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VANAGON archives – January 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Westy A/C Problem

  2. 1988 Vanagon Camper 88K miles - $11950

  3. 2009 VW Bus Photo Calendar

  4. 2009 VW Bus Photo Calendar - Ready for Purchase

  5. :-)

  6. A request to my friends from Scott Dempster

  7. Alas...A Good Moderator is Hard to find or Vice Versa

  8. Another great little VW we won't get

  9. BOSTIG V.2 Web Site

  10. Bay Window TD engine swap

  11. BenT for moderator

  12. CV joint reversal?

  13. Cable Shift Linkage? (tranny)

  14. Carfax?

  15. Checking the list again for a needle

  16. Clutch reservoir

  17. Declared Value Insurance?

  18. Diesel

  19. Disabling Oil Warning Buzzer - need advice

  20. Disabling Oil Warning Buzzer - need advice / Results

  21. Dumb Question

  22. E-Tec 521 Waxol Rust Preventive;

  23. FOR MACS (Re: Howto: make your own searchable vanagon archives)

  24. FS: '91 Vanagon GL: AC system

  25. Follies anyone? (cost of fun)

  26. For the Vanagon Newbies - Oil Filler Neck Secret

  27. Fw: Re: Alas...A Good Moderator is Hard to find or Vice Versa

  28. Great Vanagon advice on Car Talk

  29. Here's something you don't see every day

  30. Howto: make your own searchable vanagon archives

  31. I Want To Be A Vanaslob ;o)

  32. I'm getting no mail - I seem to be off the list

  33. Last few connections on the Syncro Gas Tank?

  34. Mail list history and happy news

  35. NVC - Warning! Double bass content

  36. NVC - but VW_C - Vote for Jetta TDI Today!

  37. NVC at all (computer question)

  38. NVC at all (computer question) - Thanks!

  39. No Mail - was Dumb Question

  40. Occasional use insurance in Canada? Was: Declared Value Insurance?

  41. On being a Vanaslob

  42. On being a Vanaslob (was: sad decline)

  43. Opera or not? (Re: Howto: make your own searchable vanagon archives)

  44. Phydaye Phollies ... an oldie. that's getting older :)

  45. Phydaye Phollies ... an oldie. that's it. just an oldie. :)

  46. Phydaye Phollies, redeux part Too, continued .. film at eleven!

  47. Phydaye Phollies, redeux part Too, continued .. film at eleven! :)

  48. Running rough, dies as temp gauge starts to register

  49. Shade tree wiring of a cold start valve on a 2.1?

  50. Starter solenoid current

  51. Strange clock display

  52. Tests with eliminator/shumacher 2/8/12A charger.

  53. Tieitup has invited you to open a Google mail account

  54. Transmission Noise ?

  55. Trip (on-going) Report

  56. VW car names ...

  57. VW concept van at MotorTrend Car show in San Jose

  58. Vanagon ABS

  59. Vanagon List Moderator

  60. Vanagon List Moderator-let's get things underway!

  61. Vanagon Roof Weight?

  62. Vanagon Sighting - NMDOT Web site Banner

  63. Vanagon numbers (measurements required)

  64. Vanagon seat padding wanted

  65. Very Nice 88 Westfalia For Sale

  66. Warning about worm in archive file

  67. Water pumps...Seattle area

  68. Way to Go

  69. Westfalia reintroduction plans on hold

  70. What do you guys think about these tires?

  71. What's your relative MPG?

  72. Wire Gauge Question? battery questions too!

  73. Wrong List Adam

  74. [Syncro] Any experience with Westfalia Enterprises?

  75. [Syncro] bURNINGvAN 2009 - Saturday January 17 3PM

  76. [WetWesties] 2009 VW Bus Photo Calendar - Ready for Purchase

  77. [WetWesties] BBB Boo Hoo

  78. [WetWesties] Re: Very Nice 88 Westfalia For Sale

  79. [vanagon] Dead Spring Tour 2009 - very little .... ok!... NO VANAGON CONTENT

  80. bURNINGvAN 2009

  81. blue synchro AW spotted in Santa, Fe Idaho plates

  82. craigslist pickings....

  83. good repair shop in San Diego area

  84. great craigslist ad

  85. hidden oil leak ??

  86. hydraulic motor mounts for audi

  87. looking for 2.1 engine in Canada

  88. nice vanagon Sunroof van for sale with carat interior

  89. notable vanagons of boulder, co

  90. stock 7 passenger ac in double cab?

  91. stuttering

  92. subject Re: bURNINGvAN

  93. tieitup ... if you are legit please send notice of same in headline

  94. vanagon Digest - 8 Jan 2009 to 9 Jan 2009 - Special issue (#2009-28)

  95. vanagon, 83 watercooled diesel
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