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VANAGON archives – September 2008, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '81 Westy project

  2. 1970 Westy for Sale in Port Huron, MI

  3. 2.1 water cooled need suggestions as to why the oil alarm is on

  4. 86 syncro doesnt start

  5. 87 Syncro Westy Puking Coolant

  6. ALERT! Brand new fuel hoses failing!!!!

  7. Bosch Platinum +4?

  8. Compleat idiot's heater question

  9. Continued "anti-freeze" smell from rear heater

  10. Cross Country trip - update

  11. Cross Country trip - update (FlyingJ clarification)

  12. Dot 3 brake fluid question

  13. Dot 3 brake fluid question-Now Brake Fade

  14. FS in San Antonio Subie no pics

  15. FS in San Antonio w/wheelchair lift

  16. FS: '58 Pickup

  17. Flashing coolant light

  18. Front Spindle

  19. Fuel Shortage in the Soutland Spreading Fast

  20. Fuel/Temp Gauge Problem

  21. GPS recommendations, handheld & incar?

  22. Great article about Westies in SF Chronical

  23. High beam

  24. Maximum Occupancy of a Westy?

  25. Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: $41,000 1986 Volkswagen Syncro Westfalia Weekender?

  26. PS Hose kit - a cautionary tale

  27. PS Hose kit - a tale corrected

  28. RE thread on brakes, Dot3,4, etc.(long post)

  29. Rear Westy suspension

  30. Rear brake shoe replacment= crappy pedal now

  31. Rear brake shoes affect MPG.

  32. Repairing a split Catalytic converter?

  33. Resurrecting Vanagons, Coolnat Lines, and Radiators

  34. Skematic for Adding Deep Cycle Battery to 84 Westy

  35. Spindle trade

  36. Syncor Shifting question + seeking Daryl's input

  37. The psychology of the van dweller - Car Talk

  38. Tip and Tricks: Smoke Signals

  39. Turn Your Car Into a Plug-In Hybrid

  40. Westy Fridge - Hard to start with propane

  41. can you put 17 inch wheels on a 84 vanagon?

  42. carat vs GL bump stops.

  43. carpet alternatives

  44. new ebrake cables for bay window bus

  45. stumbling/no power after cold start

  46. subject Re: Rear Westy suspension

  47. white clouds out of the exhaust

  48. white clouds out of the exhaust (2)
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