  13. Fuel Transfer Pump recomendations

  14. Fuel Transfer Pump recommendations

  15. Fw: VW Audi "Fix It" Projects? HUGE Pre-Labor Day Sale!

  16. Headliner Finish Caps

  17. ISO connector

  18. Mercedes 16 inch wheels for Vanagon?

  19. Need engine moved

  20. Next time your wife complains about your Westy...

  21. Paint preparation resource - sources

  22. Perfect 2nd Car

  23. Radiator Aux Cooling Fan 84 vs. 90

  24. Radiator Aux Cooling Fan 84 vs. 90 - compressor on for Aux Fan to kick-on with 90 model??

  25. Rear brake adjusters

  26. Shocks- while we are at it....

  27. So what is the trick to remove the spring in the poptop frame?

  28. Supporting the pop top to remove the frame

  29. Sure Power 1314 vs Sure Power 1315

  30. To Mr. squirrel -

  31. Trip statistics

  32. Trip stats - added info

  33. UPDATE - Odd Brake Bleeding issue in 90 Westy & Rebuild - Drove van today!!!

  34. VW Audi "Fix It" Projects? HUGE Pre-Labor Day Sale!

  35. Vanagon T-Shirts

  36. Vanagon seat replacements?

  37. West Coast Westy/Vanagon get togethers..

  38. Westy Burgundy Paint Shades

  39. automatic aux battery charger + inverter setup

  40. found - some of the missing vanagon

  41. glueing corners back of overhead

  42. replacement of springs on a Bostig '84 2WD westy

  43. shocks how to know if it really failed?

  44. spinning rear lug nut

  45. vanagon Digest - 27 Aug 2015 to 28 Aug 2015 - Special issue (#2015-295)

  46. wheel rattle
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